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  1. IDK, breaking walls with a vehicle gives interesting opportunities and they are also the superior scout unit. The weaponry also differs form soldiers and they have no permadeath. That's just what I think. Also I don't see what other interesting stuff you can do with vehicles.
  2. geno

    Xenonauts-2 February Update

    The "stance" and new free fire mode seem a clever change, hope it fixes most of the problems newcomers have and it feels better to play. I think this kind of subtle enhancements are more important for the open beta than just more content.
  3. Honestly I'd rather have the OpenXcom solution, where the route line tells you at what point you can still fire. I'm not sure if the PP solution can work here giving the nature of the game and how all the actions take different amounts of time units, from throwing grenades to different fire modes, plus crouching or inventory managment. I know PP kinda does this but I'm not totally sold into this system. Not sure if you can do it in the demo, but you can configure the camera rotation. I'm using the free camera mode.
  4. geno

    Xenonauts-2 UI/UX Feedback Thread

    I remember having this issue too at the beggining. Eventually I get used to it, but I guess it can led to confussion, maybe the organization of soldier info isn't the best. It's right click. I think the reserved time units needs more work. Fire modes need a hotkey, reserved TU should be displayed on the avatar at the top of the screen too, some key that can bypass the reserved TU and force your unit to perform actions that consume them. I think that's all Check the settings, you can configure it.
  5. geno

    Xenonauts-2 UI/UX Feedback Thread

    Actually that's already implemented, click on "skyhawk" to do it. Maybe it isn't very noticeable but it's here.
  6. geno

    Xenonauts-2 UI/UX Feedback Thread

    Check this video It's a bit painful to see but it's interesting since he's a new player and I specially noticed something at the beggining: He didn't realize how to shoot an alien on the above height. I think that's not his fault, even when I never had a problem with this. Maybe the camera should raise a floor when the pointer is over the alien so he could aim properly? Probably there's a lot of solutions for this problem and I swear the aliens on an above floor didn't show if you don't raise the camera but maybe I'm remembering it wrong. He eventually figured out how to do it properly, btw.
  7. There are still white barrels in the game (but they have a danage texture if something hit them). Also when I reload the game the flares turn into pink squares (I had this problem before but now I discovered that if you throw another flare they are pink squares too) The skyhawk grid isn't aligned properly, it changed since the last version
  8. geno

    Xenonauts-2 January 2021 Update

    Not related to the thread, but there is or it's planned to add a key shortcut to force an unit with reserved TU to go to a new place even if it consumes the reserved TU? Something like Mouse 1+shift or something.
  9. I didn't want to make a new thread, but I still have that issue where soldiers turns to the pointer when I select a fire mode. I also noticed that the crouch icon is missing, it's a white square when your soldier is crouching. I think I said this before, but missed shots with a grenade launcher don't always impact on the map. On a side note the load times aren't as long as in the last builds, thanks for that.
  10. geno

    Research Queue

    Having a bunch of projects is how it worked in the first game and I assumed this was provisional until they switch to the X1 system. Did the team state what they want to do? Edit: I think you need a different solution for the new researchs messages, since they pop-up when you return to geoscape even if you are already manufacturing the new items.
  11. I've noticed some new problems with this version -When I right click over a fire mode my soldier rotates like if I ordered him to turn to that direction -At night missions, my soldiers distance of view is ridiculous low. Some users have mentioned it, but I had situtation were a soldier could only reveal one tile ahead when he's going throw unexplored areas. -Apparently you can throw flares to the other point of the map if nothing blocks its trajectory (happened at jungle biome, I didn't test it on other maps). It's not just the distance, you can have always a 100% chance if nothing is blocking you -I reloaded a game and the flares are now a pink square. -When the pointer is on an unexplored area, it shows the defense levels of the terrain and they make too a ghosting effect.
  12. Early access is planned for late February but I think it'll be delayed.
  13. Are you building a medic room? Maybe you have the same problem than this user
  14. geno

    Xenonauts 2: Base Mechanics

    Yes, we had that in the beta.
  15. That's a lot of stuff for 3 weeks of work IMO. Happy Christmas to the team!