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  1. in this mission, there's bales of straw inside ufo user_beta_15_4_bale_of_straw_inside_ufo-2.json
  2. squeezechart

    [15.2 Geoscape] soldier layout lost

    I don't have a save of the last turn.. sorry for that
  3. My soldiers lost all of their weapons - I guess this happened after finishing base defense mission earlier in that game (which did not bring up info on what happened to recovered ufo parts etc). All weapons that were produced in that game are gone. user_beta_15_2_base_defense_mission-9.json user_soldier_weapons_lost-10.json output.log output.log_1.3037577f696d607723f59f27b384519e content_manager.state output.log_2.2d58e9c9a2ca340487ff764db7223e1a recording_9.rec resolve_layers.log output.log_3.c211c2d3dcffe127795be0463c8ce853
  4. This is my first base defense mission and despite noticing that most of the facilities of my base look like store room (which might be because the other rooms are not designed at this stage) my soldiers can walk through closed doors. user_beta_15_2_base_defense_mission-9.json recording_9.rec resolve_layers.log content_manager.state output.log output.log_1.ca32aa2ac977159ab3303bbb38edc84e
  5. if you've got many projects in the engineering, there's no scrollbar and scrolling is not possible user_engineering_screen_scroll-8.json
  6. There are some weird text strings in the info box at the bottom of the geoscape screen user_weird_time_unit_numbers-5.json
  7. I had equipped the MARS with heavy steel plating and then the alloy plating was finished in the workshop. Shortly after this ground combat was available showing the MARS as a pink soldier auto_groundcombat_turn_1_start-78.json
  8. squeezechart

    [v15.1 Geoscape] aircraft doesn't fly towards UFO

    in case the first save doesn't help - here's another one: user_aircraft_doesnt_fly2-6.json
  9. output.log output.log_1.0923da648eed104caf685aff71d3d555 content_manager.state resolve_layers.log user_weird_time_unit_numbers-5.json
  10. sometimes my aircraft doesn't fly towards UFO user_aircraft_doesnt_fly_towards_ufo-3.json output.log output.log_1.1efe89362e4b1d342a2f0c397b94f1b5
  11. Earlier in that game, the warden armour could not be equipped so I played until the guardian battle armour was ready. But after having built one of those, I see that this armour could not be equipped as well. user_beta_15_1_guardian_battle_armour-1.json
  12. the base defense mission does not start after equipping soldiers - crash to desktop instead content_manager.state output.log recording_1.rec resolve_layers.log recording_10.rec output.log_1.a98869610bfbd31e76a9270d0fe656d3 auto_strategy_before_intercept-60.json
  13. finishing turn in this savegame makes the 'hidden movement' loop forever auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-148.json recording_8.rec resolve_layers.log content_manager.state output.log output.log_1.950a0a2690fce764bbae170720a58a53 recording_7.rec
  14. An item that was shot and destroyed leaves pink area in my ground combat. user_blown_item_leaves_pink_area-1.json auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-25.json recording_5.rec output.log_1.3e9cadd9fb1290d0eb68102c49d5c5cf resolve_layers.log content_manager.state
  15. I have the same problem. Savegame and logs are attached. output.log auto_strategy_after_intercept-55.json