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    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    The lack of production queue delete hit again. Attached the recording, output and strategy save. I was setting up the engineering build queue to fill in the rest of the squadron for the second base (Southeast Russia). The last hanger isn't finished yet, but it let me select the base anyway. I realized the mistake as soon as I clicked on it, but opened the project info by clicking to see what it cost. Had to use Esc to close the base list (could use a cancel button here) and at that point it stopped deleting things from the queue. It then did a CTD. Since this report, I have the queue works after reload, but roughly 24 game hours after I load a save to play I get a ctd. It happens every time. recording_10.rec output.log strategy-53.json
  2. Challenge

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    The save game and screen shot as requested. Also I should note I haven't researched Plasma Rifles yet. I'm trying to delete the Falcon. strategy-8.json
  3. I generally like the new Global interface changes. There are some issues with buttons not working (delete in the engineering screen for example), no queue for the research tab at all; load out information seeming to get deleted after every mission, and a number of other things -- all mentioned in the bugs section. One thing hasn't been in bugs because I think I read in change notes that it was intentional -- the seemingly random invisible walls in the tactical interface. Please make it stop. First it makes it hard to see at a glance what sections of the UFO walls are and are not blown out so I don't walk my troops across open spaces where they can get shot. It makes other buildings (and the UFO) look like there are places where I can shoot through, but not really. Before the shaded figures showed any living thing I can see on the other side; if I need to see other objects on the other side of the wall I can turn the map. I don't think it really serves any tactical purpose except confusion.
  4. Challenge

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    There doesn't seem to be a que for research. It only accepts one item at a time. Engineering que doesn't delete items when the delete "x" it clicked.
  5. Challenge

    [V9.0 Geoscape] soldier's loadout is gone

    It seems every time I return from a mission the load outs are wiped from memory. At first only the primary weapon is missing, but when you click on the "equip" button everything disappears. After manually loading and update it works again until after the next mission.
  6. Same here. With space for 8 the extra two load into the cargo bay and can't get out the door, I guess.
  7. When I finish building my second base I have a listing for a second dropship. (S2). Unfortunately, since I can access it after assigning troops to it, the thing is worthless and ups the id for the one I bought to S3. I'm trying to find out whether this continues with each base, but so far you've been releasing updates faster than I can build the first hangers for more than one additional base.
  8. Challenge

    Base Construction Question

    The dropship operates out of the other bases, but the soldier pool is in one list/place. Figured that out recently.
  9. Challenge

    Base Construction Question

    Thanks, I thought the old way was pressing Shift or Ctrl (one of those). Haven't figured out how to move the troops in either. This was so easy the last time I played the first version... but then my bran was younger. It says I can transfer the dropship, so if I load one do the troops go with it?
  10. How do we rotate the long bits to fit vertically? I realize the system is just a holding set while a new idea is developed, but I need this... It's about the ascetic, man.
  11. Challenge

    V8.1 load game CTD

    Seems to be working now. Thanks.
  12. Challenge

    V8.1 load game CTD

    Did a save titled "Tactical" to save a ground battle to continue when I had time. Had time this morning. Launcher worked, got Alien invasion version of "Jaws" music, opened save files, click file, click "load", see ground fight game screen in B&W, CTD. Happened with all my game saves and the auto saves I tried. Strategic map saves load normally and play through. However, none of the tactical map saves will load. This began this morning and I had no problem with them last night. I've included auto saves for both strategy and ground combat, the last output log, and my last save file. strategy-17.json groundcombat-85.json output.log_1.4ba7c7ef25248a25eb528e027cea4eb5 user-16.json
  13. When I put the two units of Combat Armor I had on the privates in the Assault team, it showed up on the image in the assigned line above the dropship as expected. After returning from a mission where both were promoted te armor still appears on the soldiers' Armory screen mage, but not on the dropship page. I don't know whether this was because of the promotion, or simply because I was on a mission. I also noticed a right click does not remove the armor from the equipment load in the Armory Screen. I also lost a grenade launcher. The soldier wasn't wounded nor killed; had received a promotion; I was shuffling positions in the dropship and each time I assigned a soldier, the weapon being carried didn't move with them. As rifles, sniper rifles and HMGs all have infinite quantity, I didn't think it anything but an inconvenience until the H.E.V.Y. launcher disappeared from inventory.
  14. Almost... There is still a list onthe load window that pushes my saves which help me track where I am in the sequence of events off the window. Either a limited number of auto saves or a separate tab in the load window please. I don't need to see all those tracking saves until there is a problem. It's tedious, which leads to frustration, trying to find my save files.
  15. Then I must be on V7. I will look for V8 so to simplify my life. Thank you.