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  1. ... I will be happy to see even the minimal implementation: current "Ctrl-Shift" feature displays not just accuracy from chosen position, but also the number of possible shots of the chosen type plus the number of "excessive" TUs (left after you make those shots)!
  2. Hi Jocko! I second your wishes about the "hidden movement" screen, there should be at least an option to turn it off. Regarding the TU reserve feature, I wonder what do you think about this:
  3. Hi everyone, I've tried the demo once and my first impression is I love it a lot! I see so much effort put into every piece of it, I really wish this game a success! Right now I have just one concern, it's about the TU reserve feature. I've already made a post about it a few years ago at the X1 forum, to put it short: I really doubt current system is useable b/c of two flaws: 1) you can't rely on it b/c sometimes you will be short by 1-2 TUs spent on turning after/during the movement 2) how can you reserve TUs for two shots? I don't see any ways... My best suggestion is to change the approach: e.g. pressing Shift (or maybe a small switch on the screen) puts markers onto the move path showing how many shots of the active type can be done, plus the number of APs left:
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    Xenonauts-2 February 2018 Update!

    @Charon Ok, maybe I'll give it a try))
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    Xenonauts-2 February 2018 Update!

    I don't know, I haven't tried the X-Division, it was too incomplete when I was playing the X1
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    Xenonauts-2 February 2018 Update!

    Hi, I'm going to try it out soon, but I already have one big thing on my mind that I dream to be addressed in the X2. It always sickened me both XCOM and X1 made it easy for a player to achieve total supremacy over invaders. If you play properly, the second part of the game is under your full control. Like drinking a cup of coffee you intercept all the incoming ufos and pick just the sweetest GC sites. That basically means the game loses a huge part and degrades to a simple set of routine actions while you anticipate a final battle. My vision is the setting has to be the opposite. There should be a feeling that resistance is hopeless in the long run, the situation is clearly getting worse while the clock is ticking, and there is just a tiny hope you have enough time to make a death strike into aliens' weak spot. For example, at least it has to be impossible to intercept the majority of big UFOs in the lategame. I've tried to implement something similar in my X1 mod (called "Out of the Sun"), of course I had limited options so the result was noticeable but far from the best.
  7. Well maybe I'll do what you suggest, once I'm in a mood to remember what and where to adjust)) After all, not a lot of people are still playing the modded game so it's not a big deal... I think it was like no more than 200 of downloads in total. Regarding the further Xenonauts modding, sorry I don't see myself into this anymore, just don't have enough time and interest in it.
  8. Now the changes for OOS part itself, sorry it will be messy: === change log v1.13 + rearmBeforeRefuel = false (the default was changed by last XCE) + radars can be upgraded only once + vehicle weapons fix + kneel 3>6 AP + hunter and missiles research time reduced *? "sulfur" depends on heavy vortex projector(Researches.AlienCombatPlasma) instead of Gargol *? removed some depends on single items like deltacorpse (eg shthunder) * Researches.AdvancedMG * Researches.AdvancedSH * Researches.AdvancedSniperLaser === overall adjustments across the mod 1. planes/weapons balance: + more alloys to manufacture + longer planes manufacture + planes cost up (apollo 70k, condor 100k, su 125k, foxtrot 125k, saracen 125k, marauder 225k, corsair 150k); planes sell price 75% + refuel is very fast (1h), rearming is slow (atm 5h per 3w). Easier patrol/scout, but intercept-land-intercept is harder + airCombatFuelBurnRate 100>75 + dropships less fuel: chinook 48k>30k, shrike 48k>35k, valk 48k>40k + shrike: radar 100>150, valkyrie: radar 100>200 + condor radar range 100>200, su 100>250, mig31 200>300, sar 200>250, cors 200>250 + saracen: mauser>mars + corsair: autocannon>gzs_mars, acceleration 600>750, turnRate 120>130, rotationAcc 40>60 + cheb: mars>autocannon, more missiles, longer range smarter but weaker, guaranteed hit + some rockets/guns damage overhauled + +5 to all cannons firing arcs + Astra2: req AleniumExplosives instead of Shrike + Marauder: +1000 range + Foxtrot: just 1 Astra missile, +500 range + Fury: price 250k, damage 10k>20k, speed 5500>4500 + research also depends on marauder + only Fury can down a Bship in a single fight; but Bship is destroyed, so does not help Praetor catching; mainly to reduce BR/GA funding damage; + should be a non-spammable (price+sing.core caps to mostly 1 fury)! If capped by the too high price then it can become meaningless spending a ton of money to prevent lesser funding damage... + marked Bship singularity core as a power core to be destroyed upon ufo crash + torpedo is much more expensive: 50k; carrier take down gives 10k, and 25k profit for Bship + increased bomber/scruiser speed (as kabill), turn rate + decresed turn rates for hfighter/interceptor + landable ufos roughly doubled health + scout: basic 2xCondors just enough to kill ?* no single plane can kill a bomber w/o a plasma + bomber can be downed by laser+alenium condor+fox/cheb; 2xcondors cannot * corsair w plasma kills HFighter in 2 shots * scruiser killed by almost any 3 planes with laser+plasma; or 2xFoxtrots ?* marauder + 2x any kills a cruiser ?* fusion marauder + 2xFox kills carrier + 3x fox cant kill carrier + Bship can be downed only by two waves 2. decrease profit from crashsite GC + alien weapon cost down 10x. Alien plasma cell cost minimum. Seriously cuts profit from small ufos. Bigger profit should go from ufo parts rather than weapons. + ufo components cheaper + no datacore in shot down ufo + made HBP power cores explode on crash; same with engines + no crashsite GC bonus + reduced alenium/alloys from lategame ufos + alenium cost 7k>1k, alloys 3500>250 3. waves + parabolic power set to 1.0 - linear waves quantity growth (should not be a ton of GC early on) + 11 days between waves + alienWavePeriodVariation: 0.25 + more ufos (min 3>4, max 7>16), +1 per month, highbandticker 700>1200 + human bases do not affect ufo numbers + alien base results in +4 max ufos in a wave 4. linear shoot down bonus growth, moderate + relations bonus for shooting fighter and/or bomber ufos; + lower airstrike bonus: just under average crashed GC profit 5. reduce cost for crews + soldiers (2.5k) + chinook 25k, shrike 40k, valkyrie 80k? + 0.001 xfer cost modifier + adjust prices/prodtime for early-mid equip + fast weapons production - price is the main bottleneck + revise alenium/alloys prereq for weapons: the idea is you "prepay" the ammo; weapons almost no alloys just alenium + 50% sell mods for items + armor price linear growth; jackal/impjackal req alloys; other armors req altered + anti-matter: separate research, prereq bomber DC, should be available short after lasers * sulfur: 204>45 days, depends on heavy vortex projector(Researches.AlienCombatPlasma) instead of Gargol ? or vortextech req Researches.AlienCombatPlasma and just allows sulfur manufacture? + rage (wrong image text) 204>100 days & turned off, warhawk2 turned off, pkeeper turned off, vortex turned off + revised laser req: AlienPlasmaTech (pistol, rifle, alloys) + Sucubus + delayed combat plasma weapons research: adv.lasers + Plasma expl + lower alien plasmas (AssaultPlasma+HeavyPlasmaRifle+SniperPlasma) * MAG: need research no earlier than Feb * req adv.plasmas + heavy alienplasmas (battlerifle+AlienPlasmaCannon+CombatPlasma(heavy vortex)) + fusionExpl * AV.Magstorm: req Bship DC, replaces only Gaius + exchanged time MAG<>advMAG + only MAGstorm and precision available + moved GC magstorm to basic MAGs - xenopedia + weight 8>12 + increased range (32 prec, 25 storm) 5a. revisit buildings costs + store cheaper, 5>2 days + less costly hospital + radar 150k, but tracking range 1.5>1.15 + quantum 200k>75k, maint. 50k>25k ?* base defences: acc 100%, progressive and costly build/maintenance (higher than xeno crew); damage is enough to 2-hit-kill "current" attacking ufo; 2x faster build ?v* garage cheaper, faster build? *? arm.assault changed veh/guns manprice and upkeep; 6. more manageable strike teams + removed start-team bonus + better rookies + reflections/bravery do not grow + health growth 5>2, globalMaxProgress 150>110 + APs: globalMaxProgress 120->99, pointsToProgress 250>1, maxPointsInSingleBattle 500->2 + strength grows slow (6/1) but regardless of being encumbered + strength impact increased 0.3>0.33 (adds roughly 3 kilo max) + soldierRanks levels reduced accordingly + revised armor weights and boosts + weapon.machinegun: recoil 60>82, weapon.HMGKorhang: recoil 65>84, weapon.scatterlaser: recoil 55>0, weapon.plasmacaster: recoil 65>86, weapon.MAGSTORM: recoil 70>100 + more dropship space to fit vehicles + two more person slots + valk: extra vehicle 7. funding and reputation damages + higher event freq but less rep damage - easier to track and chase ufos out of radar range + bigger rep damage from later missions - bombing runs + continent mod now 1.0, was non-transparent and pointless + funding capped at 3x to make lategame tough 8. terror AM less time, correlates to chinook range? 6h-12h atm + big ships appear earlier compared to other missions to make it almost impossible to shoot down + lesser rep dmg (so losing is "acceptable", -75k atm and -75k for aerial terror) + bigger relation bonus for saving citizens in GC (atm 5k per person) + terrorMissionDelay 3>0, mult per wave is allowed 9. AM chances normalized + ticker affected only by scout missions (~24h AM time => ~7ticks=2d), supply (3d) and a built base (~5d/month, ~2d till detection) + a bit more ufo landings for research AM (25>30%) + reduced minlandtime - harder to catch, more strike teams needed (landing time does not included in mission time - prob bad) + bombingRun (bomber & s.cruiser, lategame battleships) + air super - earlier interceptors, no bombers/s.cruisers + removed a cap from constr AM in gameconfig, but still once per wave + adjust escorts + weaker escort for GA + tougher escort for terror/constr/BA + GrAtt=BR, Scout: halfcrew non-combatants, mostly defend ufo, others grow strength; + terror en-route houses a few extra noncombatants inside the ufo + added 4 defensive noncombatants to other AM of carrier/Bship (3 for androns) + Bships mostly in non-landing AM, with 50% praetors onboard (scout-AM to speed up UFO numbers, late GA and BombingRuns to harm funding) * 100% praetors at supply Bship * no praetors at bases * Research ajustments * Researches.DirectionalThrusterArray: 170>75 * Researches.ShrikeDropship: 213>125 + faster mainline research + Researches.AlienInterrogation: 44>10 + Researches.AlienBiology: 53>20 + Researches.StunWeapons: 127>60 + Researches.AlienOfficerInterrogation: 177>30 + Researches.AlienLeaderInterrogation: 266>90 + delay Researches.BaseUpgrade: research time 159>300, requires: Researches.AlienBaseFacilities(AND)Researches.AlienElectronics(AND)Researches.AdvancedLasers + Researches.FusionExplosives: 306>450, added req carrier or battleship disassemble research (to usually delay cruiser outmatch till Feb) * Researches.WraithVivisection: 213>95 * Researches.Predator: 444>300 + Blank screens: AleniumExplosives, ?- APhazer just no entry * Researches.AdvancedMG changed * Researches.AdvancedSH changed * Researches.AdvancedSniperLaser changed * electroshock_gren: research 213>48; auto-replace flashbangs * difficulty configuration * easy: slower ticker, slightly decreased UFO health for easy autoresolve, lesser fundingDamageModifier (50%), GC bonuses, plane speed/range 1.2 * normal: normal fundingDamageModifier (100%), slight GC bonus * veteran: higher fundingDamageModifier (125%),slight GC penalty * top: higher fundingDamageModifier (150%), bigger GC penalties, ticker +10%
  9. Ugh, sad I've already forgotten a good part of the reasoning why I did something this exact way)) Regarding power cores, the mod not only makes it hard to shoot the UFOs, but not profitable. Catch them landed on the ground (there should be plenty of opportunities), or get the scarce crash remnants. I haven't experienced problems with finishing the game. I've clarified the soldier stats approach in the previous post. I can admit it's all debatable, but my version is certainly playable. Just you can't take any rookie and pump him into a superman after 15-20 missions. Pick up already strong guys to use heavy weapons, take only necessary equipment, lategame combat suits also help...
  10. Hi! Can't say anything about the "Angel Fall", never heard of it. But I don't have much time for game-related activities anyway, so it's unlikely I'll be of any help... AFAIR regarding soldier stats, overall they grow slower than vanilla/XNT and some won't grow at all. Higher starting values compensate this. The list of changes is below. It's kinda concise b/c I've made it for my own use. Numbers like "3>0" mean the old value was 3 and the new one is 0. 1. Smoke mod + FlammableTilesSmoke: separate animation, fixed Napalm grenade quickthrow image + SmokeGrenadeGas: damage 3>0, stunDamage 8>5, dissipationChance 75>50, accuracyReduction 12>20, "lighter" smoke texture + ToxinGas (omega reaper): blockLOS 1>0, dissipates over time + no stun damage from smoke tiles w/o normal damage, except for purplesmoke and greysmoke + minor adjustments to other values 2. Morale mod (inspired by Kabill's mod, taken images from there) + config.xml: PsionicBerserking 30>5 + moraleconfig.xml: everyMoralePointBelow: 43->20 percentPoints: 1.5->5 panic: 40->50, stabilisation: 30->8 flee: 40->25, stabilisation: 30->10 berserk: 20->25, stabilisation: 30->12 PerTurnRegeneration: 8->5 Alien killed for team/self: 5->2/10>2 Alien Vehicle killed for team/self: 5>1/20->1 VehicleLoss 15>10 penalty for xenonaut deaths altered no penalty for aliens killing a civ leader buffs reduced a bit, removed rookie penalty no "safety in numbers" no morale damage from suppression wound morale damage: 1>1.2 + PsionicPowers: separate sound for teleport and psi attacks fear: AP 10>20, strengthModifier: 1->1.5, range 12>30 MindControl: strengthModifier 1->0.3, range 8>10 bezerk: AP 40->20, strengthModifier 1->0.5, range 6>20 Dread: messageDuration 1>1.5, strengthModifier .5>.3, loseAP .15>.25 Paralyse: AP 1>20, range 6>20, strengthModifier 1>.5 Omega: Fear, power 50 Psion: Fear, power 50>60 Officer: Fear/Paralyze Leader: F/P/B Praetors: F/P/M/D revised armor psy resistances; degradation is 0 3. XNT tweaks + updated weapons tooltips + male armour.impjackal image + weapon.machinegun: supp 80->95, radius 4->3, clipsize 60->40 + other MG: supp+20, suppRadius 4>3 + weapon.sniper: clipsize 10->5, reactionModifier .5>.6, disableDamageScaling="0" + weapon.shotgun: supp 30->40 + weapon.explosive.PlasmaBreachingCharge: HBP_PlasmaBreachingCharge.png + weapon.grenade.flashbang: suppressionRadius 1>3 + grenades: speed 1000>500 + weapon.explosive.plasma: radius 9>7, throw AP 60>45, acc 30>40 + weapon.explosive.C4: radius 8>6.5, throw AP 40>50, acc 40>35 + weapon.grenade.toxin (napalm): dmg 40>30 + weapon.rocketlauncher: set2 AP 75>55, acc 85>70; added set3 AP 85, acc 90 + weapon.grenade.shock: suppressionValue 130>210, suppressionRadius 5>3, stunDamage 50>25 + gren.flashbang: damage 0>2 (to show effective radius when choosing a target) + sucubus: accuracy_set3 145>105 + weapon.Aphazer: suppradius 4->3, supp 250->120 + weapon.trick (egg weapon): AP 40->1, speed 1500>750, dmg 18>0, stun 50>120, clipsize/ammo 3>1, isinfinite 1>0 + weapon.qspray (omega reaper): speed 2500>1250, impact sound + LPDiablo fix: 25>15 ammo + config.xml: adjusted hand/belt/backpack action costs, BurstReactionFireRange 20>15, HeavyWeaponMovePenalty .5>.6, ToggleRoof 0>1 + combatShield: 100>150 + assaultshield 200>300, animation for napalm (toxin) grenade, research 213>95 + combatshield animation for napalm (toxin) grenade + moved DSB manufacture images to this mod + Researches.AlienElectronics: added missing req LandingshipDSB research + weapon.mediumdronecannon: burstdelay 0.4>0.1 + weapon.lasercarbine: acc 48>58 + Researches.BaseBuildMission: requires cruiserDatacore>landingcraftDatacore; fixed base constr image + fixed "corvetter" string (xenopedia) + plasma pistol: acc +3% for snap/1st aim + fixed #### strings for cruiser dtc + hvy drone: stronger version of aliencannon + flamethrower: recoil 80>70 (not used?) + weapon.SHThunder: suppression 40>50, mitigation 10>13 + weapon.particlebeam: isHeavy 0>1, weight 50>35 + sentelin: fixed ammo (4), dmg 90>85, mitigation 50>45, range 30>25, suppr 90>35, suppRange 2>1, weight 7>10, biggun + all sniper rifles: adjusted reactionMods, no snap shots + weapon.MAGprecision: disableDamageScaling + alien grenades speed reduced + wounds: 6>5 to inflict, chance 50>100, dmg 3>1 per wound + lightdrone: mitigation 99>30 + mediumdrone: mitigation 99>45 +++ sounds + separate sounds for teleport and psi attacks + weapon.SWBalor: burst fire sound, burstdelay 0.1>0.25, BurstSuppressionRadius 4>3, suppressionRadius 3>2, mitigation 13>10 - 4/5 bullets bursts - warhawk sound +++ unit adjustments ("guard physiology remains the same as non-combatants"): Caesans +NonCombatant accuracy 70->60, no stun grenades +Guard/Support 70->60 +Soldier/Support 75->70 +Officer no stun/flashbang grenades Sebillian +NonCombatant 55->50, no grenades +Guard/Support 55->50, no smoke grenade +Soldier/Support 65->60 +SoldierAssault 70->60 +Warrior/Support/Assault 80->75 Harridan +SoldierSupport kinetic 20>10 +Soldier kinetic 10>20 +Elite: no stun/fb grenades +Officer: no stun/fb grenades Wraith +Omega: no nervegas grenades, lesser regeneration +Egg Reflexes 300->100, Accuracy 200>70, APs 5>2 +Elite: no stun/fb grenades +Officer: no stun/fb grenades Reaper +Reaper: Armours 10>15 +Alpha: lesser regeneration +Delta: lesser regeneration
  11. "Playing a lot i have fallen into a serious grip with suppression. My soldiers get way too easely supressed by friendly fire....anyway i can temper with this ?" put your soldiers away from each other line of fire I guess... reshearched all the plasma rifle it says now i could reshearch laser tech AFAIR, to open laser research, you have to complete "alien plasma technology" and "alenium explosives". The former requires alien pistol, rifle and alloys to be researched. The latter requires alenium research and an alien sucubus weapon research.
  12. Thanks, though it's more likely the XNT team have made you happy. My addition is mainly some weapons/tech tweaks to the XNT, some bugfixes and making a different air combat/economy approach. The latter is not the ideal way even to my taste, but definitely enjoyable.
  13. the screenshot in the first post shows the proper look in the Xeno launcher
  14. Hey, not sure what kind of problem do you afraid. There are 4 folders inside the downloaded zip file. Extract all of them and put into the "mods" folder. They won't damage anything. Then config the XCE putting those mods in the order as shown by the picture, activate them, play...