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  1. stewpidbear

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    More destructible buildings and terrain features for more tactical options.
  2. stewpidbear

    UFO Roofs Indestructable?

    It would certainly add another tactical option.
  3. On one of the middle eastern maps I had a squad on overwatch on top of a building 5 squares away from a UFO. I can blow in the sides with a HEVY launcher but not the roof bug or not? I wanted a hole in the roof to cover the side incursion. Sorry about grenades but it is different!
  4. I do apologise, but it is extremely frustrating.
  5. Prime example of this see photo. Grenade launcher in door way on left with clear sight to ufo, lands 2 squares away wounding own troops.
  6. Everyone plays Xenonauts in a different way, and that’s a good thing, but a nightmare for the developers who are trying to cater for everyone with different play styles and tactics. I do feel at the moment that I am being forced to play the game a certain way and have to follow a proscribed step of tactics to move forward. I realise that you have to learn to combat the aliens and change you tactics as the game progresses but, perhaps it’s me, I do feel there is only one way to do it. Now I’m comparing this to the newer Xcom games, and with those I could play the way I wanted without fear of being penalised by the game mechanics. My biggest bear about this is the background fluff that says the troops for Xenonauts are trained soldiers...................the mechanics of the game (to me) certainly don’t reflect this. I have given up playing now because I’m so frustrated by the number of times my troops are killed by grenades fired or thrown by their own comrades, and shot by troops behind them on a higher level (especially those at the foot of the ramp and those at the top of the ramp!). And if one person says use smoke........the rotors of the craft would disperse it!!! Please, please do something about the grenade algorithms and the to hit your own people data!
  7. stewpidbear

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    Exactly the above, minimum distance to arm in flight. Easily down I should think.
  8. stewpidbear

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    A change in the code so that your your highly trained troops don’t keep hitting their own comrades who are no where near the target! Especially where HEVY Launchers are involved.
  9. Sort out grenade launcher troops hitting their own troops when their right next to them!!!
  10. stewpidbear

    Grenades both thrown and fired?

    Any update on grenades and launchers? So fed up of soldiers killing their own troops who are right next to them!
  11. I really think you need to read Kickstarter small print and understand how it applies. Any project that is backed can be changed through development, and like a Goldhawk do when they listen to their backers changed through feedback. Backing a Kickstarter Project is a gamble, it’s your choice as the backer if you except the risks. Unlike many companies Goldhawk do listen to the majority and if able do change what they can. You may not be happy with the result, but in the end if you receive a usable product at the end of the process that’s what a Kickstarter is.
  12. stewpidbear

    Grenades both thrown and fired?

    I accept all the above, but I can take out the side of a UFO with the grenade launcher but not a wooden sided building? Also the easiest type of grenade first produced was a combination of HE and Frag not either or. Perhaps I’m expecting too much realism from the tactical game with different wall structures behaving differently? Fair enough frag would do sod all against brick and concrete but wood would be fairly much toast (misquote time.... “the alien is toast”!
  13. stewpidbear

    Grenades both thrown and fired?

    Even frag would pierce a wooden siding and effect the Target the other side, I would also suspect the first grenade made for the launcher would be the simpler to produce blast type of grenade.But having said that the different types of grenade suggested by Max would be an ideal solution.
  14. Should grenades (both) be able to take out wooden walls? looking at the sawmill map here. I know not brick but wooden sidings should be destroyable.