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  1. I could take 10 soldiers to crash site but arriving there showed up the old helicopter that has room for 8 soldiers only, so the 2 last soldiers are locked in that helicopter. After having entered ground level of UFO, the game showed me that there were 4 turns left until mission complete, but after 4 turns the mission wasn't complete - I had to go to level 1 of the UFO and kill the 3 remaining aliens there. user-27.json
  2. I have downloaded v6 via Xsolla/Goldenhawk launcher and the download finished without errors, but the game exits after starting a new campaign. Lattest NVIDIA drivers are installed; a few days ago Windows performed update to Build 1903. other games and apps that use GPU still work. output.log
  3. In the mission next to the alive sebillian there's a sebillian standing with spread arms beta_5_1_mission_05_raid_standing_ghost_sebillian.json
  4. I've got a wounded soldier in the helicopter that is bleeding, but the blood is not on the ground of the helicopter but the ground below helicopter. beta_5_1_mission_05_raid_soldier_bleeds_through_helicopter.json
  5. After cleaning up the map and the base floor of the UFO I got the message that the area is claimed by Xenonauts and there are 4 rounds left for victory, but there are still alive aliens in the upper level of the UFO. Is that intentional? Also, dead aliens are standing and crouching/kneeling soldiers are also standing when loading a saved game beta_5_mission_18_downed_area_claimed_but_still_alive_aliens_in.json
  6. I was trying to start next ground combat mission of downed UFO with the soldiers and equipment as stored in this savegame, but loading this ground mission does not go beyond 99%. beta 5 mission 17 downed ground combat does not load.json
  7. In this ground combat, there is a civilian walking through the railcar. Proceeding this mission there are also psyons walking through the railcars. beta_5_mission_14_downed_civilian_walks_through_railcar.json beta_5_mission_14_downed_alien_walking_through_railcar.json
  8. squeezechart

    Androids, Mechs and cybernetic implants

    yeah, I would also suggest using them for scouting/recon and for specific fights - e.g. they could be used to stun an enemy and you don't want to sacrifice a soldier.
  9. squeezechart

    Androids, Mechs and cybernetic implants

    that's a good point, thanks. But you would also vote for androids and drones?
  10. From my point of view, the really unique mysterious missions of Terror from the deep were those underwater missions. I quess many players across the world were fascinated by them - mainly because the underwater world of earth isn't fully discovered yet and there are many strange creatures living down there. Also there are artifacts of ancient cities, ship wreackages of the dark ages and maybe entries of secret alien bases. Underwater missions would also allow to introduce new aliens and could enable players to lift and recover ufo wreckages at a certain game progress that were previously unreachable. None of the XCOM successors so far allowed underwater missions to this would make Xenonauts much more unique. What do you think?
  11. I've been playing a lot of XCOM like games (and I read a lot about Xenonauts 1.x) in the past since I had those countless thrilling nights of UFO Defense and Terror from the deep back in the 90s. Aside from hundreds of missions with scary Snakemen and the dark and spooky underwater sets with Triscens, Lobster Men and Tentaculats, one thing fascinated me more than anything in XCOM successors: The integration of cybernetics implants, mechs and android units (such as Firaxis Spark's). Do you also plan to add such tech apart from the planned MARS weapon platform? Cybernetic implants could fit perfectly to locational injuries, android units could be a bullet and heat resistent alternative to human soldiers and they should occupy less space than vehicles. They can wear special weapons that human soldiers cannot carry, they can be used to hack enemy units, they can be hacked, they can walk longer (TU), jump higher etc. As a special gadget I would also suggest a support drone for soldiers that can be brought to battlefield in the backpacks.
  12. I just finished the research of Ceramite and it seems the text is identical to research text of Alenium.
  13. I still have space in my barracks but I cannot hire new soldiers. Could it be the dead soldiers that still occupy space? beta 4 2 barracks seem to be full.json
  14. The game crashes to desktop after first turn without showing red numbers/text. This also happens without stun rods equipped. It is the 6th ground combat (4 ufo crash sites, 2 alien raids) Other observations: * when saving games, Xenonauts-2 does not support characters other than letters or numbers * the game starts with small storage, but right before I saved the game for this report, the storage capacity used was about 700/411 but there was no notification that the storage is full * my soldiers wear combat armour / composit armour which is shown in armory, but not in mission planning / launch mission screen * it doesn't seem possible to launch interceptors of more than one base for a single target * when wreckage mission is complete, recovered items / reward is not shown - please see image below * suggestion: if the text in bitmaps like 'hidden movement' is hardcoded, it might make later translations difficult (you have to make one bitmap for each language) * suggestion: when switching Xenonauts-2 to background (because I want to open eMail app), the game still uses full CPU and CPU - is that intentional? This time I did not change soldier stats - using the soldier training in the baracks after having built the training center is much more fun. output.log beta 4 2 mission 06 start.json
  15. ah, I see.. I edited the soldier.json to get better soldier stats so that's not your fault. Actually, this was the first UFO mission. I managed to play two alien raid missions before without a problem..