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  1. The little guy shouldn't be blocking much even if he were alive. But now he is lying on the ground. Actually my previous shot hit and damaged the dead alien. See the screenshot. I have encountered one other problem as well, but I didn't make a shot. My soldier was standing next to a wall - probably next to a hole broken by explosives. I wanted to throw a grenade inside. I got 100% probability to hit. When I threw it, it hit the wall and exploded in the soldier's face. Twice. So, there might be a problem with LOS and broken walls.
  2. Different playthrough - same crash. Shot down 2 UFOs, finished with the ground combat at the 1st. Then whatever I do, after like 20 hours the game crashes. I have a suspicion - I have shot down an UFO previously that didn't generate a crash site. I have caught it over water, then chased it over land (some small islands). At the prompt I have shot it down, but it didn't generate a crash site or anything. I shrugged and moved on... it is possible that the crash happens 24 hours later when the non-existent crash site wants to disappear... I think the UFO was a destroyer, but not sure. Plus, this is just a theory I am trying to confirm now. output_log.crash.again.txt
  3. Hey! Actually I think what caused the CTD was not the grenade, but hovering over the alien. I had to reload many times to get around the bug, and I figured out that the only safe way is to aim grenades on the ground next to the alien. Sometimes aiming a gun at it caused a crash - but other times didn't, which was surprising. To make matters worse, if I ended the turn to kill the alien from attacks of opportunity, it also crashed during the movement of the alien - one soldier even fired at it, but around the 5th step it just crashed. It took like 20 tries to figure out how to throw grenades to shred its armor first, then finish it off with a frag grenade... So, to sum it up, it wasn't the explosion. It never got to the attack, crashed before I could actually throw the grenade or fire the shot.
  4. This happened in the 2nd or 3rd fight of the campaign. It CTDs on throwing a grenade on an alien. As I have thrown another of the same type by the same soldier just before, I can assume the problem is coming from actually aiming the grenade on the alien instead of on the ground hex. output_log.txt
  5. Exception: [INITIAL CRASH] - A fatal error occurred during Update[] - The Mission:15888 Mission - Crash Site [{No Owner}] didn't have an Icon Activity. This has occurred when I have finished 2 UFO missions and the dropship was almost back at base. I have tried to reload a previous save from the last combat, but the crash occurred again around the same time. output_log.txt
  6. Loading this game, when I switch to the equip soldiers screen it crashes. I suspect the "shadow armor", as I remember manufacturing one, but can't see it in the warehouse list. Save game and logs follow. output.log user_blade_1-58.json
  7. Some of the late game crash site combat saves cause CTD at 90% loading when loaded after restarting the game. When I load without exiting the game, it loads fine. All saves for the given scenario behave the same consistently. Attaching log and save. output.log user_blade_action_1-56.json
  8. When passing time on the Geospace with the above project being completed, game CTD at the time the project should be completed. No error message.
  9. Oh yeah, the F-22 Raptor, which was so much ahead its time that while it is better than the F-35, it is just not worth the double price so the US has stopped producing it. Perfect for Xenonauts - just like the H&K G11 assault rifle, which also never got used in large quantities because of the price, and the special ammo needed for it. The G11 is unique in that it can fire a 3-round burst before you can feel the recoil, effectively giving you 3 bullets for the TUs of a single shot. But, it is damn ugly if you ask me! (Interesting fact that it was implemented in JA2, so it is far from being the latest model...) There are so many interesting weapons on Earth, why everyone is using an AK-47...
  10. That is an interesting question - why would an UFO be harder to track than a stealth plane equipped with ECM? Possibly they have a nice good radar signature just like an old IL-2 bomber. The real limitation I see is speed - missiles have a top speed. If the UFO can fly around that, you will never hit it. Same is true with maximum altitude - if you can fly higher, the missile will lose you. Take the example of SR-71: it was never ever shot down, it was too fast, and the ceiling height was too high for interceptors or SAMs. But of course it is way worse with canons, where the bullets only lose speed after firing, possibly hitting the aircraft firing them at high speeds. Laser is the real solution - it is only the matter of distance you can close in (as energy dissipates in the air), the precision of firing, and the initial energy you can put into the beam (which is limited by the power source, which can be chemical, where ammo can be depleted, or limited by the power output of the reactor, for which you will need to carry a nuclear power plant, or something equivalent...). It all comes to energy density, and humanity sucks at that at the cold war era, or even today. If this would happen today, you would need to exploit the weaknesses of the UFOs (and alien minds) in flying in our atmosphere before they adapt and make mincemeat of all our military equipment.
  11. Well, complex question. A F-22 costs USD 150M. A more common F-35 costs USD 100M. On the other hand, they are produced relatively quickly - if there is war, and you place an order for 100, you get all 100 in a few months. Now to train a rookie fighter pilot for a common aircraft (like F16) costs around 10M USD and 2 years. To get someone regular will cost you like 15M and 3 years. You will need to add some for rare/unique planes like the Xenonauts frankenplanes. That is 20-30M we're talking about. You can get pilots as donation from countries who have more than planes, or if no one likes you, you won't be able to recruit at all, as fighter pilots are not exactly available on the open market. Well, not the young and good ones anyways... you will find some 40+ retired ones, and some gone AWOL for the real money... Now on the question of ejection seats - don't compare apples with cherry seeds. Compare the price of the ejection equipment with the cost of the pilot, and you get a better picture!
  12. Oh, yeah, and one more thing. Pilots are really inexpensive compared to aircraft. Aircraft can fly with a small downtime, but pilots become tired. Why can't I have multiple pilots for the same planes? The refueling and rearming time was really annoying in X1 - took hours instead of minutes IRL: https://www.quora.com/How-long-would-it-take-to-fuel-and-load-a-fighter-in-an-emergency-situation Today you can refuel jets in the air - yeah, to change pilot you will need to land. But the availability of the plane will be way higher than in X1. Range... now that is realistic. During the Falkland war, a UK bomber made it there and back without landing, but it took like 6 aerial refueling passes with 10+ support aircraft. True, that Victor was an old cold-war heavy bomber jet which drank fuel like a sailor on shore leave...
  13. Yeah, and I still miss the Cyberdisks from the old UFO - floating cyber-tanks with plasma canon - so elegant, so deadly, so beautiful!
  14. Wow, nice feature! Just please no poppers - the li'l kamikaze bastards game me the lilies quite enough times in UFO-3
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