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  1. Thanks for the advice
  2. I can't actually get Kickstarter to work right now. When I attempt to sign in it says my email doesn't exist. But I have all the update emails from your regular game updates in my inbox so I'm pretty lost. I'm trying to figure out how the website simultaneously says I don't exist yet keeps me up to date on the email roster.
  3. Thank you, That worked I appreciate the fast responses. I also missed the getting my generated portrait in, not of me just an generator one, and my name because I was busy on deployment, anything I can do about that or no?
  4. Hey, I'm just a backer with a busy schedule who doesn't check my email a lot. I missed the email about sending the info to get a key is there anywhere I can get in touch with the developers to redeem my stuff, or am I just out of luck. Thanks for the help