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  1. Edit: Arrghhhhh just gone back to Steam and it’s there! End Edit! Have all the new codes gone out? to Kickstarter backers? Can’t seem to have or access the new game, could well be me having a senior moment!
  2. I honestly can’t remember which one I have! Just checked I’m a Kickstarter backer......sorry.....
  3. Checked all my folders no email?
  4. When should we receive the emails with the choices? Many thanks Chris!
  5. stewpidbear

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    The “last one” is an actual sprung arm that allows troops to carry heavier tools and weapons inc LMGs. Harness with an arm mounted on the back.
  6. stewpidbear

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    Not a dig at anyone! But while this is going to be an extremely enjoyable game is there going to be a slant towards “realism” or “game world” restrictions in it? What I’m really looking at is the effect and use of weaponry and the tactics as used in the real world. For instances the limit of just a pistol with a shield and not an smg or rifle with it? (First pic I just couldn’t resist!). What is the level of the starting troops in the game, where are they recruited from? Elite military units? Police units? Close range/point blank fire effects?
  7. stewpidbear

    air support

    Agree with everything above, though balanced and napalm in the same sentence did make me laugh........the scene from Apocalypse Niow and the line of palms comes to mind!
  8. stewpidbear

    air support

    Totally agree the cost does have a big part to play if this is used. It could be another tool in the tactical game as long as it’s not overwhelming.
  9. stewpidbear

    air support

    Cheap shot I know............;)
  10. stewpidbear

    air support

    Would you want los to your aircraft from directed energy weapons in the 80’s! I would think even a crashed UFO still might have it’s main weapon systems on line.
  11. stewpidbear

    air support

    Oh I don’t know, perhaps a tech tree that would allow laser target designation from off board support, the precursor of the Hellfire perhaps?
  12. stewpidbear

    The Landing Thing

    I would imagine any surviving troops would slap the pilots silly when returning to base!
  13. Are there going to be call signs for your troops?
  14. stewpidbear

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    Ever thought about battery backpack? Different weights and sizes?
  15. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    Looking at the video I now feel earth needs battle suits..................;)