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  1. I did some testing on my own. I came to the same conclusion as the OP. Vision seems to be calculated as starting at one tile in front of the soldier instead of in the square the soldier is actually standing in. Look at the first picture. The soldier facing northeast misses the psion because his vision cone is calculated as starting one square in front of him, and the opposite side of the UFO door blocks his vision of the one square. When the soldier turns to look inside the UFO, the game is actually calculating his visible squares as if he is standing one square closer to the UFO, which would place him right next to the UFO wall and would block everything except his peripheral vision. In the second picture, the soldier is able to see more around the corner when he turns because the game is calculating his vision cone as if he were actually standing at the corner, instead of one square back and having the corner block his view. EDIT: This is weird, sometimes this doesn't seem to be the case. In certain situations vision seems to be calculated correctly. I have no idea what is going on.
  2. Agreed, both with DAOWAce and Professor Sparks. To be fair to llunak though, from what I understand this is not a CE problem, it is a vanilla issue that even Chris had problems trying to fix. TBH I don't see picture number 2 as a problem. Depending on how you want to look at it, the soldier leaning out from the corner could have a much wider view then it would normally seem. Picture number 1 however is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed if at all possible.
  3. I can vouch for number 1. Especially noticeable with xenonaut LMGs.
  4. Delete this thread. I was an idiot and missed this in the balance changes of the mod description.
  5. Hey, just got out of school for the semester and decided to try out xenonauts community addition for the bugfixes and balance tweaks. My first mission I had a wounded soldier who got shot and received two bleeding wounds on the alien turn, then received 10 more HP of damage at the beginning of my turn from bleeding. I thought wounds were fixed in v1.5 of the vanilla game to apply at the end of the player turn to prevent soldiers from instantly bleeding out. What version of the game is the community version built upon?
  6. Perhaps not only reaction fire, but that is where I am noticing it.
  7. I am noticing more and more that xenonaut reaction fire seems to be not ignoring adjacent cover. Many times I've had a machinegunner put half of his rounds into the rock in the square directly next to him, or worse, into the soldier standing in front of him. Isn't adjacent cover (including friendly soldiers) supposed to be ignored in squares adjacent to the shooter?
  8. Occasionally yes. I saved right after Donald hit Viktor in the back, you can see that he turned around and had taken some damage, the cover in front of him being destroyed. Not sure what caused it, and I like you have not been able to reproduce it. But some really weird shot behavior keeps happening, I'll post more saves in this thread if I find anything else.
  9. I think I finally got a save of it. [ATTACH]6118[/ATTACH] Just hit end turn. The caesan at the corner will open up on the xenonauts emerging from the charlie, appearing to shoot through an entire building doing so. EDIT: Spoke too soon, it turns out it was just corner shenanigans making it look like the alien was shooting through a wall... But this is a good save to test out the miss deviation behavior on. Undiscovered.sav Undiscovered.sav
  10. I thought I remember it working at some point. Perhaps it was the broken implementation I was remembering.
  11. No it isn't like they are shooting at an enemy and missing, hitting friendlies... They are literally magdumping into the back of a friendly standing in the square directly in front of them.
  12. Bump on this anyone? It keeps happening in the latest stable version. I have to spin my guys around to exhaust their TUs before ending turn in a hallway.
  13. Not really, the aliens mind controlling said soldier probably want to keep him alive for as long as possible to maximize the chaos and confusion. It is not a very effective tactic if he instantly gets shot and doesn't serve to distract the xenonauts or cause any damage.
  14. Yes actually Chris, every shot I seem to recall doing something weird has been a miss shot... One time, I had one of my soldiers miss and hit a friendly standing right beside him lol. Like, directly in the square left of him, perpendicular to the angle of fire, it was kind of bizarre. I'll be playing again today, if I can get a savegame of any odd behavior of miss bullets I will post it here. EDIT: Here we go, I just had a machinegunner hit a man crouching in front of him. Check the save, Donald just hit Viktor in the back with a bullet, even though Viktor was crouched in front of him. [ATTACH]6099[/ATTACH] I know it isn't a shot going through a wall, but it's behavior that shouldn't be happening correct? Is this indicative of a bug in the miss calculation system? Deviation.sav Deviation.sav
  15. I am noticing this pretty frequently. Aliens shots seem to be doing funky things sometimes. One instance sticks out clearly in my mind, I had an alien shoot a plasma rifle at a soldier taking cover on a corner. The shot missed him but deviated, seeming to phase through two walls and kill the soldier standing behind him, even though the angle would be impossible. Afterward I checked with two of my remaining soldiers in the correct positions and it said 100% shot blocked. Unfortunately I didn't get a savegame of it. Anyone else noticing things like this?
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