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  1. I think ont of the most annoying things is that the image is soo large aswell, could it not just be a small bar with writing or something?
  2. I was about to respond to an alien attack, and tought that i should look if my soldiers are taken out of the group (Dont want to enter combat with too few soliders!). I guess they were injured before, but i didnt do much other than that. (they were all assigned to a new role i had made some time earlier tough, all were "medic", and thats why all of them turned into MARS i guess. Btw, can we get more icons/symbols for custom roles pls?
  3. So the aliens wants better cover in think? btw. how do you even kills those droids? auto_groundcombat_turn_5_start-121.json
  4. So this just suddenly fixed itself after i went out of the menu and alt+tabbed to post this, atleast i have the picture to prove it
  5. Soo this is a strange one. Just fast loaded my save, and was about to respond to a alien attack, when suddenly 4 of my soldiers were turned into MARS haha! I added the save i loaded from (i think) And a save that i saved after i saw this (mars_bug) user_raid-5.json user_mars_bug-6.json user_raid-5.json
  6. So the doors stays open on the aliens ship if you open it up on your turn, and closes on the enemies turn. But if the aliens open the door, its closes on their turn. Should it not then close at the end of my turn, as it does for me? Feels a little unfair, and un-intuitive that the doors don't follow the same rule for me (the player) and the enemy (aliens). In the old x-coms for example, doors closes at the end of your turn, both for you and for the AI. I can see that this can be abused by the players if the AI dont know how to handle that situation. But at the moment it feels a little cheap when you are breaching the enemies ship. This is just a minor thing of course, but thought it warranted a comment.
  7. Edited it with a save file
  8. My soldiers can see thru the containers, or atleast see the enemies and get vision on places they should not.I have a unit bellow that maybe sees them, but i should still not have a view from whats behind that red container. The unit selected even has a red hit symbol on them, no chance to hit tough... I added a save file, thats from a few turn later. For some reason when i tried to load this file, every truck was on fire aswell auto_groundcombat_turn_15_start-79.json
  9. Siniestro

    UI/UX discussion

    I get what you are saying, but some times its hard to read the terrain and see what gives full cover, and what gives half cover. Some rocks, bushes and other objects looks like it might be the one or the other. And since the game already knows whats what, i dont see the harm of letting in-experienced players get that information without to much of a hassle. I do get what you are saying tough, since this game counts every object betwen you and your enemy, unlike the newer X-com games. But i think it gives more than it takes away.
  10. Siniestro


    Oh great! i have not come as far to unlock Jetpack, that seems fun! I have tried the MARS, and its really good. But it does not have as much personallity as the soldiers do. So i dont find it as interesting to play with.
  11. Siniestro


    Are there any plans to add more gadgets? In this case i am reffering to Medkit as a gadget, since it can heal and is not used to deal damage. Some ideas "stolen" from other x-com like games: Deployable shield to give half cover Grapling hook to get to higher terrain easily Range finder to give higher hit chance against targeted enemy Deployable turret that only has reaction fire And i guess there are allot of other fun things one could add to enhance the experience, and make the playstyle more creative with destruction etc. I dont think anything should be too sci-fi and keep with the 70-80s feel of the game. I dont really know if X1 had allot to choose from, that could be re-added. Thoughts?
  12. Siniestro

    UI/UX discussion

    Its small, but a quality of life thing that i have gotten used to from mods from xenonauts 1, and the new xcom games, is that i can see if a object gives full cover or half cover when selecting or hovering a tile. Not every object in the game looks like full cover, but still is, and the opposite.
  13. I re-installed the game, and no longer have the issue. I have had the game installed from the first release version, so perhaps that had something to do with it...
  14. Siniestro

    Hidden movement overlay

    Thats good to hear! Thanks for the replies!
  15. Trying my first game at the new version, but at my first crash mission , when the enemies last alien (i think) has it turn, my game crashes. I have some units at overwatch, but nothing special. I tried to reload the save, but the same problem occurs. Just end the turn and when the 3rd or 4th alien has its turn, the game crashes I found some other files that matches the date and time, maybe they are of some help? auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-3.json content_manager.state output.log