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  1. Photoshop loads the file with the broken alpha unfortunately, so it converts it to black at that point. If I save it afterwards in any format it will keep the black.
  2. Slight delay. Seems I've been foiled tonight as Photoshop CS5 cannot properly open PNG-8 files with indexed transparencies without losing the alpha (the images get a blocky black outline).. which applies here as the spirte sheets are saved in this very way. There is a workaround which involves opening it with a different program and resaving the file .. but I don't think I could be bothered to do that 3.5k times. The proper solution seems to be upgrading to CS6 where Adobe have finally gotten round to fixing it. So I'll have to do that then. Also I think I may have to rethink the colouring of the armour. Maybe changing the green to a navy blue or even black/grey. The problem is that changing the white to tan doesn't give it enough difference to stand out.
  3. Ok, I think its now in a place where I'm mostly happy with it. Still playing around with batch edits to try and get the most effective way to convert the sprites.
  4. Yes, this would pretty much be essential for extensive graphical armour mods to become a thing, and new weapon mods also for that matter. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  5. Currently a work in progress, with the gracious permission of Jsleezy to use his amazing Real Armors Mod as a starting point. I'm attempting to create a secondary armour that arrives around the same time as Wolf but is lighter and gears more towards stealth and infiltration, hence the Fox title. All feedback welcome as its very much an early rough draft at the moment. In terms of the animation sprites I was planning on using Wolf as a base but running a batch edit to simply recolour the light grey to the sandy colour. I would love to be able to add more detail but a quick check of the figures reveals Wolf to alone to have 3817 files, some of which contain up to 52 models per file.. so if anyone has any ideas on how it could be done I'm all ears (I'm assuming there's no way to edit the 3d model itself).
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