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  1. I got the same bug in 18.1 - all my combat armor disappeared. It has smth to do with switching loadouts and assigning soldiers to dropship\reserve
  2. Rusknight

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    I just remember that in earlier versions I could mount laser and gaus canons at my fighters
  3. Rusknight

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    Btw is it a bug or what? I researched laser, gaus and plasma\fusion weapon in v15.3 but the only possible weapon upgrade for figters is still acselerated canon and allenium rockets- no laser or gaus or plasma
  4. No save needed Just start new game and build one more standard radar and you will see that it gives no boost to your tracking distance It was the same in v15/1/2 but nobody reported it and I was too lazy to report it either thinking that such an obvious bug will be noticed and fixed anyway
  5. Rusknight

    [v15.3 General] Radar array doesnt work

    Then it shouldnt be possible to build more than one standard radar at the base
  6. I already have a full time job in gamedev I am paid for So I play xeno like other games in my free time just for fun I dont even pretend to be a tester here though I reported some bugs before
  7. I didnt say one tester can find everything in one day but most critical and obvious bugs of v15 like twice money deduction for buildings or AI refusing to move in battle - it can be found in first 30 min of testing indeed. I am game developer myself for more than 15 years already and for me its weird to release any public builds (even beta) without internal testing for the reasons mentioned above. But sure its your business and you can do it the way you want - I just expressed my opinion here and wont argue on it anymore.
  8. You wrote a lot but there is no answer to my simple question: whats the problem to spend a single day of testing by a single tester internally to release a more solid build not to make everybody test the same content with hotfixes again again? I can speak for myself: I simply skiped v15 and v15.1 cause I knew they will be very buggy and I dont want to lose my time by starting playing and then geting new hotfix in a couple of days and starting playing again. So I waited for v15.2 and now I think I should wait for v15.3 maybe for my playtrough. I think many potential testers are frustrated with all these hotfixes too so devs simply get less testers and less feedback as a result.
  9. I know its a beta test but still what is the point in releasing public versions without any internal testing? Most bugs of v15 could be found by a single tester in a single day of testing at your side and you could release a much more solid build for public testing then. But you release an untested version and a bunch of hotfixes then making players test the same content again and again what is borring so less players will want to test it and you get less feedback.
  10. In my case in v15.2 mars simply became invisible As for the pink soldier (mars) I remember I saw this bug in v12 or so - its not new
  11. Did you mean v15.2 which is not released yet or are you planing to have two more hotfixes for v15: 15.2 and 15.3?
  12. Yep I have ssd but get the same with you long loading problems in v15 which I didnt see before
  13. Well in v12 or so in the second month I had a battle where 10 adrons attacked my dropship at once (it was a balancing bug obviously) I had to change my squad composition to 10x lmg guys to win that battle I doubt final game will be that tough and except this case my squad composition worked really well for me
  14. my team setup that I dont change as it works fine for me till the end game: 1x mars with rockets as recon and artillery 1x shield guy with pistol and stun weapon 2x lmg guys 2x snipers 2x infantry
  15. LMG are very strong at close range (run directly to the enemy to hit it with all 5 shots) and still somewhat usefull at midle range where shotgun doesnt work at all
  16. I am not a coder but I think to avoid it you should have something like a timer for AI: 30 sec gone after AI turn start - end AI turn doesnt matter what it was doing.
  17. Its an old bug which happens in every version I think (I personally reported it from v12 or so). Loading an earlier save with random seed usually helps in this case.
  18. Well, it looked natural that a big mechanical creature did a big boom being destroyed. I can imagine it had some reactor on board. It wont look that cool with a small drone. Besides if it has less hp it can become to easy to abuse those explosions against aliens
  19. Mixing the game and reality this way - something is really wrong with you. Actually I keep my squad members and civilians alive but I like challenge and dangerous enemies
  20. Rusknight

    [V13.0] Aeriel Terror site

    Nope. I meant you should not build comand centers far from your base cause you have to defend them now: "Aerial Terror Missions: the basic form of the "aerial terror site" mission is in place now. The aliens will periodically attack your Geoscape command centers, forcing you to defend them if they are not to be permanently destroyed - but in these missions you'll have a squadron of friendly AI interceptors (their level affected by proliferation) backing you up. Again this mission hasn't properly been balanced so it may be way too easy or way too hard right now, but the important thing right now is that it's there and working. For the next update I might make this mission more organic, too - i.e. maybe normal ground attack UFOs will have a detection radius and will move to attack any command centers that they encounter, which I think would be a powerful disincentive to expand beyond the area you can protect with your aircraft."
  21. Rusknight

    [V13.0] Aeriel Terror site

    The crash is a bug 6 hours - is a design I guess. You shouldnt set uplinks far from your base or you will fail to defend them
  22. Balance - Androns no longer explode on death´╗┐. Why? It was so cool and fun feature! If they come close its a death for you so shoot at them with all guns you have but if you manage to shoot them down while they are inside ufo surounded by other aliens they become a death to all these aliens. I had so many fun situations with their explosions!
  23. Mars turns into a human model after some upgrade (ceramite probably). auto_groundcombat_turn_1_start-489.zip