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    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    That's great to hear. Hope for the best for you guys.
  2. No my assumption would be that the aliens act logically and isn’t incoherently stupid. Even if they didn’t come with a full army, why would they declare war rather than just secretly scouting us like in the first game? Wouldn’t it be better to wait it out and build up your forces in orbit until you’re fully prepared to to declare war and only start to do terror attacks once you’ve been found out? All of the scenarios you listed are dependent on the alien being lacking in any tactical thinking whatsoever making the in game lore incredibly contrived to say the least. If you want to gather info on the human resistance (which I assume is still according to X-1 lore of being in the Cold War), you just park your fleet in orbit and have drones taking high-resolution pictures of earth while picking up our radio signals at the same time. The next stage would be secretly influencing the political tension with provocative attacks on small towns and villages while bribing some leaders to oppose the Xenonauts. Finally when your cover is blown you just go all out war.
  3. Sounds to me like you want something that would make the sequel that wholy removes itself from the turn based tactics genre which that’s not the point of this game. Every game needs a core concept and just making that core completely skippable is indeed heresy. But most of your other suggestions I can agree with. A deeper geoscape, research tree, air combat in conjunction with the ground combat would be great. But doing it in a nation vs nation basis would take it a little bit too far. I think having to sides of the Earth being the Warsaw Pact and NATO as mentioned by some of my comments in other threads could be a good in the middle option.
  4. Xeroxth

    Why was the Foxtrot removed?

    That’s understandable but I still think this can be improved just like decision to change the way we can equip our soldiers compare to the early beta being clunky and annoying. Maybe we could have the modular upgrade in the first two planes with them only needed to be bought from the host country (F-16 for the US and MiG-31 for the USSR) with slight armor and fuel upgrades replacing the foxtrot research with the foxhound being available for purchase from the get go. Hell we can even forego new planes completely and make huge upgrades to the starting aircrafts like shield generators, antigravity thrusters, antimatter/plasma generator replacing the engine, stealth cloaking fields,... making them in the mid-game looking nothing like when you first bought them. And whenever you decide to scrap the aircraft frame for a newly researched one with more weapon/engine slots you could transfer all upgrades to the new one with ease. Kinda like the upgrade system for the Techpriests in Mechanicus. And this has already been implemented really well with X-division and the plenty awesome suggestions by others in the air combat thread where you guys announced the return of X-1 air combat. I think most of it comes from just the immersion factor which is also why simple cosmetic mods that include more cities names on the geoscape, jungle tile sets, and more soldier nationalities got so popular even most of their changes are just cosmetic only. Like mentioned by @indaris on the ufo design thread (which I kinda admit was a bit too heated in his preference), the immersion is really important and in some cases of game design constitutes a whole genre on its own if the immersive sim is anything to go by. Also it’s just the cool factor, which as much as the NATO weapons try can never be as cool as the classic AK, dragunov and rpg-7. Also with the amount of already sci-fi looking weapons the Soviets pumped out through out the Cold War like laser tanks, ekranoplans and whatever Object 490 was you can see why some are pretty fascinated with it. I might try doing a cosmetic heavy mod to add some Soviet flair to the later weapons and armor when the game is release. That could be cool. It was kind based on NATO designs tho.
  5. Xeroxth

    Andron art style

    Ah no wonder they look so wonky now. It’s good to see a confirmation on that. Yeah and I kinda support @Ruggerman suggestion, maybe explain the explosion being the andron’s plasma reactor rupturing. I also think they should use heavy weapons exclusively with a melee sidearm to discourage players just running in and destroy them with carbines.
  6. Xeroxth

    Why was the Foxtrot removed?

    Yeah, the fact that they’re apparently more and more of the Soviet side getting removed annoys me as well. It just makes the game look generic compared to most current turn based XCOM-like games with no flavor of its own and a NATO centric aesthetic that plagued the genre as of late. Most of my recent play throughs of the first Xenonauts I just use the Dragunov and the rpg-7 instead of their NATO counterparts as not only they look cool, but they also play different from a more accurate rifle and explosive rifle (with the dragunov taking most of your APs to shoot a really powerful and accurate shot).
  7. @TrashMan Your and my subjective preference doesn’t really taking into account the point of Xenonauts 2 as already stated by Chris and other devs as to not make the game a true sequel but a retelling of sorts for the first game’s story with more in-depth combat & geoscape gameplay, which of course will include reusing the background on the formation of the xenonauts as an organization to combat a looming threat presented with the Icelandic incident while taking all of that out might entail much more lore retcons than just a deepening of the Cold War lore. The aesthetics of the Cold War serves this purpose fantastically as not only it creates a clear world division for the Xenonauts to deal with in their efforts to focus humanity in the alien war but it also differentiates the game from being just a successor to the original XCOM/a rip-off of the reboot (with all the tacticool aesthetics of modern times, one that I admittedly hate so I can be a little bit biased on that ). A good example would be the Silent Storm game and their addition of super science of Panzerkleins making it distinct from other military tactics games. Also my opinion on the underutilization of the Cold War atmosphere in the first game is not unfounded as most mods that adds Soviet weapons and city maps were really popular to this day. I may suggest @Chris making another poll like the one he did on soldier equipment to test out the waters on which to ditch the Cold War atmosphere or not? Seeing how goldhawk has been very consistent in listening to our suggestions so far. The scouting idea only makes sense in a secret war perspective and would sounds extremely contrived in an all out war. The DPRK didn’t scout it out when they declared war on the South and steamrolled into Seoul. The Third Reich didn’t scout it out with their weakest force when they blitzkrieged across Europe (they took down Belgium with their most elite of paratroopers in only 2 days!). In any case, most actual war scenarios will include precise strikes using troops that are way more powerful than their frontline military. And unless we are having the aliens be hit with stupid-pills right from the get go, they would wipe xenonauts or our sources of funds out of the map first. And if it takes time for their strongest units to be shipped in, why would they choose to attack with their vanguard force rather than just nuke us from orbit until the main force arrives? On the case that the powerful units is fighting on bigger fronts, how could the world power care enough to fund a tiny organization that have the same level of tech and preparedness as they are rather than just funding the war directly? Would the US give away one of the best to a newly founded group when the aliens already set up a beach head in Chicago? And unless the Xenonauts just get a ridiculous amount of plot amor and story contrivances in equal to the Rebel alliance in Star Wars, I don’t see how that would even work and in that case will make the campaign extremely uncompelling as it doesn’t really make the organization worthwhile at all compare to the country state funded army, industry and r&d department (we take soldiers, scientists and engineers from the same source as our beneficiaries, what makes us any different?). The difference established in the first game being that we were formed to fight aliens even in the secret war phase therefore we’re more prepared is perfect good lore reason that I think shouldn’t be scrapped.
  8. Haha that’s essentially my strategy when playing these kinds of games as well. As I usually want to store all equipment in one base for easy management. Keeping the features of mission restriction can integrate with the added mission types that @Ogilvy the Astronomer suggested. Maybe because you keep shooting down their ships. They instead try to change tactics to better fight your own strategy. Instead of building bases, they started doing vip assassinations using shapeshifters (vip protection), preventing tech sharing (convoy protection), throwing caesan psychics down on Earth using drop pods to mind control civilians in large cities or military bases (killing alien VIP), setting up teleportation stations to directly beam down aliens (destroy their teleportation device to stop their infinite spawning), and directly working with factions or regions that have bad relations to starve Xenonauts of funds (alien meeting assault),... In that case how well you play will directly influence the missions that you can partake in. In addition, I can suggest adding to the game a tech tree of non-lethal weapons to take out human enemies and crazy civilians (who keeps running into reapers and get themselves killed). Maybe an expansion of the shock baton/shock grenade/gas grenade research to give you things like stun guns, psychic powers for your troops, to MIB like Neuralyzers that can suppress the aliens and control the civilians,...
  9. @Comrade I respectfully disagree. I think the integration of geopolitical situations of the Cold War would serve a multitude of purposes. Firstly it will break up the monotony that plague the first game halfway point especially when the player is good enough to shoot down most UFOs and a reason to make more varied mission types. But I do agree that if implemented randomly it can cause the problem of you fighting your “supposed” allies than the aliens. But this can easily be fixed by making the mechanic more rigid with certain factional missions only spawned when some conditions are met. For instance you’ll only have to do them when a region reaches a certain level of “panic”/DEFCON or making them completely optional but will give you huge boosts in income and support from that faction. That would insure those missions only taking up 10% of the total game. Second is the aesthetic and lore purposes. I personally think that a game’s aesthetics contribute greatly to a game. It creates a clear art direction for the environmental storytelling and differentiates your game to others in the same genre. And it can make or break a game. The reason some sci-fi settings gets more love than others is also due to having a unique art direction (Star Wars, Bladerunner and 40k are the more notable examples). One of the things that caught my eyes in the first game was the 70s Cold War aesthetic and the lore behind the Icelandic incident which contrasted to the generic sci-fi of the recent X-Com reboot and Phoenix point. Due to this I hope it can expand this further than just being background noises in the sequel. This is also why I always prefer playing openXCOM mods like War of the worlds and 40k because they have clear distinct art directions. Also why would the game even have backdrop of the Cold War with all that entails when you’re not even going to fully utilize it at all to distinguish the game from its competitors? Thirdly, I think the point of the sequel especially expressed by @Chris is taking and enhancing what’s work in the first game to be more in-depth and interesting while fixing some major drawbacks (the inability to rotate the map, fully destructible ships for ease breaching, better research mechanics and a better geoscape). My suggestion might serve this goal well in the matter of better utilization of the setting while adding some needed flavor to the mission variety.
  10. Xeroxth

    Geoscape Strategic War

    @Exposure I actually loved the introduction of the DEFCON system in the early stage of crowdfunding and one of the first thing that got me hooked to the idea of a sequel to the game instead of keep playing X-Division. The first two deal breakers that is getting solved for me is the air combat (which I’m glad to see has changed into an expansion of the old one rather than the old x-com system) and the hilarious boxy ship design. So I’m hoping an in-depth Cold War system could be kept.
  11. Xeroxth

    limitation of M.A.R.S. and A.R.E.S.

    There can never be enough dakka my friend.
  12. Yeah an open warfare phase should be the main idea of the game. That I agree wholeheartedly. But I’m still wonder how would the game explain the slow increase in force of the aliens from a lore standpoint when the opening secret war phase doesn’t exist. Why would the aliens resort to using weak troops like ceasans and serbilians when they could just wipe us out using high tier units like androns and armored drones carried by battleships and carriers from the get go? That seems awfully merciful of them to give us time to develop our tech in the middle of an all out war don’t you think? Why wouldn’t they just nuke New York, Moscow and all large cities and be done with it? I think a more novel method of beginning the new all out war should start at the 1/3th mark, when you succeedes in repelling most of their scouting attacks and kill their first base. Then the aliens will just straight up reveal themselves by bombarding a large city as a show of force. Then the real war can begin. Of course it can be even better if the Iron Man mode will just have the war phase putting the player in the hard place right from the get go. This can complement the area bonus extremely well if done right. As in simulating the complex politics of the Cold War with two distrustful bloc fighting each other with Xenonauts in the middle having to be the mediator and the sole force of combating the alien menace. The bonus as suggested in the previous thread doesn’t really make sense in both in the gameplay and story perspective. It doesn’t show the difference between the two competing factions that is the US and USSR. I think each zones should also be split in influence to better simulate the situation with the panic meter being replaced with the DEFCON level. Taking faction related missions like assassinations, stealing tech and breaking up secret alien meet ups not only will give you huge funds, manpower and productivity bonuses but also increases that faction’s power in certain region. While taking mediator mission like protecting VIPs, destroying their beacons and killing alien tech smugglers can lower the overall DEFCON level. Weaken a faction enough and they will cooperate with the aliens and cut your funding (with you deciding to eliminate them or bring them back to the fold). With special missions like killing the US president or placing a nuke in Moscow. Areas like South America, Europe, South East Asia and Africa will be hugely contested by the power blocs. These areas can give specific faction bonuses along with the normal funding. For instance if you decide to help the Soviets in Latin America you can recruit Cuban personel with huge buffs in their medic and sniper skills. But if you help the US, the local forces would be heavily bolstered by troops from the dictatorships that they support with heavy armaments to boot! While doing both can only net you some benefit in funding and air defense.
  13. Which is not that much of a problem as both Xenonauts games are not really story or lore heavy at all. The lore of the first game was pretty bareboned and only get really interesting with the prequel Icelandic incident and the lore+ mod get introduced. With the second game if based on the current beta will be the same as it is confirmed to be completely retconing the first game story which will be a shame as I love the Cold War intrigue settings (especially my posting history and obvious fanboyism of Hammer & Sickle can reveal :)). Voxette’s idea can be easily implemented with some slight changes to the pace of the early game and ease up the difficulty curve with a lore friendly explanation. As in the game started a few months before the aliens straight up declaring war on Earth with the aliens try to set up alliances (maybe with Cold War era dictatorships like in Indonesia, Spain and South America), conducting scouting missions and building secret bases to make the war easier for them in the long run. The first phase of the game could have you foiling their beachhead approach in secret with no tech sharing available which can also includes factional missions to gain more funds and regional bonuses. The second phase is you fighting the alien menace full force with the countries of Earth (or the faction you choose) where it’s a race against time as the aliens will start to bombard the planet with orbital nukes. This will explain why the aliens won’t just crush your xenonaut troops with their strongest ships right at the get go like in a conventional asymmetrical war (the US military won’t give time until the Taliban to produce their own tanks to start their air strikes obviously).
  14. Actually this was the one part that I hope would change with Xenonauts 2. The dynamic of the Cold War was something woefully underused in the first game and I hope would be more emphasized. The whole MIB aspect could lend to a multitude of ways to deal with civilians on a map like just non lethally taking them down so that they wouldn’t run around like headless chickens and get turned into zombies by the Reapers or standing in the middle of a firefight blocking your shots. Not to mention the tech sharing possibilities. Maybe each bloc of the Cold War can offer different pros and cons for you to choose a side to tech share so that the war against the aliens will not only change the fate of humanity but the course of the Cold War as well. For instance gaining the favor of the Soviet Union by ruining a coup perpetrated by the US with some help of the aliens in exchange for a missile scientist. Or stealing cargo from a GDR convoy for the FDR to gain a some funds and a communications scientist. This will force the player to either play a game of tight rope balancing the power of two sides to avoid nuclear Armageddon or go all out to support one faction to eventually create a united world against the aliens. At the end there could be three different outcome. 1. You help the capitalist side win and collapse the Warsaw Pact 2. You help the communist win and establish a world government 3. You prolong the Cold War further into space
  15. Maybe the beacon allows for the aliens to deny air strikes of their terror sites and shoot down aircrafts that go through the area meaning you can't just ignore these beacons. While on the battlefield it give them the ability to use air strikes and support power on your soldiers like dropping reapers in the midst of your formation, shooting lasers that strike your soldiers if they're not under cover,... On the mission side, I feel there are still a lot of improvements to be made even with the normal missions like you said. Especially I feel that the alien base assault missions can feel a little lacking compare to even the original x-com where the bases are multi-leveled with your soldiers have to fight from the ground level to the core. This not only can be implemented in the new game but expanded with multiple type of bases like floating sea bases, bases that are built in caverns like the illustrations or bases with huge surface defenses that needs to be shot down before landing.