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  1. Jiro opened the door near him and now it won't stop opening and closing. Also I marked some graphical glitches (see pic). One more thing, I don't know how the fire started in the room inside the building, Jiro just crossed the building but there wasn't any fight here and it wasn't like that when he entered the building. quick-2.json output.log
  2. It's just the third mission, when I finish my turn and alien move, some units move but then the game stops working. It's not a CTD and the music is still playing but you can't do nothing. auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-21.json
  3. I think this pic is self explanatory. Buck can see the alien even when it's inside of a building. Uploaded a save file. Just noticed that if I load the game again he can't see it but somehow I know the alien is here despite noone can see it. quick-1.json
  4. This problem is still present in v15.1, are you aware of it?
  5. Uploaded (v15). Notice how the corpses doesn't appear until Zhad look to the North. auto_groundcombat_turn_4_start-7.json
  6. Something like that happened to me too right now. I still have the save file, in case you want it.
  7. I've noticed that you added a free camera mode, which is cool. And the new sound effects and transitions in the Geoscape, is a nice touch (I always like the little details). And like some others users said, the load times are annoying and I have the game installed in a SSD. I also saw these buttons at the bottom (manage soldiers/recruit soldiers) But it seems they do nothing. Are they supposed to become functional at some point of the campaign? Do the squares to the left of the names have a purpose? On a side note, I'd like to ask when we'll have rebindable keys. I'd like to see a todo list with these generic things and other stuff ( I've asked on the discord for some thing like that or a trello site to check development and future updates/features)
  8. Remember to upload a save file.
  9. For me it's just a convenience. Free camera rotation is one of the most popular mods in XCOM 2 so I guess it's not only me. It may not have a great impact in gameplay but when it's not available I wish I could put the camera exactly where I can't. Sometimes it helps to read the scene. Sorry to hear the graphical issues, I really appreciate the aesthetics you achieved with the fixed camera (I noticed how it changed from the open demo) I'd rather have the isometric view than the angled one from the demo. I get what you say and of course these are the priorities, but at some point they'll have to manage these issues despite how minor these could be. Anyway, reading the devblogs it seems things are going well and with a reasonable rythm.
  10. geno

    How many bases can be built?

    Talking about multiple bases, what are your objectives for that feature in terms of gameplay? Besides what we're used to (radar coverage, air domination, an extra layer of difficulty with micromanagnent...)
  11. I have the same problem when I change it to 30° too. Reinstalling and deleting the conf files doesn't fix it.
  12. geno

    UI/UX discussion

    I noticed that you can't sue arrows to navigate between soldiers in te equip soldiers tab like you could do in the first game (it would be nice if we could use w/a aswell). In the equip soldier tab, when you are checking weapons info in the pop-up window, could we also see the equipped weapon info? Or some way to compare both weapons? Group saves by campaing would and delete multiple saves at once would be nice.
  13. geno

    UI/UX discussion

    That could be useful (I'm already using the change role option in the soldier menu). I guess you can try it at some itineration and see how players react to it. Something like this Honestly all these things looked better in my head.
  14. geno

    UI/UX discussion

    I'm counting the dropship tab too, I usually make changes before a mission. I'd like to equip soldiers when I'm at the dropship. I noticed an improvment at the Soldier tab and I find myself spending more time here since you can manage most of the basic stuff and is way easier and faster to check soldiers here than in the equip tab, I'm happy with how it works right now. I also think that making two columns for soldier stats or using different colors in the equip tab should make it more readable. But his is just how I feel about it, other players should have a better vision about this and you need to contrast our opinions.
  15. For me the UI is a crucial part of the game, specially in games like this. I don't want to give ideas but I'd like to see other people aproximations to a problem, I made this thread to talk about problems with the current UI design, how to improve it or what you want to change. These are ny whises so far: Merge as many interfaces as you can. To manage soldiers you are switching between 3 tabs and I think it's better to have as many options as possible available at a glance. Soldier UI at ground combat is not as intuitive as it should. My problem with this one is how it's not clear what weapon is selected. Maybe you can put the selected weapon at the top and the other behind it but with this system you lost the convenience of having all the fire modes displayed? I also would like the pathline to wotk like it does in OpenXCom. It would be great if it displayed at what point you can still make the different shoot modes, in the current itineration it only works if you have the overwatch mode activated Make the UI thematically coherent with the game art/theme. Some trend I really dislike in modern games is how the interface is becoming more phone-like. There's probably more things I'm forgetting but these are my main concerns.