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  1. Saw that mission and the last one as well... I guess taking too much time is not that good, when it comes to Praetors.
  2. Well, Caseans tend to be fairly passive, as in take cover and wait for their reactions shots, Sebs are aggressive though. I noticed that androns somewhat idle.
  3. Sure you can place it in other place, but you expose yourself to more negatives on funding and less positives on funding. 1 base won't cover all of americas, while 1 base covers whole africa, europe arabia and a decent part of soviet block... The point i was trying to make is still the same. there is very little variety in builds to have a decently successful game. Try to play without expanding radars and going for fast second full operations base (with second drop ship and stuff) or even try to go for 5-6 bases world wide (with 3 being filled with soldiers)... not doable, at some point (month 4-5) you get starved by funding hits, because you had less than optimal radar coverage.
  4. The problem is, that there is no deviation from the 3 base build. You place the first base always in the north Africa (to cover EU, NAfrica, SAfrica, Middle East and part of Soviet Block, and then your second base is most likely somwhere on Cuba or Mexico to cover Majority of Americas, and 3rd is around Phillipines or Japan. to cover Asia, other part of Soviet Union and Australia. You always pump up immediately 2 additional radars in the first base. I mean, in theory you have a lot of choices, but in reality, there are no choices at all... You have to go a specific route or you will fall behind due to funding problems, especially on anything above normal. The first X-COM wasn't that restrictive, even the New X-COM gives way more real options (use of satelites, starting location and play style from there, build order of buildings).
  5. Interesting that you did not go for foxtrot research. 1 Foxtrot can kill 1 scout IIRC and surely it can chase it down. It is poor vs light scouts though, I usually have 3c+1f or 3c+2f in bases. and a combination of 1c+1f can down a corvette. 2c+1f can down escorted corvette.
  6. @Kordanor Interesting points, but I am so used to flanking moves and close combat that I have hard time moving away from it. moving in spaces from the sides, and with 1-2 flashbangs usually helps a lot. My usual strategy pre-Crovettes is flashbankx2 and stun grenades x2 or shotgun fire fire from safe distance or face rush (depending on the number and positioning of enemies. It's a good training before zap-jockeys required for medium UFO commnaders. I have 2 varied tactics, but i each I have at least 2 CC specialists. 1) is a traditional tank followed by infantry column (tank spots, fires and depending on the result I take more actions, starts to be very effective once Pulse lasers appear) 2) is 2 shield guys for forwards with flash bangs, snipers always with a lot of smokes and then riflemen and assaults (very high TUs) with CC equipment (flashbangs, stun rods, stun grenades), and moving them as two units within firing range of each other. Allows for both aggressive and defensive plays On another point - geoscape interceptions I've noticed that you send 2 interceptors for light scouts and sometimes 1 condor for regular scout (which is not enough). I've learned that the speed at which the ships are moving are indicators of what size type the UFO is. (1400 light scout, 2000 scout, med 1400 corvette, 2000 medium landing ship, etc.) It really helps to plan the distribution of interceptors. NOTE: currently watching your 12th video.
  7. Another question. After 6 videos I've noticed that you avoid close quarter combat and do not use grenades or explosives at all. Not even for destruction of obstacles. (you are using a lot of ammo for that though) Any reason for that, or just personal play style preference?
  8. A question: I've noticed that neither of the two lets play videos decided to just secure the UFO and hold it for 5 turns. Why taking additional risk, when you can claim the objective and end the mission, and instead you go hunting for missing alien, with low ammo and without a couple of men?
  9. Sounds odd with German, but oh well killing xenos is an international business
  10. I've watched the three episodes. I see that you are not going Ironman.. is one of the mods disabling the mandatory "Ironman" on Insane?
  11. As in the topic. Anyone? Note: Shit wrong section, can this be moved plz?
  12. AI seems to cheat a bit when it comes to engagements. I noticed that they decide to move forward or move back and hide depending on the distance of my soldiers, but there is no way they can see their full movement. As for UFO breaching. It seems they pop out at random. They sometimes go out when full team is nearby and sometimes when there is 1 or 2. ALthough each time they pop out, they have good chances on pot shots / insta kills, as if they knew exact position of troops before hand.
  13. Not possible, you will be fund starved, be on back foot in research and production, lose 5 regions and GG out.
  14. I am so used to have a Hunter or Scimitar in the squad that I can't play without them... Early on they are mobile cover, good scout (TUs, full vision at night), pretty solid DMG if it hits or guaranteed pin down, and once you will get pulse lasers on those babies... there is no stopping to them... some obstacle blocking your path.... well boom, no obstacle and still plenty of shots to spare. I often run my tank forward with two guys following it as a mobile cover, then I have 4 other men doing flanking/sweeping duty. In case of engagement I open up with the pulse laser shot. If it hits - it kills, even the higher tier androns and medium drones, then I plan my next moves based on the result of the opening move. Sure they cost more than a raw soldier, but less than a soldier kited out with armor and better weapons, and can take some direct hits from the front. I've lost 2 Hunters, but they did their job. I have yet to lose a single Scimitar tank. With the next gen drop ship you can have tank goodness AND 8 troops.
  15. I really like the "oomph!" of my pulse laser hunter or scimtar tank, but I'd like to get the option of scatter lasers on them. I mean the first tier allows for either rockets or machine gun, why not to give the similar options for the higher tier weapons?
  16. It is happening no matter what weapon you use. If you kill them after they spawned from zombie you killed in the same turn, they will duplicate and become untargetable until the next turn. It is really a very annoying bug. You basically need to kill the zombie and then move way back so you can leave it to be killed in the next turn. I also think that in general it would be better that if you will blow up the zombie (pulse lasers, rockets, any type of heavy ordinance) the reaper should not spawn. I mean, where is the logic - a healthy creature spawning from tiny bits of vaporized meat? Even in the first X-COM there were situations where Chrysalids were not spawning after the zombie kill
  17. Well, use B teams for the recoveries then and weed out the weak and unworthy
  18. I have quite a few of them on larger UFOs or terror missions. As it is, it is an annoying random factor, which you can't really address as a player. It was something that was very annoying in the first X-COM, but it was more of the spam, and the fact that after a few turns the map was revealed for the AI (as it was fairly poor at that time), as it did require a LoS from at least one alien on the target to make the PSI attacks. In the New X-COM the PSI aliens are fairly tough and with the cover system and limited explosives they were something a player had to play around cautiously. Also the 2 move system was not allowing for Move-shoot-hide style of gameplay. Here it is immediately global and is frustrating from the get go (instead of frustrating from turn X as it was in the first X-COM) and you can't really do anything but hope that attacks will fail or be inconsequential if succeed. I'd say limiting the range to LoS of aliens AND full Alien base and full alien vessels would be something better than what it is now.
  19. I am using this feature only when I am out of time or/and dropships to cover the ground missions. I am treating this more like a bonus cash, which otherwise I would not have at all.
  20. Hmm, I've started the game recently, and was a bit surprised by the pace of funds dropping. I mean, sure the old X-Com was similarly unforgiving on the global funding levels, BUT it allowed you to become self sufficient with manufacturing and selling items for profit... In this game it is not a viable macro strategy. I believe some things should be changed in regards to the funding and the drop rates. As it is, you have to be playing each game basically in the same way. 1st base EU (Alps), 2nd base central NA (in the first month you build the core), 3rd base set up in Indochina (northern China/Mongolia) in the 2nd month and then you start upgrading your bases and catch up on research which you were running from one lab only by this point. You basically can sack South America and Australia and possibly South Africa, because if you have good coverage in interceptors of those areas, you will be getting enough cash from ground missions (3 teams needed, only skeleton replacement soldier crews) I personally do not like this. There is little to no freedom in the Sandbox aspect of the game. I am inclined to say that the Firaxi's X-Com did the Goescape better, just because of that. It given you freedom in starting location and gameplay was deciding about your expansions placements. The first X-Com allowed for various expansion routes, because of the funding mechanics and manufacturing being also a viable way of getting funds. You still needed to respond to global threats and various alien activities, but it was again more gameplay driven, here you do exactly the same moves from the start in each playthrough. If you will divert, or delay the first expansion or place bases in less than optimal way, you will have much harder time if not actually doom yourself in the long run, but newer players will not see that until like 5-6 months of in game time (on normal), when they will be fund starved to get upgrades up and the larger UFOs will start to appear. The first X-COM was not that unforgiving.
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