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  1. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    I'm not sure if there's a list somewhere, but are you "only" going with five alien races? That seems just a tad slim, considering the original had, what, 11?
  2. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts-2: Soldiers

    I'm not sure I like the idea that weapons give you higher TUs. That sounds excessively odd. Why am I able to run further just because I'm holding an SMG as opposed to a sniper rifle? As someone who has done military service, I don't run further in a set time because I have a pistol over a rifle. I still run the same distance (unless I'm heavily weighed down by other equipment, but that's decided by overencumberance). I'd much rather prefer if an SMG, instead, took less TUs to fire compared to the sniper rifle (thus simulating that it's a faster handling weapon) than causing my soldier to gain magical running ability. As for psi-powers I always found them to add an addition challenge, but it was somewhat binary. Either you recruited only high-bravery soldiers and were thus not very affected by psi, or you were a beginner player and got murdered in your first psi encounter. I think that if psi powers were more interesting and caused my interesting effects, that'd be much cooler. Such as hallucinations (seeing enemies where there are none, or interpreting civilians as aliens, or even your own soldiers as enemies, that'd do something. Of course, you'd have to find a way to do this without easily cheesing it (such as selecting another soldier and seeing "the true" world. This could, probably, be worked around if the world adapted to what only the selected soldier could see. Not sure. Might be too tedious. That said, everything else in your post is highly interesting, particularly "rookies aren't useless" and gaining proficiency in specific weapon types. Sounds very interesting and I look forward to this a lot.
  3. Moonshine Fox

    Please give option to disable psionics

    I would love for PSI to be something more creative than "mind control" and "run the frick away". Illusions could be cool. A successful mind control attack could create a "mind illusion" giving the impression of an alien that isn't real. You could find out it wasn't real by it shooting you and the shot going through, for instance. But it would make you play like normal, but there would be some smoke and mirrors trying to figure out where the *real* aliens are. Fear, yes, but the soldiers should make relatively intelligent choices during panic. No one who panics runs *towards* what scares the crap out of them. PSI attacks should never directly harm you (such as that utterly awful berserk event), but instead provide an additional challenge. If not, it's just annoying and pointless.
  4. Moonshine Fox

    Please give option to disable psionics

    I kinda like PSI as it does prevent the issue of juggernauting. Your soldiers become so powerful that nothing can stop them. Now, in the original X-COM games, you could get PSI which instead completely skyrocketed the juggernauting. You could defeat any mission without even leaving the ship. That was all kinds of broken. Xenonauts took the route of only giving the aliens PSI and this was better. In addition, only I think about a handful of alien types got PSI at all (Ceasan Psion, Ceasan Officer, Ceasan Leader, Preator), which meant that it was a relatively rare occurance and a rare challenge. Something I think could be added is to give PSI a range limit. Perhaps not for something like a Preator (it's Aura of Dread should accurately hit the entire map) but for any other PSI user. Just let this be slightly longer than sight range, or perhaps even shorter, forcing aliens to close distance before using PSI (mind you (sorry), you can still use PSI through walls). All in all, I never thought PSI was *that* much of a problem in Xenonauts. It was an added challenge, and it was relatively rare.
  5. Pretty smooth play now. Cover and accuracy calcs seem to work much better, I had no cases of insane cover gained by things not even in the line of fire. I kept losing soldiers to the "Hidden Movement" screen. Lost four soldiers last game without ever even seeing the shot being taken, only hearing it. But I hear you're working on that. Still missing zoom. Rotation is much smoother. There's a bit of a delay for getting the turn to turn over. I click "End turn" and it freezes for 4-5 seconds before the enemy turn takes place. Not a huge issue, but it's enough time to make you wonder if you missed the button or something. Win 7 Core i7-3820 @3.6 GHz ASUS GeForce 970 STRiX 16 GB RAM. Game running off of an SSD.
  6. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 - Feedback & Priorities

    Interesting. Suddenly I don't need to post my feedback as it's pretty much word for word what Skitso wrote. Aside from the performance. I don't have issues at all.
  7. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 - Feedback & Priorities

    That said though, isn't this exactly how the old XCOM worked? You got a reaction interrupt and could basically do whatever you wanted, including moving? Not saying this is the way it should be (it shouldn't) just saying I remember it being this way in some of the earlier versions of XCOM.
  8. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 - Feedback & Priorities

    No problems! I'm here to help, after all! Will get that text together when I have the time.
  9. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 - Feedback & Priorities

    Q and E will rotate the camera.
  10. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 - Feedback & Priorities

    I made a video with my feedback. I can upload it unlisted to Youtube if you don't want any footage of this out, or I can publish it publically to give you some exposure. It's up to you. As far as general performance, it ran buttery smooth for the most part. Took forever (45+ seconds) to load the map, but once it was loaded it was great. Win 7 Core i7-3820 @3.6 GHz ASUS GeForce 970 STRiX 16 GB RAM. Game running off of an SSD.
  11. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 - Feedback & Priorities

    Will provide my feedback on this when I get home from work. Can't do much at work. Or well, I could, but it wouldn't feel right. xD
  12. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 Easter Update

    The return of Dr Snidely. The strategic layer sounds WAAAY different to what we're used to in XCOM-clones. This...this will be very interesting.
  13. Moonshine Fox

    UFO roof cutaway failing on occasion

    Hmm, that does indeed sound like the same issue. I'll disable the enhanced crash sites until this is dealt with. Thank you!
  14. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    Remember though: Xenonauts is not XCOM, nor X-COM. It's its own franchise now, and with quite a pedigree after the first.
  15. Moonshine Fox

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    I liked the first Xenonauts so much that I just MIGHT buy this sight unseen. But I've been burned before by big thoughts and crap execution. But I have big faith in you guys and you really proved yourself with Xenonauts. There were few things wrong with Xenonauts, in fact, I can't really think of anything that was plain wrong with it. Just a few things I wish you'd done differently but that still worked. So here's to Xeno2! <3