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  1. So far the only UFO ground combat missions I have seen are for crashed ships I shot down. We see the tags for abductions and other alien missions pop up on the map as time goes on, are we going to see landed craft ever appear on the map (or do they appear and I have just not seen them)? Like the alien terror missions, it would make sense to be able to send a drop-ship to try to stop the alien missions from succeeding when we notice their craft landed somewhere. This would also give a prime opportunity to capture alien spacecraft intact with no damage, could even allow for research opportunities that would be unavailable otherwise since delicate components would never survive a crash. Could also give a huge boost to the research into new craft types when you capture a ship intact. The opportunity to study a working ship would be huge.
  2. I have attached the last Auto-save that occurred before I started trying to transfer items to my other base. In the game, I completed construction on the workshops at a second base and in order to move my Engineering completely over to that base I went in to transfer all the materials from the first base to the second one. I tried transferring the items 4 times: The first time I just went in and tried moving all the items I wanted. The main base was overloaded in storage but I didn't really pay attention to that since I was moving items. The second time I sold a bunch of corpses and live aliens (Why do they take so much room? Stack them like firewood :P ) then I tried moving the items after the base had a lot of extra room. The third time I tried moving about 1/3 of the items and never more than half of a single stack The fourth time I tried moving 1 single piece of Alenium Game crashed every time all the way back to the desktop. This also brought up a secondary issue that is not really a bug as much as a convenience issue, you have to move everything one at a time.... which is fine when there are 10 or less, but is a Huge problem when you have 100+ Maybe make the number to transfer a free-type field to allow for just entering the number you want to send and/or adding a second button for 10 of the item (and maybe third for 100?) auto_strategy_funding_report-31.zip Logs.zip
  3. I also think that when you clear a mission with no injuries it should lower the stress for All soldiers (More for the members of the team, less for the ones at the base). The more you successfully run missions and each enemy that is killed would have a major impact on everyone. The reverse would also be true, the more missions you run where people get hurt and killed the more of a negative impact it would have on everyone. When you get to the point of 1/4 - 1/2 the people on the squad getting killed it would have a Major impact on everyone, even at the bases. If 3/4 or more die then it would be detrimental to everyone. A new discovery that gives the soldiers a new weapon or armor would have a major boost for all soldiers. It should be a blanket stress reduction across the board. Make them more confident that they can handle the upcoming missions. As for the aliens, when fighting the ones that have been killed several times and researched/interrogated there should be little to no impact on stress. It would become routine and 'normal'. New enemies, however, should have a major impact on stress. Totally new enemies should raise the stress level of everyone on the team by a lot, especially if someone on the mission you first encounter them is killed. The stress of combat needs to be tied directly to how many of that enemy you have killed, how many soldiers that enemy type has killed, and if you have researched and interrogated them.
  4. While running a UFO crash combat mission I was unable to locate one of the enemies. I reloaded the game and used the 'cheat' commands to scour the entire map and ended up finding him inside the ship.... In the attached picture I highlighted the square the enemy is on and you can see from the tiles that I tried to grenade him but there was no damage indicator. I teleported one of my guys on top of the ship next to the tile that would have been above that one and the alien killed my guy on the next turn but I still could not see him or target / force shoot / blow him up. Attached the combat save, no clue what is going on. user_19_1_game_2-4.zip
  5. I like the idea of the aircraft being upgradable so that the early craft can be upgraded and slowly phased out for the newer craft without hitting a wall where you are unable to be effective with the old fleet. While I do like the new aircraft system that allows for the craft to be custom fit for what you need I would like to see options for 2 craft in the late game that are task-oriented. A 3 or 4 cannon extremely fast fighter that can not carry missiles designed specifically to deal with alien fighter craft and a heavier and much slower craft loaded down with 4 Missile / Torpedo mounts (no cannons) specifically designed to help take down the battleships and other large craft in the late game. You would not have to build any of these aircraft, they would be an optional variant you can build if you find the need, and your current fleet of the modular craft just isn't quite performing how you want. While making it all generic and totally customizable is great for the early and mid-game, I think not having the option to make aircraft that is better at specific tasks by design in the late game takes away some of the strategy and fun of the air combat.
  6. Ya, in previous builds of the game when you researched alien materials you got the ability to upgrade the missiles/torpedos to improve their range/damage. Now there are no torpedoes and nothing we research gives the engineering option to upgrade them (or does it automatically). This all changed when the air combat was redesigned in v18.
  7. Currently, there is no point in capturing aliens (aside from selling them) and there is no reason to hunt specific alien types (I have found Non-Combatants, Soldiers, Officers, Engineers, and some others). The game is still in development and the end game has not been worked out at all yet, so is there going to be a point in capturing multiple aliens of a type and hunting specific types? One thought I had was that interrogating multiple aliens of a specific type could add a diminishing returns boost to research on a specific topic. Engineers could boost research into the captured alien technology, officers/leaders could boost research towards base and aircraft upgrades, etc. The first alien should give a large boost, next couple would give roughly 1/3 of the first, then drop sharply until you hit the cap. Something like: (Assuming a 50% boost cap) 1st = 15%, 2nd 3rd and 4th = 5%, 5th to 9th = 2%, next 10 give 1%. This would provide a boost for capturing many aliens and interrogating them, but make you weigh how many you want to actually spend time to earn the boost for. The time was spent to add several alien types to each race of alien so I assume there is a point to it in mind, just thought I would toss in my 2 cents
  8. The interceptor screen has the same issue with the weapon loadouts. They go off the top of the screen and you cant get to all the options. One thing that could lessen the clutter on this screen would be to have a toggle for the advanced options of the weapons so that Laser Lance / Adv. Laser Lance, Gauss / Adv. Gauss, and the early game cannons are on the same box. I also noticed that you never get upgrades to the missiles now.
  9. I don't know if I missed something or if this is a bug. I created a ticket, but if someone can tell me how to scroll down the list of room construction options on the base building screen I can delete it. Basically, for the first time, I have gotten a game to the point where I have more rooms I can build than there is space on the screen. I know things are missing because I cant find the Hanger on the list at all now. Let me know if I just missed something so I can remove the bug post.
  10. While playing I completed all research I had available. When I went to build a new base I found that I was unable to access all the construction options as they went off the bottom of the screen and I was unable to find a way to scroll down. Specifically, I wanted to add Hangers but they are not visible on the list anymore. (Attached screenshot and save file) Maybe this isn't a bug and I just missed how I scroll down the list, this is the first time I have ever gotten the research that far. user_global_1-8.json
  11. I have hit the wall too, Just as I was getting my interceptors to the point where I might be able to shoot down a Battleship. Is it possible to manually edit the save information to reset the date back so they start spawning again?
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