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  1. In X1 we had 4 difficulty options, which came with their own set of variables (like enemy health, damage, accuracy etc.), but i think X2 would benefit from a more advanced approach. When selecting a new starting difficulty, it would be great if we could edit these variables independently (within reasonable limits), by selecting a custom difficulty option. For example: Let's say you find the air combat is too hard and the ground combat is just fine. In X1 you had the only option to edit the gameconfig or download an "air combat cheat mod", which is both bad in my opinion. There are other games with this feature and it works great. Players, who want to play on the difficulty presets can still do this, but everyone else can change some variables to make the game more enjoyable to them. Here's a short list of variables that should be editable: -Alien Health, Accuracy, Damage -Psionics stenght -Ufo Attributes (air combat is subject to change, so i don't know what is relevant here) -Geoscape Aircraft speed and range -Geoscape funding, monthly income, starting money -Escalation speed and time between attacks -Research rate and equipment build time What do you think about this?
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    X2 performance

    I hate to necro this thread, but I have seen this problem multiple times with unity and tiled maps/environments (like war for the overworld) in combination with certain Processors/ Graphics Cards. The only thing, that has reliably worked, was to change the hardware setup. There must be something wrong at a low level of unity, that causes the problem. Wtfo had these problems for years and they could do nothing about it, because unity wasn't fixing this. This is most common, at least in my experience, with AMD FX/ Kaveri Processors in combination with AMD 200 and 300 series Graphics cards. But I have seen a few Intel/Nvidia systems affected by this as well.
  3. I disagree, simply because it's from an arts perspective and nothing of technical character. Art and style are always subjective and that's the reason my initial criticism was... let's say vague, to encourage a discussion about it and maybe get to a compromise. However, i agree, that Goldhawk should spend their money on developing new game features and ensuring the game run stable and is fun to play, than redesigning units. I rather play a game, with one piece of artwork, i'm not entirely happy with, than a game, which is not fun to play and plagued by bugs.
  4. I agree with jevry and Ravn7, the devs should make the Aliens in X2 more serious and intimidating than the 3d Alien in the picture. Not humanoid is fine, but please not XCOM:EU-Sectoid-level silly. I still think there is a compromise between the 3d Ceasan and the various examples of more serious Aliens mentioned in this thread. I would draw one, if my drawing skills were not that awful.
  5. Yes, exactly, if they would remove the huge chest and "fix" the hips (I don't know what's exactly wrong with them, but it looks weird), that would resolve 60% of the problems I have with this design. But they were the most common enemy in X1 and even the Xenopedia says they are a "superior approximation to a human Soldier". Regarding what drages wrote, I think the Andron could be a four legged Robot, like Orisa from Overwatch or the Macron from Quake4. I know this is quite a stretch lore wise, but it would be worth it in my opinion, it would look so much more intimidating.
  6. It's not that I have a problem with less humanoid looking aliens and more that i don't like the 3d one that much. It somehow reminds me of a chicken with a human skull on top, and really weird hips. And I know that the big head and eyes alien is a classic, but it's also an overused stereotype in my opinion and the X1 Ceasan looks less like it than the 3d one. There are also great examples of non human looking aliens like the Elites from Halo, they don't look comical and more like a warrior. But when I look at the 3d Alien in the picture, i don't see a warrior, it doesn't fit somehow, but that's just my personal taste.
  7. First of all, I really liked the first Xenonauts Game and I was super excited when the second Game got announced, with 3d-Graphics, more Gameplay options and all the good Stuff. But then I discovered this :https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2016_11/aliens.png.cf559860de64a90006dba0b5cc5eab35.png What i like about Xenonauts compared to newer XCOM Titles is how the Aliens look. In my opinion the Aliens in XCOM looked a bit cheap and ridiculous, which made the Games almost comical and less enjoyable. So I was sad to see that the design of the Aliens in X2 is heading in this direction. Especially the Ceasan and the Wraith looked much better in X1. My Question is: Is this the final Appearance of the Aliens in X2 or will there be changes to preserve the old style?