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    Air Game Musings

    I think we’re seeing the dynamic between a vocal minority and a silent majority here. Rather than making the efforts to complain on the forums, they would just not buy the game. I still remember how heated about air combat discussions was on the feature threads, where a lot of people only make accounts just to make backlash against the turn based system to stem the tide of a few people making constant comments supporting it. This only died down when Chris decided to brought back both the original base system and real time air combat. Even the biggest thread on the general discussion on how X2 stayed too much similar to the first game was also defended by the silent majority. Your argument on how real time doesn’t fit really, it’s just your bias showing. You have given no concrete reasoning to why having a small real time section to break up the monotony of turn based combat is not a good thing (something a lot of people addressed and complained about during the first implementation). Not to mention it’s extremely hard to create a fair system of autoresolve of a turn based combat system, forcing the people who already hate it to play it in order to even follow, a huge problem with games like Total War: Warhammer and it’s terrible siege combat. How it fits or not is entirely based on your opinion of the first game. The whole point of the mini game to be fast, short and easy to autoresolve is that the main focus of Xenonauts is the ground combat, not the air game. Making the air game taking 50% of the game is not really the point at all. Your comparison of Xenonauts and the Subset games is also extremely jarring and thematically unfit as well. The entire point of Into the Breach was to have the gameplay portray the lumbering methodical movement of giant mechas and kaijus and because of that it is turn based. While FTL wanted to have the gameplay represents the frantic combat and movement flow of space ships. Just seeing this we can see that the fast movement of the air game should be closer than FTL than anything else. The planes and UFOs are not gigantic lumering robots but dynamic fast moving machines that are extremely unpredictable. The X-Division mod has already demonstrated that this could work, X2 will only need to deepen this. Like adding more equipment for movement like boosters, teleport pack, anti-missile point defense, energy shields and different weapon setups. Also locational damage for UFOs. The insertion of Starcraft like mechanics of replacement for aircraft is also annoying. The planes and more importantly the pilots should be irreplaceable assets like in real combat to represent the already established atmosphere of the game. Loosing one pilot after a failed rescue mission should be punishment enough. The role of Xenonauts should be the only elite force that is capable of downing UFOs, let the dying and loosing to the NATO and Soviets.
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    Great Circle Radar

    Forgive my reading comprehension but I don’t see the problems you presented have anything to do with the globe geoscape. The most concrete reasoning is that Chris said it’s for seeing the entire map which even that is not convincing to me. You do know that game dev resource allocation is a thing right? They’re much more focused on making better animation and other systems on the ground combat to work right before caring about air combat. Especially when their base building was as limited as it is. They clearly have a focused and lacking in other departments is entirely understandable. Not to mention it’s one of the first games of the franchise. I have no idea what problem we even have here. Is it the choosing of maps based on the geographical locations? Because using a globe positioning system to create maps with certain set tiles have been done before. On the other hand Xenonauts’ system for air combat is entirely separate and have no connection to the map at all. If anything, the flat map affects the air combat much more by warping certain sections of the earth and making defense of those sections unbalanced as well as the radar coverage.
  3. If you mean the base building of an XCOM like vertical cross section being better than the original, I have to respectfully disagree. It was horrible especially for the implementation of base defense. It turns an entire kind of mission into a single boring repetitive scripted event as it is nearly impossible to workout the vertical cross section base into a working battle map. Not the case for the original ufo defense where you can place rooms strategically to create defensive hard points as the layout of the base in the building screen and the battle map is the same. Not to mention it look very cartoony and ridiculous compared to the atmosphere of Xenonauts. One of the first thing preventing me from even backing X2 in the first place was the fact that Goldhawk was trying to mimic the XCOM reboot formula especially in the single base, vertical build screen. Which like any game series with a small but dedicated player base, will undoubtedly alienate the original following while not doing much to draw in the reboot crowd (they already have a big budget game that caters to them, why care for Xenonauts). I actually added my opinion on this on the radar thread. A flat map projection greatly warped the radar coverage and flight time for your interceptors the closer they get to the poles. Subtly pushing for certain regions to place bases for optimum coverage. On the matter of not seeing the entire map, that’s what the real time button and radar notifications are for.
  4. Xeroxth

    Great Circle Radar

    This is also one of my long standing issues with the first game’s geoscape. A flat projection not only creates weird shapes with the radar ranges but also wonky flight time which gets worse the closer you get to the poles. Making it hilariously hard to preserve fuel chasing ufos in Russia or Canada because the projection made them so much bigger than the real regions. I also addressed about adding a globular geoscape to X2. But looking at how close the game need to be shipped, I think it’s just too late to make a globe geoscape like the original ufo defense now.
  5. I really really don’t see why access lifts are even necessary in the current basebuilding. It seems like a terrible holdover from the XCOM style base that give off a real outdated phone game look to anything it touches (I might be a little biased on this). The only conceivable way to have an access lift in the game and not make it to unrealistic is to have it exclusively for missile and undersea bases with multiple levels and a 3*3 layout. If you want to put a hangar in the lowest level of the base you not only need the lifts for your personnel but another bigger place one (2*1 or 2*2) for your planes and vehicles. Base defense in these bases could become more exciting where you have to configure the lifts at defensible positions and set up kill boxes for the attacking aliens. Preventing any of their attempts to go down to the last level where they can destroy the generator and kill the base. The nukes are not for the aliens per se but more for your supposed “backers” and “allies”. Threatening the neutral regions to submission and calm the panic level or lower the DEFCON of NATO and Warsaw Pact using your own stock of nukes definitely seems like something I would do in an evil play through of the game. They’re going to unite in this fight against the aliens or be taken over/destroyed by Xenonauts, their choice.
  6. I think it’s just an early build where the map was still tailored to a “30 minutes into the future modern world” rather than the alternate history scenario Chris presented in the recent thread made regarding revisions in the lore. I suspect the geoscape will change a lot in the upcoming builds. On the difficulty in making the geoscape less complicated, we can fully utilize the alternate history to our advantage. Let’s just say that after the Icelandic Incident, both sides of the Cold War made multiple gains in technology that is crucial for continuing the conflict into modern times. The Soviets implementing a version of cybernetic planning with OGAS, preventing them from stagnation like in OTL. Without the stagnation, India got closer to the Warsaw Pact and officially joined in the 90s, never actually privatized their economy. Yugoslavia and Greece also fell right after Tito died. They won the Afghan War. While on the same page, all of mainland South East Asian countries also falling into the Soviet Camp. On the opposite end, the US now have an even bigger control on Latin America than in our world, to the point of making Puerto Rico their 51th state. All of Central and South America except for Cuba became NATO aligned (there will be an event to change Cuba if the player choose to do it). All of the Middle East also got friendly with the US, Theocratic Iran got overthrown. Australia and Indonesia formed a western ally block in the Pacific. Both sides also continued the space race. The moon having multiple mining operations for Helium-3 to fuel huge fusion reactors on Earth. Mars also having a small base built with cooperation of the US and the Soviet Union. The invasion starts when suddenly all of these bases stopped their communication and the International Space Station disappeared out of the sky (presumably abducted by the aliens).
  7. I love the idea of a missile base. There should be terror missions where the aliens choose to attack a NATO or Soviet nuclear silos but after you beat them back, some warheads got mysteriously “lost” during the intense firefight. Procuring nukes could have you dominate entire regions by providing them a nuclear deterrent, having the panic level completely under control no matter how many cities the aliens bombard. But doing this also leading to worsening relations with both major factions, meaning they give you less favor missions, less funding and their troops on the ground battle can become hostile to your Xenonauts. If you continue with the “dominate” path, more missions will pop up where you have to eliminate the two factions entirely, this also have the intended effect of their soldiers not getting tech sharing and still using ballistic weapons against you. You can also try juggling diplomacy between the NATO and Warsaw Pact helping them with favors, sharing more tech with them, and protecting their VIPs while refusing any missions that directly harm one faction. This will later have the effect where your soldiers can gain assistance from NATO or Red Army troops with powered armor and plasma weapons. Of course you can also just help one side win the Cold War by antagonizing their opponent and even giving the alien orbital station to them. With the diplomatic or hybrid path you can build relation centers to recruit factional soldiers, unique research and more funding. Who wouldn’t want a special force Israeli commando specialized on SMGs?
  8. I mean it is the best way to have actual human enemies in the game. Both sides of the Cold War certainly have different goals in mind for Xenonauts even during the dire situation of an alien invasion. These interest might coalesce into open engagement based on the decision the player make regarding the direction of Xenonauts (siding with communism or capitalism or just going independent, acting like an Illuminati-like organization that hoards alien technology for humanity’s own good). NATO and Warsaw troops should be fought and recruited with their unique traits and faction unique weapons/equipments. Because to me having mind controlled humans acting as the only non-alien threat would be really boring. I think the founders shouldn’t be only countries but 4 main “factions”: NATO (made up of most of the American continent except for Cuba, Western Europe, Japan and Australia), Warsaw Pact (made up of Russia, India, Korea, Central Asia and Eastern Europe), Non-Aligned (China, Africa and Southeast Asia), and Xenonauts council. All of the founders wants to dominate the non-aligned countries and Xenonauts is the one part that will tip the balance. You can certainly take part in geopolitics if you wanted to with a reward being free cheaper bases, free personnel and unique weapons but you can just rule over everything eliminating panic altogether in exchange for a low but extremely stable monthly income. I would suggest that can come about if you decide to takeover the alien orbital bombardment platform to eliminate your former founders.
  9. Wait a minute. So how did Germany and Poland got into the EU? If I remember correctly that in the new setting as planned by Chris, the Warsaw Pact still exist to this day. So I’m assuming that Germany is still divided between the GDR and FDR while Poland is still in the socialist camp.
  10. Xeroxth

    So, who wants more cool aliens?

    Yeah, but because most of the new updates added crucial quality of life changes that should have been in the game from the start. The number of enemies however is still largely lacking. Ah I still remember starting my first JA game knowing nothing and making a sniper build that failed miserably, then basically breezes through the first half of the second playthrough using a gang of just dudes with revolvers. Good times.
  11. I’m will to wait as long as I can to see Goldhawk release a stable, moddable and deeper version of X1 like they said they would. It’s not like the world will end or anything. Although I think it’s also important to keep a decent level of expectation so that backers and fans of X1 don’t forget about X2’s release.
  12. Xeroxth

    So, who wants more cool aliens?

    I disagree on Phoenix Point still being anywhere near good. It’s a damn decent game, but it’s nowhere near what promised during the kickstarter campaign. It’s still too janky and only gets exiting with the new DLC (which to me just adding features that should have been in the game from the start). Sorry to sound a little bit argumentative in my tone. I just wanted to share my opinion on enemy design. I love JA2 and the expansion to death. Still to this date I don’t think any TBS game that came close to it in depth. But Xenonauts is not striving to be a successor to that .
  13. I was actually thinking that the only unique assets needed for a base is the main hub, the specialized tier-2 rooms that is the main role of the base only for the air launch, production center and research hub. When the main hub is chosen, the base will have a set numbers of rooms in a exact configuration (like the rooms in different ships in FTL). For instance the main base will always be the versatile 5x5 square. The research hub would be much smaller and in an L-shape. The production center would be in a 3x5 rectangle to look like an actual production line of a factory. The Air launcher would be set up with the hub being a large 2x2 hangar with other rooms connected to it in a cross configuration. The underwater base have 2 levels of 3x3 connected by a main elevator hub. While the aircraft carriers only have 4 build slots combined with the already set runway but can move anywhere.
  14. I love how the old Hammer & Sickle game did it where the location of the enemy when your soldiers break the line of sight with them is complete guess work based on sound the enemy makes when moving, and this ability can get hampered by a soldier being temporarily shocked by an explosion or the enemy going prone and sneaking away.
  15. I think you should be able to choose the what a base after the main one specializes in through choosing the central hub of it to be either a mechanic center, a big research lab or a hangar control tower. A recon base should just be a borrowed aircraft carrier after gaining enough favor with a faction. Less build slots, but is much more mobile. An undersea base should be a cool DLC if Goldhawk wanted to support the game further down the line.
  16. Xeroxth

    So, who wants more cool aliens?

    @ooey Chris actually agreed with this. He said that making a scouting unit being similar to a fallout floater could be cool. The thing is also easy to create higher ranks. Maybe the elite floater comes in the fire, shock and radiant varieties (the fire one explode, the shock immobilize and the radiant have a debuff field). I don’t actually say that we should fill the game with just weird aliens. Just enough in the specialized kind to make players actually wonder about the scale and threat of the Praetor-led invasion force. The current lineup is already good, I just think that there’s no harm in adding 4 to 5 weirder more specialized aliens for the later part of the game to spice things up a bit. Although an invasion of horses and rocks actually sounds fun. The Animorph series did exactly that with an invasion of slugs with some using an alien centaur host body. On the implementation side, I feel it’s not that hard to actually make a new enemy in a turn based game like now. The problem is the design, because yeah X-Division put in the Xenomorph but it’s so out of wack compared to other aliens that it just doesn’t work. For a new unit you would only need: - stat lines - a static model - running/walking animation - attacking animation - suppressed/prone animation - sound bites - death animations (yeah I really dislike the weird weightlessness of the rag doll, having custom fallout style bloody deaths is better) It’s not like Chris and team are actually making a game like Total War where the model details is huge and making so many animations that they needed to create a skeleton for each new creatures. Simplicity is best. FTL managed to create an interesting set of aliens with a few pixel sprites. Goldhawk could just put the design in first and let the community finalize it through mods. @TrashMan Most games that have an ensemble of aliens never do it the same way so it’s not really that prone to tropes. While games with monogamous aliens with switching weapons really gets boring as they’re limited with the way of having equipments (unlike normal soldiers in a game like Jagged Alliance or Strain Tactics). See the recent disappointing Phoenix Point for that. @Solver not to mention these different kinds of aliens can also be mixed and match to create really unique aliens. For instance second-form alien + heat lamp alien: a radioactive crystal enemy (with trilateral symmetrical design) inside a containment suit. It attack by shooting a concentrated beam of radiation through a slit in the suit. This attack works similar to a poison headcrab attack, draining 90% the soldiers health for a single turn, giving other enemies a chance to kill for that turn. But if the suit is damaged, it will turn into a heat lamp alien that also harm its allies. Basically a glowing triped with a thick mech suit. Or the previously mentioned modular alien that also being a dedicated combat medic in its first form. We are still missing dedicated roles like a buffer, a healer, a demolition expert, a flamethrower and of course the melee berserker that serve to draw fire (something along the lines of the Klingon redesign I posted would be great).
  17. Xeroxth

    So, who wants more cool aliens?

    This is good. But a better way should be that the humans are just working for goals that go against Xenonauts in the middle of the war rather than just brainwashed humans. Like you doing favor for the NATO side that directly harming the USSR for instance just to gain some funding and relations. I mean I have never once seen such a thing where uniqueness harming a game. Making homogeneous boring designs always do. For instance look at the 343 takeover of the Halo franchise and the true death of originality after. I agree that relying too much on gameplay over lore can harm a game. But having you enemies look different but still act the same with the same set of behaviors and equipment is just so boring. After all, the enemies must actually pose a threat that force player to create new strategies to defeat them. I seriously don’t get why “believable” aliens always have to look humanoid. Is there something I’m missing because I specifically remember that convergence evolution only works when under the same environmental conditions and biological niche, not on different planets where the environments are drastically different. In fact it would be much more unbelievable if a civilization hundreds of light years away from us still have to same number of limbs! Aliens only need to look cool and work (have functioning grasping appendages, a way to communicate and a big enough brain). The Covenant from Halo did this really well with the balance of different aliens with different statures, combat roles and the lore explanation for it. Star Trek only got stuck with rubber headed aliens due to the lack of budget and being a live action show (Roddenberry actually tried to have more strange aliens in the animated series). What we are lacking is a few alien that fit certain archetypes: 1 Flying/floating aliens that aren’t drones that can shoot and attack your soldiers while in the air 2 Big worm/snake like aliens (kind of like the worms from Chtorr) 3 Insectoid aliens 4 Crystalline aliens 5 Aliens with more/less than 2 arms or legs 6 Aliens with dinosaur stature These things can be combined to get seriously great enemy designs. Like this redesign of a Klingon from the same artist that designed the creatures in Subnautica. I would find it quite humorous if a 2 meter-tall Serbilian tried to disguise itself but dressing in a business suit or the Cessna try to hide their gigantic bubble head in a helmet ;). None of the current aliens can disguise as human even if they want to. Maybe we can go around this by rather trying to make the alien biologically resembling us to blend in, give them holographic devices that hide their forms from regular eyes. Like the DNAliens from Ben 10 or the invaders from They Live. That’s not even mentioning the current opening have the aliens straight up invading earth with no infiltration at all. Based on the threads on the features section.
  18. Xeroxth

    So, who wants more cool aliens?

    Yes but this premise would be more fitting for aliens that are so out of our scope that the prospect of even fighting one is impossible. A simple action of forgetting their toys on a random world can cause untold destruction. Things like the aliens from Roadside Picnic, Ian Bank’s Culture, the Xeelee from Xeelee Sequence or the Halo Forerunners. For instance: Yeah I know this, but with the level of technology needed to support such a thing, it would seem completely unreasonable to not mass produce the thing and drown any opponents in digital corpses rather than using the same troop type or just give everyone teleportation. The energy requirements for a single Codex would be so massive that it could be used for any purpose and destroy a planet based force like the XCOM with a flick of a wrist. Its existence create a huge plot hole and lore inconsistencies that ruins the setting. The Forerunners when they got such a tech was able to make their entire arsenal to holographic soldiers (hard light) with hundreds of thousands of nigh-indestructible ships, bilions of planet cracking drones, trillions of War Sphinxs that can atomize continents.
  19. I mean having an actual black market for factional dealings and morally ambiguous organizations should be more thematically fitting for an event-based economy. As it also implies that you can not only trade resources for money but for other things like personnel, research boosts, and relations with certain factions. Because if it’s always depends upon the price, it would push for hoarding strategies from the players to just make a gigantic storage base (because we now have storage capacity now based on the last update by Chris), wait until certain events or just save scumming and then sell it for massive profits. The other thing is that, an active open economy for selling alien material and parts would be bound for the massive corporations of the NATO side to dominate it. Also it would conceptually make it look like the main focus of Xenonauts is to work more as alien poachers who mine their ships for profit rather than the only edge for humanity in the war against their invasion. Events should pop up similar to games like the Hoi series where certain faction offer to trade some of your alien weapons for different bonuses in funding or others but they also have another effect of worsening your relations with their competitor while making the faction you help have a boost in tech sharing. This could lead to hilarious pop ups in late game that shows the results of your choice. Maybe you only funded a certain side so that leads to things like another Cuban missile crisis where the Soviets use alien augmented ships to deter the US response, or the Berlin Wall fell due to US funded contras with alien weapons breaching it. Maybe you only choose things that further cement the power of the Xenonauts in where you openly coup the government of the two sides of the Cold War and take over the world in the name of planetary security. This could be a cool DLC idea later down the line or a mod to expand the game.
  20. Xeroxth

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    I actually love all of these changes. Especially love how so much more varied the ufos are now. And this could even be better if the ufos are just as modular as our fighters, kinda similar to how they make the same kind of rebel ships in FTL with different configurations of weapons and room systems. The shields could also be adapted to this the modular build. Rather than just a bubble, it only cover the part with a shield generator in a 60 degree arc. The weapons could also be like this. Newer more developed fighter frames of late game should have different slot configurations and more slots than the first aircraft. For instance the first Condor should always have only one engine slot, so that even with upgraded jets, they’re still not as fast as a later plane with 2 engine slots. However they should be balanced in a way to make them a huge investment but not really needed to complete the game. You can of course play it by continuing to make new better frames and transfer all of the old plane equipments and pilots to the new one like a more complex version of the first game. Or you can just make a swarm of the cheap easily replaced Condor with upgraded weapons and pilot protection to attack the big ufos from multiple directions. I’m still really not warming up to the first system at all. It’s just not only lack the fast pace of how air combat should feels like, it would make implementation of fair auto-resolve next to impossible which forces the people that already hate it into playing like the Total War Warhammer games. Not to mention the amount of complaints from the fan of the X-Division people and the old fans being riled up about it last time. And weirdly enough the people that vocally pushed for the turn based system are like three people on this forums while the people from the steam forums and subreddit largely oppose to it.
  21. Xeroxth

    Xenonauts 2: Research Tree

    Oh this is just my jam! I always love how old and tested weapons can be kept relevant in universes like 40k. But these shouldn’t be just v2 upgrades as you say but they should have certain perks over other weapons so that they can be kept around after more advanced types of weapons are made. For instance: - normal guns -> ETC guns (v2) -> RAVEN guns (NATO exclusive v3 - a high rate replacement for rocket launchers) / Chemogyrojet guns (Soviet exclusive v3 - just straight up the heavy bolter from 40k but can only be used with power armor) - laser guns -> alenium focused lens (v2) -> Heat ray (NATO exclusive v3 - basically Martian death rays from Mars attack, only comes in rifles variant; a burst laser weapon with higher chance of critical hits that turns enemies into cartoonish steaming skeletons) / Las riffle (Soviet exclusive v3 - shoot a continuous but short ranged beam that increased in damage the more TU given to it, the mechanism was mentioned by some posters on the general discussions, only comes in carbines, practically very similar to the las guns from Dune and Judge Dredd) -> point defense armor ( a kinda v4 version of laser weapons that offer 25% of shooting down grenades or missiles about 5 tiles from the soldier, only if you go all the way with NATO) - mag guns -> rail guns (NATO v2, big damage, good accuracy but small ammo capacity) / coil guns (Soviet v2, less accurate but can use multiple ammo types like Flechette shot) -> mag puller (Soviet v3, use the magnetic field itself as a weapon to break down the target molecular bonds, really powerful and long ranged but only have one shot per magazine) / grav immobilizer (Allied v3, pretty much Jojo’s Echoes Act 3, increases the target weight so much that they can’t move, do no damage to normal enemies but drain their TUs for the turn if hit, deathly to drones) -> mag shield (a v4 upgrade to mag tech and also the best version of the riot shield, you can only get if you follow the USSR all the way, have a 10% chance of reflecting the damage back to the shooter) - plasma guns -> plasma capsules guns (NATO exclusive v2 - offer more control bursts but lower damage, a sniper only variant) / Sun guns (Soviet exclusive v2 - extremely powerful to the point of vaporizing alien officers in single shots but is very unstable as it works by overcharging the plasma charge to the heat of the sun, can explode violently if overheated comes in only pistol variations) This could add a huge amount of replayability if implemented right. For instance you could go for a pure dakka run with lightly armored soldiers using overwhelming firepower to kill enemies before they can hit you. Or a stealth run where most of your soldiers is equipped with deflector shields, neural implants, cloaking fields and plasma sabers to charge at the enemy like techno knights.
  22. Xeroxth

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    This should be addressed lore wise and with some added mechanics to make these separate spawns different from actual terror missions that involve alien ships. Maybe the independent terror sites are deployed using orbital drop pods so the enemies would be exclusively Androns and Reapers as they’re the only ones that can handle the G-force and the later impacts. And the bases that get built independently will feature special builder drones and huge portal setup that continues to spawn in aliens (basically an upscaled teleporting elevator) with the fallback of not having any AA guns that have to be disabled. To destroy the base the builder drones have to be killed and the portal must be destroyed. While normal bases have ship hangars, AA plasma turrets and multiple levels to them that makes it necessary for your transport planes be protected by fighters to even land and bombers being unable to destroy the base This is quite restrictive in my opinion. Scientists and engineers should also be recruited from special events and factional favors for the added factor of choice to the game. Maybe an alien ship abducted a genius scientist and by shooting down a UFO you can find him in a holding pen/stasis prison. Maybe the Soviets will give you a group of 10 scientists if you help them attack a West German base or give them some tech in making plasma weapons. These people can also be recruited from special operations and field agents using choice dialogue similar to how FTL does it. You should also have a choice in this as well. This could work by your decision in what to do with the station after invading it. Maybe you could take it over, destroy it or give it to either the US or USSR. Kinda like the ending to the first Deus Ex. Oh yes! The endings shouldn’t be too elaborate but not as simple as a “you win” screen like the first game. The best option to implement this is have it being similar to old RPGs ending screenshots having a slideshow and commentary on how your decisions changed the world (like Arcanum or the Fallout games). For instance if you decided to not share tech at all, overthrow both sides of the Cold War and takeover the UOO-1, the world would be under the complete control of the Xenonauts ruling it with a iron fist. If you decide to help both and destroy UOO-1, the status quo would continue, both sides continues to threaten each other with nuclear annihilation and Xenonauts is once again disbanded after serving its purpose. The other two endings will depends on the side you support.
  23. I mean it’s pretty nothing compared to the things the two sides did during the Cold War. Even less when it’s a war for human independence. If you want to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs ;). I think there should be only at most 3 components for each species of aliens (2 or three more for ships and drones). That should be pretty manageable and open to expansion from the inevitable X-Division mod sequel . I myself thought out a few that could fit. >Ceasan: Psychic Enhancer, Neural Mapper(very rare on mook but have a 30% drop chance for officers and pilots), Nanothread >Scout Floater: Cyber Eye (2 is needed to make a night vision visor, 1 for Enhanced Scope), Nanothread >Sebilian: Sebilian Serum, Metallic Ossifier (an implant that surrounds their bones with alien alloys, can be used to directly enhance your troops to explosive/fire damage) >Andron: Vibro Heater, Plasma Core (very useful, can be used for making Gun Overcharger, Exo Skin, Homing Grenade,...) >Wraith: Intact Wraith Glans (the alien is pretty bad to get resources from). >Harridan: Quantum Gyroscope, Neural Mapper, Parasitic Spine (the reason why removing the Harridan’s armor will kill it, used to make under armor that give huge AP bonus, with the cost of heavy bleeding if the torso armor is broken). >Reaper: Cocoon Fluid (same stuff that protect the developing Reaper inside the zombie, to make an under armor that can cocoon up for one turn/battle to protect from dumb deaths like a plasma canon shot out of nowhere), Nanothread, Reaper Venom (for more drugs, yay!). >Drones: Plasma Core and Quantum Gyroscope (extremely low drop rate of 5% as they usually explode upon death can only be harvested when taken down by emp/stun weapons) >Praetor: Nothing! Yes, because they hate genetic/mechanical implants and their psychic brains disintegrate upon death. All under armor needs an extra component and nanothread to make. Later Nanothread can be made straight from alien corpses with a research. Ships especially transport ships and well supplied bases can have all of these components in stores. So interrogating living aliens to find these is also rewarding if you find organ harvesting too evil. I actually worked out more components for the other aliens I posted on the new aliens thread but these can be the start.
  24. I think @Chris ‘s idea of an under-suit could be easily implemented but can be much more improved if some of the rare components can only be from specific methods but always not 100% full proof. Like he said, using alien corpses to turn into resources could be a pretty good way of simplifying the system. But I think you could make it more in-depth by giving special conditions for those corpses to gain the resources you need. For instance: - A Sebilian mook’s corpse only have a 10% chance of dropping a Sebilian Serum but the higher the rank, the higher this chance will get (an officer, veteran will have a drop chance of 40-50%) - A captured Sebilian will have double the drop rate of a Sebilian killed in battle - Higher ranking aliens also have a chance to drop rarer stuff like cybernetic implants This should also come with a holding facility/chop shop where Xenonauts get to decide the fate of the captured aliens. You could interrogate them for a long period with the rewards of special missions: attack their earth-based cloning facilities, kill their supply convoys, VIP protection... where rare resources can be gained without vivisection. Or you could chop them up to harvest their organs in only a day or two. There should be special regional/factional missions to go with this. One of the factions can give you a mission to sabotage the other faction with the rewards being high-stats soldiers with special traits, unique faction weapon/attachment blueprints, research personnel, and even rare resources. Doing these missions will not only improve relations with the faction it will also sour the other faction respectively.
  25. Xeroxth

    Advanced Aircraft and dropship

    Since fighters now have a modular system of upgrades I think the same should be appropriate for the transport aircraft. Maybe at first they could be escorted by fighters, but later down the line they should also be fitted with upgrades that allow them to escape from alien attack ships on their own. Maybe an energy shields for tanking more damage, boosters to make a getaway, heat flares to avoid missiles, and later lazer point defense to shoot them down,...