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    Teams/platoon creation

    I like the idea, as long as you can still assign single soldiers to a jump ship as well. When you return to base after a mission wounded troops are removed, and I may not want to switch an entire team out for one casualty. I don't necessarily want to replace the wounded soldier in the team, but a temporary replacement would be useful.
  2. Challenge

    [v18 Geoscape] Dropship Bug

    I have different numbers, but, yeah. I have a few extra in the jumpship. In the ready room I start over from 3 to 8 for 6 extra slots.
  3. Challenge

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Went out to my first fight and took more than 50% stress on each soldier. Sat out the next crash while my new recruits arrived, and because I like money. Took the eight battle virgins out for the third crash site and defeated aliens. It was a longer fight and all eight of them took more than 70%. The first set, which had been resting for two crash site battles only recovered between 10 or 15% (not sure exactly because I didn't write it down). If any of my soldiers go on even a small UFO crash site -- or I get hit with a Terror Mission -- all of them would have more than 90 - 100% stress level. so... 1. I find the Stress concept very interesting: I never said I didn't. 2. I don't go on every mission; never have. As I said, I like money. 3. I know they can be used in an emergency; but if they are all out of action or I don't do crash recovery missions, I don't get the bits I need to upgrade equipment. I signed on to be a beta tester as well. The OP was my preliminary assessment of the current build. To simplify: The Stress system is an excellent way to keep players cycling troops through the active response team. Everyone gains experience which improves capabilities and makes it so when you lose an advanced soldier or two it doesn't pit all green soldiers against heavy and advanced aliens. I like that they need time for R&R for stress recovery. It gives them more realistic feel. I just think the numbers are off a bit. I am a veteran of the original of this game so I'm familiar with Goldhawk. But they improve things by us posting our comments about how things work and feel as part of the game play. It isn't the first time I've beta tested a game, but thanks for the explanation.
  4. Challenge

    [16.1] Geoscape Base Armory

    Good to know.
  5. Challenge

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Thanks for the quick reply. After my second Kill the Aliens picnic I now have 16 people, non of which will go another fight without the risk of maxing out their stress levels. The first group are only down to around 40, while the second group is up around 75 -- from a single fight. At this rate I may need 40 soldiers just to be able to cycle them out every battle. So you may have the numbers a bit... off?
  6. Challenge

    [16.1] Geoscape Base Armory

    They were all in the jump ship. I looked at the number of suits were assigned and set my workshop producing an additional four since four people had the combat suit at the start. My usual role assignments at the start are: 2-Assault, 1 Infantry, 1 Grenadier, 1 Heavy, 2 Rifle, 1 Sniper. I change out one of the Infantry at the start (or whoever has the strength to carry the Launcher) the combat suit vanished from inventory. Since I had four suits to start, I expected to have four for immediate use. But it vanished. So I turned anyone not using a special weapon into Infantry and had three suits for the Assault and Infantry, and two more added in when I assigned the two Rifleman to Infantry -- a total of five suits. I assign people gear and roles when the aren't in the jumper to save time and organization issues later. I started my second deployment over because when I assigned someone to replace a wounded person the ended up with out a suit. So I'm one of those that find it a bit confusing. @Alienkiller The first five troops provide the main force while the last three are flank/reserve. Since any one of those could find themselves in the main force due to injuries or direction of alien contact, I want all my troops to be ready to take the brunt of the attack. This means putting everyone in at least the first level of better armor. The idea of NOT doing so is completely against any tactical doctrine I have ever seen. Without it, by the time the first Medium UFO shows up you can lose a man to one kills. @Chris On you recent comment: That might be it. But I still seemed to end up with an extra suit.
  7. First, love the new loading screen. Nice piece of artwork. I'm not sure if it's a feature or a bug, but since I noticed a message window I clicked through too fast to read (oops) I'll think of it as a feature for now: The first small UFO I shot down over the jungle vanished. It was small so I figured it was possible I just blew it up and scattered small enough pieces there was no point in looking for them. IMO it would actually be a pretty good touch to have a chance of losing the prize. I think the stress levels are a bit high. These soldiers are supposed to be the best the supporting regions can provide -- I would think that would mean SpecOps troops, or at least combat experienced. All of the team walked away with more than 50% stress levels and the fight wasn't that tough. Only one member was hit (the only one I forgot to put a Combat suit on, of course). I'm going to need a whole lot more troops if they take that much in a small fight -- they'll never go the distance.
  8. Challenge

    V16 [Game Play] Geoscape Crash

    I've been a bit busy so didn't get a chance to send the file. 16.1 seems to have fixed the problem.
  9. When equipping the troops at the start of the game, I wanted to put Combat Suits on everyone. I use one Infantry to support the Assault team and you had them in the armor. However, I changed out the second one to be a Grenadier. I expected the Combat Suit to be available to assign to someone else (or the one I switched) but it didn't seem to be. When I assigned the two Riflemen to Infantry Roles, both had them. So 4 suits (two each Assault and Infantry) became three suits when I reassigned one Infantry, but increased to five suits when I made 2 Assault and Three Infantry.
  10. Game crashes on return from first mission. Restarted game, loaded the save file -- Crashed again before I got to the base.
  11. Challenge

    v15B Geoscape

    Thank you.
  12. Challenge

    v15B Geoscape

    Okay. Got it and thanks for the answer. So I wasted resources and time in my attempt to improve response. What unlocks this unexplained research feature?
  13. Challenge

    v15B Geoscape

    This shows the range at which my radar picked up the UFO. I have two levels of radar, so the ring should have a bigger diameter. Here's a screen shot and the save. auto_strategy_before_intercept-5.json
  14. Even in Spec Ops experience counts. Considering how difficult it is to keep the funding from the governments up, why would you think they would send the best of the best? But whatever your immersion is, you do you. Personally, I prefer the challenge of keeping my troops alive while working up their quality. It's not like I'm going to lose sleep over the demise of a pixel warrior, but I do pause a moment when someone who has lots of kills and trait increases bites it. Have you seen how stupid the local troops on the battle map seem to be? Yours definitely start better.
  15. I agree with the two above. Losing higher level soldiers can seriously crimp the squad's effectiveness. Early in the game it's worse when that one or two experienced people can deliver on target while the others are missing adjacent aliens than it is after you have squads full of Lts or higher.