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  1. How do I get this on Steam? I did the order on Xsolla and on Steam it is still listed as coming and not released.
  2. Challenge

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    For some reason, even after a new upload I have the same, old UI. and not this one. I picked the game up from Xsolla this month. Does that make a difference? Nev er mind. Just read the issue with Xsolla. Return now to your regularly scheduled critique.
  3. Challenge


    Looking for clarity on using the secondary equipment slot. Using the med kit is pretty obvious, but putting a weapon there makes it a touch confusing. It seems that the SMG being used as a secondary by the sniper can't become a primary weapon under any circumstance. My sniper entered the UFO along with the rest of the team. Once inside I wanted to change out the sniper rifle for the SMG, but that didn't seem to work. I was able to put the rifle into the backpack, but couldn't move the SMG up to primary. I get that it's a weapon/slot designation thing, but once I click on the secondary and move on to the next soldier will the choice be remembered for op fire when the time comes? And while I'm thinking of op fire, in Xeno-1, iirc, it would stage to the highest TU/best shot available and move up as TU got used up. Does it still do that?
  4. Challenge

    Tactics and stuff

    No, you can't. Even standing just outside the door you can't shoot through it at any angle except straight in. I was directly in front of the door, opened it and could not shoot nor even toss in a grenade except down the row directly into the ship. One square either side, 100% blocked. Had one guy on each side of the door with aliens in LOS but shots were 100% blocked by the door. Tactically unrealistic to the point of silly.
  5. Do crash reports automatically get sent to support. If not, where do I send them?