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  1. If you build medical bay, there is some 30% (?) percent change that dead soldier survives.
  2. Just an idea: Maybe on normal and easy difficult levels the weapons are not lost, but on harder difficulties they are? By the way, are the armors also supposed to be lost only when soldier is killed by explosives, or always?
  3. For me it happened not after mission but just while switching soldier loadouts. Don't remember though if it was between the stock loadouts or between custom and stock... I will test if I have time, but might take time.
  4. This happened to me too with armors while switching between soldier loadouts. Haven't got the time to get `output.log` of this yet though...
  5. mclang

    [V20.0] - CTD from loadout screen

    I also have encountered several CTDs while trying to change and use soldier layouts. In the included save file, the crashes usually happen e.g with Channing Roberts (Assault) when Change armor back to the "Tactical Suit" (equip and update becomes active) Click "equip" to apply Assault loadout again Click "Loadout" button Another thing I have noticed is that quite frequently step 2 above empties all worn gear except the armor. This happened while testing the included save and should be visible in the log file. In addition I have lost some armor when changing between loadouts where one have armor and another not. That seems like the same bug that has been reported with earlier versions, so I haven't looked that further. Note though that I'm playing using Manjaro Linux and Proton Experimental. I hope this helps! user_does_the_bug_work-4.json Xenonauts-2_v20_Soldier-loadout-CTD.log
  6. I agree, many things we are talking about are matter of taste But many things currently lacking in Xenonauts 2 combat are due to game engine or resource constraints. The devs would definitely improve combat in all ways possible if they had the time, but getting game ready for open beta is the most important thing right now. For me the combat in X2 is engaging enough, although JA2 combat is definitely better as I have agreed many times before. Original XCOM had better tension maybe because aliens acted more randomly and the music and sounds were great. I think though that these things will get better before release and much can be done later with mods. By the way, once during combat I was scared shitles when there was sudden sound of door banging and scream... That really ramped up the tension in good way! About your other points: - I understood what you meant by square bushed and impenetrable trees. I somewhat understand why you can't see through the bushes if you take them as tall and thick kind of type, but I don't know why the bushes are indestructible when you definitely can blow holes in walls and level single bushes. Also the impenetrable trees are really annoying! I don't mind them being in square blocks, but the possibility to move between them would be really welcome. I remember the trees being somehow problematic also in Xenonauts 1, so maybe it is game engine or graphic related things... In X1 you couldn't blow a hole into UFOs either, but fortunately there was a mod to fix that. - More varied body types would of course be nice, but not really needed until there really is nothing more to fix. After all, top class soldiers are all healthy, strong and fit individuals (with some outliers), so they being quite similar when geared up is not a such big problem. But still I agree, it would be nice to have some distinctive traits for each soldier and see who is who more easily. Maybe you could scale the models a little bit according to the gender and strength? - I have thought the same about interrupts, they should be more frequent when soldier has a lot of TUs left. That though might be problematic game balance wise if also aliens worked the same way because they would almost always get several reaction shots when Xenonauts are storming the UFO... The lethality of this would ramp up the danger alright but also be anything but fun in the long! And at least during my current combats, those frakking regenerating lizards take quite often too damn accurate reaction shots to my poor soldiers :/ - Settings option to show FOV by default and toggle button would be nice additions. Also not every visible tiles should be 100% visible - obstacles and lighting conditions should affect this as they do with shooting... Maybe this is WIP or moddable later? - Different alien races already have different characteristics. For example, if I remember right, Sebillians are not affected by smoke and they are very resilient against stun damage. I don't agree that all aliens should have superior senses, it should depend on the environment the race is accustomed to. Also they should NOT all be generally better at fighting because why should they? Logically not all alien races send to earth are bred for war. Being alien doesn't need to mean bad ass predator motherfucker, it is good that there is variety. - Minor variations in sound distances and other things like that would make combat more immersive. It would be nice if during alien/allied turn each soldier could hear things in the vicinity and we as players could start guessing was the one opening door an alien or friendly. Then again things like running sound doesn't make any difference for me, it belongs to category very unimportant when there is many bigger things to tackle. - Walking/Running modes would make sense if one of them was quieter than another. This though would need sneak mechanics, which I don't know if there is any in current version - haven't tried to sneak behind any alien yet because lack of stun batons. Another thing is that shooting after running should be less accurate than after walking. Moving crouched and prone is in my wish-list also. - Using rookie soldiers instead of battle hardened veterans is how pretty much all the XCOM derivatives do things. Although not realistic, it is the easiest way to get meaningful feeling of progression with the Xenonaut soldiers, so it is NOT only about difficulty. I'd even say that it is more about progression than making things more difficult because if there is no progression for the Xenonauts, where is the carrot to keep them alive? - Good ideas about alien skills, although as I said earlier they should NOT all be superior killing machines. They are not making full scale war against earth so it's logical that not all races are of warrior type. Good thing about your skill suggestion is that they could easily be scaled according to selected game difficulty. These forums are not the most liveliest one I have been... Maybe things change when game hits open beta. Too bad that also my time is quite limited, I really shouldn't spend this much time responding to you! Furthermore I think the devs are too damn busy to get the game in shippable state with the planned features to answer long suggestion threads like this. But hey, you are so into this and seem to have time, so maybe you should make a JA2 mod that turns it into XCOM =D
  7. Damn, I should be working, but here goes: I understand your points and I also think that JA2 1.13 is superb in every possible way. But somehow I also enjoy the way Xenonaut does things. Well yeah, bushes are square as are the roads - and some natural hills, rock formations, ponds and the like would be nice. Walls, rocks and bushes are not solid though, I've been blowing em up here and there, both with purpose and without. I also spoke about the visible FOV cone, not the degrees angle. This isn't big issue for me either way, I could live without, but I don't understand how it being visible or not would make enemy appearance more or less surprising or rounds tenser. Having visible FOV just makes it clearer which way the soldiers are watching, and I like that information. Maybe there could be setting to turn it of if needed, or something. As for realism, in my mind making playing easier and making combat simulation realistic are not polar opposites. I'd rather have a game that is easy to grasp and play but which at the same time has realistic rules inside than a game in which you have to guess how game mechanics work. Grenades are not exact in Xenonauts either, they might fly all over the place and make different levels of damage. Shrapnel would be good, but I take it is calculated in the damage already. If the impact radius wasn't shown, it would just make the playing slower, not more realistic. IMOH more realistic would be a varying radius between some sensible limits. You are right in that the aiming line itself is unnecessary and the possibility to hit could be shown without percentages. I don't know if you have any experience with firearms, but as a hunter I can say that while aiming e.g moose or bear, any blocking obstacles are clearly visible. Thus I think it doesn't hamper realism in Xenonauts when blocking objects are shown as they are now. Again, aiming line and the like are gaming quality improvement for me - it lets me get immersed in tactics without the need to spend time guessing things I usually don't need to guess so much in real life. As for the the footprints, I didn't mean that planning in JA2 is difficult because them, it's not. I just said that Xenonaut's way is clear, fits the overall visuals and makes planning easy, that's all. If I remember correctly, Xenonauts 1 didn't have the hidden movement screen as it is now, or it was somehow different. I remember though that I used some mod to fix that because looking at screen where nothing happens felt stupid. I give you that it could be improved in many ways - and maybe devs even have something coming. You said that the videos you watched were from v17 so I think many things might be improved already because current unstable version is v19. But I think I get you - you speak about immersivenes, which isn't the same thing as realism. Xenonauts has many simulation like mechanics which you seem not to like, but for me they don't reduce how I get immersed in the game. No plan survives the enemy, there you have it right, but before first contact planning is everything. Nothing is more tense than dropping down, planning and positioning each soldier to cover their corners, and then when hidden movement comes see how the aliens screw your plan. Difficulty should come from the enemy intelligence, not game mechanics. I agree that JA2 does combat better, but still I don't have clear preference between JA2 and Xenonauts mechanics - I can enjoy both. Cheers!
  8. Although I also liked how JA2 combat was, and loved the immersion it had, I disagree with many points you have with current X2 combat. For me the square by square division is something that I don't even notice, I just hope that the maps won't get boring or repetitive later. I haven't played original XCOM or Open XCOM in ages, so I don't get what you mean by sectors, but as I remember, for example jungle maps in XCOM were always quite similar to each other. As I see it, only thing missing from Xenonauts 2 is natural hills and other that kind of height differences. Death animations, or their lack of do not bother me at all, and kneeling as suppression animation is okay. Although I have to say that having aliens and civilians cover their head when suppressed would be nice as would some visual hint about how hurt they are! Some items seems to be missing graphics when dropped, so maybe shield is one of them... I once dropped C4 so that another soldier with more TUs can pick it up, and it wasn't visible on the ground in any way. Then again if you place the C4, it is visible, so I don't know maybe it was a bug. Your point about the initial black fog of war is a good one. If Xenonauts arrive by plane, why don't they see the whole map? Maybe night would be different, although with current day technology it shouldn't be... Also aliens that are outside should be marked on the map, or all should be placed initially inside the UFO or nearby buildings. They are not stupid after all. And maybe there should be few cheap drones with which you could scout the area without endangering your soldiers. But field of view cone I like, and in my mind it doesn't break immersion. After all, human field of view is what it is, and if it wasn't shown as a cone, it could be difficult to estimate what the soldier really sees, when in reality the soldier knows what they see. I don't know if that sentence makes any sense, but I hope you get what I mean Showing grenade impact radius is good for making playing more streamlined. You'd learn it quickly anyway and start counting tiles as it was with original XCOM, so why not make it easier and quicker? Your time as a commander is better spend thinking tactics than calculating tiles, and I think there is enough randomness when soldiers throw those grenades in every other direction than the right one. Also showing line of fire and the block percentages are in my mind just gaming quality improvement. In reality when you aim at something, you see pretty clearly if something is preventing you from shooting or blocking the target. How else to display these in game like Xenonauts where you cannot go into first person view or otherwise see whether you should take one step left or right? Footprints as movement indicator would be great, but the problem is that it wouldn't fit with the other game visuals like aiming and throwing lines. I like how all of those are really clear and makes it easy to plan moves ahead. Alien movement and friendly activity screens are better than not having them, at least you have something to watch when it is not your turn. I don't understand how watching your soldiers or the combat map when nothing happens while you cannot do anything because it is not your turn would make combat flow any better... But maybe they could be animated, or maybe there could be several different ones that are shown according to the mission type.
  9. From the small amount of playing, I'd say that if you liked the lore and art of X1, you won't be disappointed with X2. I would also love to see JA2 style things in ground combat, but without any developing experience with xenonauts, I'd say that many things like idle animations in JA2 combat are impossible to do in Xenonauts without huge rewrite. But maybe something can be done e.g with mods later. Some of the things I would like to see are: - Prone stance and crawling - Alien bleeding and panicking (maybe this is already done?) - Blood trails and foot steps so that you could see where alien went hiding - Aliens hearing shots and reacting to them more or less intelligently - Hit locations with more or less damage according to location and possibly with additional effects like blindness, halved movement rate, reduced accuracy or throwing distance, etc And then there is one big thing, more like wishful thinking, that would make juggling with soldiers more interesting, and that is soldier relations between each other. It didn't need to be as deep as the relations are in JA2, it could be something simple instead, like that soldiers that have gone through several missions together in the past would e.g get bravery or reaction boost during missions. On the flip side they could panic easier if their long time buddy dies. One thing I know is coming, is different head gear. There is already re-breather for smoky situations and tactical visor that gives some bonuses for the wearer. In same way something like night vision could be implemented, if not in the game itself, then with a mod.
  10. Found a bug with which you can duplicate armors in soldier equipment screen. 1. I selected a soldier that has an assault role with the first level armor 2. I created new role called "shield" that initially has the same equipment than the assault 3. Before modifying the gear, I switched the role between infantry and shield, as well as between assault and shield 4. Each time I selected shield again, the amount of armors in store went up In the save game the bug works simply selecting shield role over and over again. I don't know if this is present in v19, but I didn't find anything related from latest few pages, so I decided to report. user_two_in_a_row_with_shields-24.json
  11. Hmm. I have been wondering if I should select "Experimental / Unstable" from the Steam betas dropdown and start over, but I'd rather not... I cannot make a video, but would it help if I took screenshots of the situation where the game crashed most of the time? The crash doesn't happen every time, and the soldiers don't always throw where I wan't to, so this would be time consuming especially with the quite long loading times :/
  12. mclang

    Suggestion for bug reports

    Also if using labels, there could be ones like "confirmed" of "v18.2" and "v19" that could be used to show that developers has managed to reproduce the issue and which versions of the game are affected.
  13. I skimmed through the replies, and there is lots of good ideas in them. Some random thoughts: - The length of the mission should not play big part because it makes you rush and get people killed. - Easy missions, i.e those that were completed quickly or with only minor wounds should reduce the stress of all soldiers. - Researching aliens and getting familiar with them should reduce stress levels, as should new advanced technology. - Being alone in combat should have some effect and vice versa: Seeing new alien alone is more frightening than seeing it with fellow soldier. - Great accurate shots, critical hits should boost morale, and fumbles lower it. - Seeing fellow soldier or civilian mutilated could also boost soldier morale (kill em bastards!) but reduce it after e.g more than three or quarter is killed. - Soldiers whose stress level hits a limit should have mental breakdown and have some percentage change to be gone for good. - Maybe panicked soldier, one one near of panicking could be helped with fellow soldier, or even civilian being nearby? Furthermore, adding bravery/morale also for aliens so that they can panic like in original XCOM sounds must have. And then a wild idea: Only if soldiers could have relations like in Jagged Alliance, then some soldiers could fare better morale wise when being with certain soldiers - and if their closest fellow die, go berserk
  14. I just went through five pages of pug reports in search of duplicates for what I found. Many of the bugs were already taken care of in one way or another but none of them had any mention of this in their title, you had to open the thread and check the situation. I thus propose that when the bug report is taken care of, either the title is changed to have, e.g [assigned]|[needs-info]|[solved], or that similar tags are used. This way it would be easier to go through the bug reports and e.g find if any bug report needs more info
  15. I was battling against those damned regenerating lizards and tried to make some shooting lines by destroying a wall using grenades but the game crashed several times. I forgot to take a screenshot about the situation, but I think it is quite clear: - The wall I tried to blow up is the one behind which the only visible Sebilian is. - Soldiers doing the throwing are the two closest to the enemy I hope you can reproduce this using the save file. user_frakking_regenarating_lizards-22.json xenonauts2_2021-06-06_throw-grenade-wall-crash.log Xenonauts2_2021-06-07_throw-grenade-wall-crash.log