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  1. stewpidbear

    MARS Graphics

    Trust me I’m older than 40k and it was being used well before then!
  2. Thank you for such a quick and understandable reply! You’ve also pointed out an extremely important point that I think a lot of designers miss because of design system tunnel vision..............,,,,,,Fun to use!
  3. I have been playing PP and to be honest the way that grenades thrown or launched keep hitting, for instance, overhanging roofs is a pain in the @#£&, and really very unbelievable as the thrower or launcher would take into account the sodding great building sticking it’s bits in the way. Why is it so difficult to develop a reasonable system for handling things such as this? I have no computer programming skills (too old!) so genuinely want to know.
  4. I totally agree with both above comments about fumbles being far too common, the only thought against this is the balance of real life vs game life and design. I still cringe when one of my HEVY guys bends over and fires it at his own feet!
  5. stewpidbear

    MARS Graphics

    Red! Because red ones go faster! Well known fact that
  6. No problemo! Was wondering if I’d done anything wrong though......
  7. stewpidbear

    MARS Graphics

    Ooooh (looking at the photo) a .50 cal Anti-material rifle would certainly smart against an Alien!
  8. While I do agree with you a real life example of danger close grenades was the Battle Of Hue in Vietnam where the Vietcong were getting so close that US Marines threw grenades close into the enemy and hunkered down and tried to absorb the fragments in the back of their flak jackets!
  9. Been playing this new game, very good tactical game but no strategy. If you like MYZ you’ll love this.
  10. I honestly wasn’t trying to be objectionable in my suggestion, I was looking at the set up as it would be in some reasonable ‘real’ life basis (I know it’s fiction but it’s the suspension of disbelief creeping in, to me that is). I think I’m looking at it in my mind with real life vs game life if that makes sense.
  11. Thinking more about this, perhaps make the HEVY launcher non reloadable in the field and limit it to two per squad? In “real” life a squad would be highly unlikely to have more than two heavy weapons, perfect SciFi example is Aliens where the Marines have two smart guns, not more. Another research branch could be individual LAW rockets which were definitely around in the 80’s.
  12. stewpidbear

    MARS Graphics

    That’s the one! MARS MkII
  13. Are all the kickstarter names in it yet?