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  1. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    Looking at the video I now feel earth needs battle suits..................;)
  2. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    Sorry mate, I totally disagree with you. If there is only one way, for instance smoke to get out of the dropship, that is a failing in a tactical game. Being able to suppress, which is a tactic in the game already, the area so your troops can engage the enemy with a reasonable chance of success ( not garanteed!) at the start kf the mission is just another option to be used. For instance the Los in the port/industrial zone would offer only a very small area of suppression compared to the size of the map. More tactical options so you can play different ways so your not shoe horned into doing it just one gaming way is better surely? I know don’t call me Surely!;)
  3. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    Surely “kiting” (not quite sure what that means , sorry) could be described as a “degenerate” tactic as it’s playing to the way that the aliens are programmed to behave? I must admit to looking at this perceived problem through the real world view. Perhaps it’s me not looking at it as a game view.
  4. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    The problem is getting out of the ship before being cut down by the enemy? There are various game changes that can be made to fix this there’s no doubt. Remember gunners can only fire at what they can see. My biggest bug bear is the port/industrial area where I’m often stuffed by being swamped within two turns. Having “turrets” would allow a safe dispersal but not effect the rest of the map/mission. Lmg gunners/turrets on the ship would be there primarily for suppression, after all the dropship in not a gunship. Edit.....is an Lmg in game terms invincible?
  5. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    “Degenerate behavior”? I really don’t think that a legitimate real world tactic can be described that way. Another suggestion would be to change the Aliens behaviour by not approaching/retreating from the landing zone.
  6. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    Just to say even Chinooks have door and ramp gunners............
  7. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    Osprey door gunner
  8. stewpidbear

    Dropship layout

    Perhaps the dropship could be equipped with door gunners as in “real” life? An MG either side that could suppress the landing zone?
  9. An LMG going full rock and roll at short range should be an absolute killer, if an Alien is that stupid to either get that close or allow to get that close it should be toast. While a fully under stand it’s a game and there should be balance I think there should also be a bit of “realism”. And it also gives that poor trooper that has to lug the heavy thing around a big grin when it does happen!
  10. stewpidbear

    Xenonaut walked through barn wall

    I can honestly say..............I have no idea what you are talking about!!
  11. stewpidbear

    Xenonaut walked through barn wall

    Thanks for the reply mate, will try and remember those instructions!
  12. Considering the sniper rifle, yes only allow one or two shots with it, but the shots should be far more deadly perhaps allow insta death headshots?
  13. stewpidbear

    UFO design

    Actually one of the first first weapons in the Xenonaut armoury should be able to blast a hole if I’m not mistaken. The “missile” launcher which looks remarkably like an RPG7 would be an anti tank weapon in the setting of the Cold War period. Perhaps not for the bigger ships but certainly for the smaller ones.
  14. stewpidbear

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    If you could shoot down or capture on the ground a complete ufo couldn’t it be used against the invaders rather than disassembling it? Retro fit the hull with human missiles etc.