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  1. Even in Spec Ops experience counts. Considering how difficult it is to keep the funding from the governments up, why would you think they would send the best of the best? But whatever your immersion is, you do you. Personally, I prefer the challenge of keeping my troops alive while working up their quality. It's not like I'm going to lose sleep over the demise of a pixel warrior, but I do pause a moment when someone who has lots of kills and trait increases bites it. Have you seen how stupid the local troops on the battle map seem to be? Yours definitely start better.
  2. I agree with the two above. Losing higher level soldiers can seriously crimp the squad's effectiveness. Early in the game it's worse when that one or two experienced people can deliver on target while the others are missing adjacent aliens than it is after you have squads full of Lts or higher.
  3. Challenge

    12.2 Air combat

    Didn't actually reach combat... wasn't able to click on the fighter flaying around my air space.
  4. Challenge

    [v12.2 - Ground Combat] CTD

    Since there's similarities I add mine here. Intercepted an Observer UFO and sent the team out to deal with the left overs. when I got there I clicked "Commence Mission" CTD. I loaded the "before combat" file, it didn't load. Tried with the "After Intercept" file, repeat first sentence. Pertinent files attached. auto_strategy_before_combat-45.json auto_strategy_before_combat-46.json
  5. It was implemented in the previous build, so I consider it a bug. I needed to pass something on to a different soldier while in combat. I couldn't drop a weapon to the ground, so it looks like this whole area is not functioning as needed.
  6. Challenge

    Mind war is overpowered

    Responded to a terror mission. Turn 1: Exterminated two aliens as we left the jump ship; killed the third and wounded a fourth during alien movement. Turn 2: Had two aliens in sight. (One man panics and Local troop panics) Squad advanced on both sides of jump ship. Set up crossing fields of fire. Alien turn: 7 mind war attacks; panicked local troop resists, two civilians resist, One squad member panics, two others change sides, one resists (the one that panicked earlier). 40% of my unit is out of the fight with two actively fighting me. I think this is a bit much.
  7. I have also seen this issue. I have also been fired at by aliens that started their movement hidden, and were then able to fire at my troops -- which I thought you couldn't do -- while the HMG remained in place. Even though I had set up the space as a kill zone no one returned fire. I also mentioned this before.
  8. Something tangible, yeah ... like not having a continent stop your operations and payments while inviting the aliens in for coffee. Thanks for fixing that for us. Terror raids were one of the things that kept me from getting stuff from the UFOs I shot down. I had two fairly early, one happened at the same time I had taken down two UFOs and so I had to use airstrikes on them. That helped the finances a bit, but the next terror strike caused so many injuries and losses that I couldn't go after the next UFO. To requote King Pyrrhus: one other such victory would utterly undo me. So when they actually started sending the next group of alien combat troops we were little more than target practice. So I do appreciate the thought.
  9. @Nightowl Did you post those in the suggestion thread? That could be workable as long as the amount didn't overpower the balance. Too much and there wouldn't be as much a drama between needing to make decision over material and money. That decision already exists with the choice of sending the troops or calling in an air strike. It would, however, give a material reward for going after Terror Attacks. Currently the reward is political more than anything else.
  10. Challenge

    Hidden Movement

    Please do this. If I can't see them the box really isn't hiding anything and it actually hides things I can see. I'm getting the hidden movement box even, it seems, when an alien I can see shoots at my people. Even if the alien is not visible -- in which case I wonder how he saw my soldier -- I might be able to see where the shot came from (barring LOS issues). If you can't remove it completely, could you make it a bit smaller? I understand that the board shifts with each unit selection, but even the edges around the box tell me where the movement is most of the time. I think a small message bar may be better. If the map could not shift with hidden movement that would be better, but I'm not sure how closely that is tied to the movement system.
  11. Challenge

    Enemy Balance

    I have no problem with large Androns. Although I would think an alien that can cross intergalactic space to reach us would be able to program a robot to use a door... and remember to put big enough doors on the ship it's traveling on.
  12. Challenge

    Early terror mission balance

    So, does the Reaper need to kill the target for zombification? One of my snipers got hit by one, but didn't zombify. I kept one soldier behind him to keep a watch just in case.
  13. Challenge

    Research mechanics

    The original Xenonauts had a que and you could assign a number of scientists to each item. That was what I would expect from an organization tasked with defending the planet against an enemy with superior tech. Research on a number of different paths would be the best way to quickly catch up.
  14. I'd like to know about the opposite direction: Being able to zoom out a bit more. When I'm moving the formation across the field it would be nice to have a better idea where I'm going and what the terrain and cove looks like without losing the visual relationship to the unit positions. It isn't a big thing, but it's easier for me. Particularly when I have spotted aliens just outside the distance to see both mine and theirs at the same time.
  15. I'm bumping this because I still have this issue in 10.1 hot fix.