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    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    Thanks @Charon @PALU So I ask you now, need any help with the UfoPedia?
  2. ShadowAdmiral

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    @CharonThanks for your superb mod. It brings much more deepness into the game. But the phases are a bit hard for me. This is no sobbing post, I solved the problem by 'softening' the phases by phasing in new ufos and phasing out old ufos instead of a clean cut. If you want I can provide the file for you to see the idea. If not it isn't bad, because I made it for private use. But please answer me a question to your used syntax. When you use a 50:50 ratio, you set a ticker number behind the ships name e.g.: Is the /XXX needed by the game or is it just your syntax for better differ your doing? - I appreciate your answer. I also like the mod that much, that I offer you translation assistance. If you like I could translate your entries in German. Also I offer you assistance about UfoPedia texts. Thanks for your time ShadowAdmiral
  3. ShadowAdmiral

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    Yes, you click on the medikit, and then on the soldier. Hi, thanks for the answer. Where has the unconscious soldier to be? On the ground or in the backpack of the soldier using that medi kit?
  4. ShadowAdmiral

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    Is there a way to use med kits on unconscious soldiers? I don't need to wake them up with a stim (what was possible in both first x-com games). But right now I never managed to heal a wound of an unconscious soldier, leading to a peacful death, but still a death.
  5. One question: what was bad about the Xenonauts 1 Air-Combat(-Game)? This is simpler and offers much less options and strategy depth for the player and is a turn back on the old X-Com games. Don't get me wrong, I like the olds (as you may gues) but your Xeneonauts 1 Air-Combat was very inovative and an enrichment.
  6. ShadowAdmiral

    Xenonauts-2 Base System Discussion Thread

    Top down could be animated to. I vote for top down.
  7. I encountered it in the actual version. Not at all workshops but at 3/5 of my bases. Backup Game Save 1.sav
  8. Hello team and modders, I encountered negative build times in 3 of my 5 bases in game. This prevents me from manufacturing at thosebases. I don't know if it is a Xenonaut-, CE- or XMC-issue. Any idea how I could fix it? Negative buildtimes are on vanila items, as well as the mod contents. It is strange that not all bases but 2/5 have this issue. Also I could manufacture there at first. Sadly my backup (last functioning save game) file allready has this corrupiton, so I can't do further tests. If maybe again a XMC-tech causes the problem. Any idea how I could fix it? Bye ShadowAdmiral Backup Game Save 1.sav
  9. Hi @aajs thanks for the amazing mod. I hope you deepen it. Is it possible to bring back the Purchase menue from original X-Com? I'm missing the central buy opiton. (you have a central sell opiton over the storeage). I posted some bugs on the parts of the mod where they belong. One is gamebreaking :-(. Does it help if you would have the save files?
  10. 1) The jeep is okay, as it is. 2) I have also a request (not sure if it is possible) kould you give the Scimitar a tier 1 gun or a MG like your Tier 1 tank has? Alternative a secondary MG-kind weapon for "soft attacks". 3) the APC is superb. Right now I prefer it over the Scimitar, because of it's main weapon. 4) We have the Hyperion, but a nice anti grav scout would be nice. 5) No, we have enough weapons that splash the enemy I would like to see more non splashing weapons for tanks. I don't find the buy option for initial Jeep too. I only can build the Jeep MK2 in the manufacturing bay. Can you make a little tutorial on YT how to buy a jeep?
  11. Bug Report: Purchase of MIG25, Balloon and Hind didn't show up at my game. This is not gamebreaking. I can acknowledge @Larry Burstyn bug report. I have several None-Build-Options under aircraft weapons. I can build the NBO which substract the costs and material. After it is finished I got a success message but no item at all. So it seems somewhat broken. Which aircraft weapons did you plan on producing in early game @aajs? Thanks for this mod, it brings back some of the missing X-Com feeling. I like the balloon idea and the choice of weapons, a point that I missed in the vanilla game at all.
  12. Bugreport: I encountered a gamebreacking bug: When I reserch the bio-surgery I can no longer build medical bays and the build option for the bio-surgery is missing. But that isn't the gamebreaking part. After the research the savegame becomes corrupted. I tested it with a backup. If I accomplish the research the file doesn't load anymore. If I put the research on hold I can load a later day save. If I procceed and accomplish the research again, I can't load again. So it is really the bio surgery tech that breaks my game in some way. Right now I will ban the tech but it would be nice if you could look into it. Also I encountered a minor bug in the Buildings-Part of the mod. Existing comand centers upgrade to advanced comand centers but if you build a base after you did the research it won't upgrade to an advanced comand center and there is no way to change it manualy (for example by building it manually). Bio surgent test - Sience Completed.sav Bio surgent test.sav Bio surgent test - Sience canceled.sav
  13. ShadowAdmiral

    Xenonauts-2 Base System Discussion Thread

    You know that X-Com Apocalypse succeded in doing so? Also is it realy that difficult to "translate" a picture in a preset 3d-model? Means link the picture to the 3d model of that picture. You know kerbal Space Program. It is a unity program too. There modders made a mod that reads your 3d models and make 2d production shematics out of that. Also KSP shows that you can stick 3d models together with Unity. "nothing more would be" sticking rooms together to match a layout.
  14. ShadowAdmiral

    Xenonauts-2: Air Combat

    Hello Chris, I advise stick to Air-Combat of X1 and advance it with new options. As others said it is the most inovative fighter minigame I know. A better Item layout of fighters would be nice. Bye Pierre
  15. ShadowAdmiral

    Xenonauts-2 Base System Discussion Thread

    I can only agree with that!