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  1. Something tangible, yeah ... like not having a continent stop your operations and payments while inviting the aliens in for coffee. Thanks for fixing that for us. Terror raids were one of the things that kept me from getting stuff from the UFOs I shot down. I had two fairly early, one happened at the same time I had taken down two UFOs and so I had to use airstrikes on them. That helped the finances a bit, but the next terror strike caused so many injuries and losses that I couldn't go after the next UFO. To requote King Pyrrhus: one other such victory would utterly undo me. So when they actually started sending the next group of alien combat troops we were little more than target practice. So I do appreciate the thought.
  2. @Nightowl Did you post those in the suggestion thread? That could be workable as long as the amount didn't overpower the balance. Too much and there wouldn't be as much a drama between needing to make decision over material and money. That decision already exists with the choice of sending the troops or calling in an air strike. It would, however, give a material reward for going after Terror Attacks. Currently the reward is political more than anything else.
  3. Challenge

    Hidden Movement

    Please do this. If I can't see them the box really isn't hiding anything and it actually hides things I can see. I'm getting the hidden movement box even, it seems, when an alien I can see shoots at my people. Even if the alien is not visible -- in which case I wonder how he saw my soldier -- I might be able to see where the shot came from (barring LOS issues). If you can't remove it completely, could you make it a bit smaller? I understand that the board shifts with each unit selection, but even the edges around the box tell me where the movement is most of the time. I think a small message bar may be better. If the map could not shift with hidden movement that would be better, but I'm not sure how closely that is tied to the movement system.
  4. Challenge

    Enemy Balance

    I have no problem with large Androns. Although I would think an alien that can cross intergalactic space to reach us would be able to program a robot to use a door... and remember to put big enough doors on the ship it's traveling on.
  5. Challenge

    Early terror mission balance

    So, does the Reaper need to kill the target for zombification? One of my snipers got hit by one, but didn't zombify. I kept one soldier behind him to keep a watch just in case.
  6. Challenge

    Research mechanics

    The original Xenonauts had a que and you could assign a number of scientists to each item. That was what I would expect from an organization tasked with defending the planet against an enemy with superior tech. Research on a number of different paths would be the best way to quickly catch up.
  7. I'd like to know about the opposite direction: Being able to zoom out a bit more. When I'm moving the formation across the field it would be nice to have a better idea where I'm going and what the terrain and cove looks like without losing the visual relationship to the unit positions. It isn't a big thing, but it's easier for me. Particularly when I have spotted aliens just outside the distance to see both mine and theirs at the same time.
  8. I'm bumping this because I still have this issue in 10.1 hot fix.
  9. I would like to say not to allow it, but I'm not sure I could justify it as anything except to slow down base construction. As it was before 9.3, I built three bases out to operational status for interception missions. I was working on building the third one a third hanger to operate a dropship from, which the second base already had. A fourth base was just starting construction on the access lift. This was all by the end of February/beginning of March game time when the update shut it down. Admittedly, I focused entirely on radar and Hangers giving each base a single barracks facility and only building generators as needed. Since controlling the air keeps the regions from cutting funding, and you can just airstrike the crash sites to make money, this is what I considered the priority. The limiting factor now is the reduced income. At $500,000 for each side mission keeping production and engineering projects going at the same time was pretty easy. That's not going to be as simple with the reduction in income. More of the UFO crash sites will have to be used as revenue builders instead of Alien tech collection points if I want to build stuff that quickly in 9.3.
  10. I lost one of my units during the battle; my heavy MG took a kill shot. When I returned to base and went to take the wounded off the jump ship and put in the replacements, there she was with no damage, fully armed. Pvt Fisher (#5) was the heavy gunner who died on the first move. Pvt (now corp) Foster (#4) picked up the weapon to provide continued support. Foster now has her original loadout, as does the Zombie Pvt Fisher. I've attached the last tactical save and the first strategic save after the fight. groundcombat-29.json strategy-4.json
  11. Challenge

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    The lack of production queue delete hit again. Attached the recording, output and strategy save. I was setting up the engineering build queue to fill in the rest of the squadron for the second base (Southeast Russia). The last hanger isn't finished yet, but it let me select the base anyway. I realized the mistake as soon as I clicked on it, but opened the project info by clicking to see what it cost. Had to use Esc to close the base list (could use a cancel button here) and at that point it stopped deleting things from the queue. It then did a CTD. Since this report, I have the queue works after reload, but roughly 24 game hours after I load a save to play I get a ctd. It happens every time. recording_10.rec output.log strategy-53.json
  12. Challenge

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    The save game and screen shot as requested. Also I should note I haven't researched Plasma Rifles yet. I'm trying to delete the Falcon. strategy-8.json
  13. I generally like the new Global interface changes. There are some issues with buttons not working (delete in the engineering screen for example), no queue for the research tab at all; load out information seeming to get deleted after every mission, and a number of other things -- all mentioned in the bugs section. One thing hasn't been in bugs because I think I read in change notes that it was intentional -- the seemingly random invisible walls in the tactical interface. Please make it stop. First it makes it hard to see at a glance what sections of the UFO walls are and are not blown out so I don't walk my troops across open spaces where they can get shot. It makes other buildings (and the UFO) look like there are places where I can shoot through, but not really. Before the shaded figures showed any living thing I can see on the other side; if I need to see other objects on the other side of the wall I can turn the map. I don't think it really serves any tactical purpose except confusion.
  14. Challenge

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    There doesn't seem to be a que for research. It only accepts one item at a time. Engineering que doesn't delete items when the delete "x" it clicked.
  15. Challenge

    [V9.0 Geoscape] soldier's loadout is gone

    It seems every time I return from a mission the load outs are wiped from memory. At first only the primary weapon is missing, but when you click on the "equip" button everything disappears. After manually loading and update it works again until after the next mission.