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    The good news for anyone concerned about X2 being a high-definition remaster of X1 is that we're approaching the point now where all the core mechanics are working properly, and we can actually start testing the planned changes to the game mechanics rather than just talking about them. I know a number of backers have been a bit frustrated that the last few builds have mostly been about adding features that were in the original Xenonauts, but (as I mention at every opportunity) that was always our plan. We need a fully functioning version of the game before we can properly evaluate new features, and if we randomly left features that were in X1 out of X2 (e.g. night missions, base defence missions, etc) then a lot of fans would say: "Hey, we liked that feature, why did you remove it?" At this stage I can't make any promises about what new features will make it into the final game, but we've got a couple of ideas for new systems that will have quite a major effect on gameplay and there's a number of important parts of the game we think we can expand by adding smaller new features to. Someone up above mentioned the XCOM2 expansion pack War of the Chosen, which took a game I thought was pretty average and made it into something great by adding a couple of major new mechanics and some carefully chosen additional content. I think that's a good example of how well an approach like this can work and it's the sort of gameplay effect we're hoping to achieve (plus a bunch of visual improvements, obviously!)
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    I agree with this. The reason why I don't want to keep early game tech like Lasers relevant for the whole game is precisely because I think players like researching fun new toys, but to me those toys actually have to be useful for it to be worth something. What's the point of spending the time researching Plasma weapons and then spending the cash and resources required to build them if they're not actually better than the Lasers you've already got? That's a slightly simplistic view, I know, and you've partially addressed it in the rest of your paragraph. My view is that each weapon tier needs to be better than the one that came before it, but to be clear I don't think that should render the earlier weapon tiers completely obselete like they were in X1. I just don't think it's a good idea to try and set up a tech tree on the basis that all weapons tiers are equally good.
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    Sorry, I've been off the forums a while making all the maps needed to actually put out the new release you're referring to, so this reply is a couple of weeks late. The next Experimental build should be arriving either this week or next week!
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    Thanks for the suggestions. So in the latest build I've reskinned the Archive screen a bit so it looks less hideous, but it does still need more work. We're definitely planning to add category headings to sort the projects (as we did in X1) and I will be writing at least a few "lore" projects that appear in the Archives at the start of the game that players can read if they want a little more backstory. I'm not sure we can commit the time required to make the other ideas work (and I don't think it's necessarily worth adding an Archive building etc) but hopefully you'll find that screen a bit less barebones than it was in the original Xenonauts!
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    Sorry - not reading through the trhead chain just posting to the title: I hope it is Xenonauts with a new coat of paint and extended/improved mechanics I enjoyed Xenonauts 1 quite bit but it had some rough edges (inconsistent art) and a simplification I didnt like (ammo) so my etalon is still the original XCOM The games that were trying to capitalize on the original all concentrated on MGMT of a small squad instead of MGMT of an actual army on a strategic layer which I could never get behind. Though I enjoyed the Firaxis remakes, they are far too simnplified and streamlines for console for me to have replay value Maybe I am in a minority but I really didnt care abouth reanming and pampering solderis in the original and was usualyl sending 4 fireteams to missions with around 50% accepted casualty rate. This gave the game a much more interesting strategic feel as I was not managing soldiers but an army with resources and equipemnt and funds was more important then who gets shot - no save scumming needed for this which is also a plus When I read abouth Xenonauts 2 and the concepts going in the direction of the Firaxis remakes I lost interest of the project: for me the first game was interesting as it kept the strategic mechanics of the original and extended upon them especially in air combat. When I was thinking of Xenonauts 2 the improvements that could be made seemed obvious: 0. Better coat of paint 1. More mechanics involving countries and/or regions - diplomacy, resource production (oli, metals, rare metals, food, supplies) or even supporting locla forces so they can defend, fight back and assist during missions in their own region 2. More base MGMT options with various types of defenses, base types, building upgrade options and having to repair them after invasion causes damage during bombardment or in the tactical mission 3. Pilots gain EXP, pilot suit upgrades to increase reaction time, precision or simply enable them to survive when plane is shot from under them 4. More beefy research enabling building of drones, droids, weapon/ammo upgrades etc... 5. Damaged UFOs and destructable hull 6. More mission types: defend diplomats, scientists, kill enemy commander (there are some ideas that can be picked and refined from the remakes: see behemoth idea from Poenix Point) Now having stumbled upon the recent pictures posted on Steam I am very much interested in Xenonauts 2 again: both the new armor and airplane model look more consistent and the mars pattern tank concept sounds interesting Despite what some were saying when the Firaxis remakes came out, I dont think they streamlined the original: they created a new game that has totaly different approach to how it is played. Those games are abouth super-heroes killing of hordes of aliens and looking cool doing so. For me the original was a gritty attribtion war agaisnt a superior enemy force and a race against time to reach their level of tech to be able to stop them - I thin that this game was only realyl remade by Xenonauts 1 so far and as of late by Phoenix Project which I will try I as soon as it leaves Epic. But will also be very much interested in Xenonauts 2 if it is realyl "just" a new coat of paint and more in depth mechanics from the first game
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    @dalo #Feedback Well, most of your problems already originated from not properly installing the game, and as a result an out of date easy airgame messed up your airgame pretty hard. #kneeling I would rather say high cost, high effect is better than no cost no effect. If something doesnt do anything why spend time on it, if kneeling isnt worth why even do it ? #antimatter weapons Antimatter weapons have been revised but since we wanted to give the player the chance to keep savegame compability we refrained from adding the updated researches.xml. The next version will have an appropriate antimatter tech tree, in regard to its strenght. > In theory caesan shield rewards flanking, in practice caesan just turn his face to the flanker make me save no damage either case. I could better off forget about the mechanic and attack him head on, unless I could sandwish him or able to one hit kill which never happen. Yes, caesan are frail as a squish they need their shield. Having a shield still rewards for tactical gameplay like splitting your squad and is heavily OP in close quarters situations like base attacks. > Fighting against andron isn’t fun or rewarding , they doesn’t feature specialists to capture, will destroy loots on transform, Andron units give you access to most armours. Thats pretty rewarding and necessary. Beyond that they give the most resources of all races. Loot gets added back with the unit they transform in. Once you killed the transformed unit you get everything. > What’s the position of predator armor? It has no TU reduction for firing, no singularity cannon to equip and has reflex penalty. Shield unit would tank better, wolf armor would shot faster, and heavy weapon already come with reaction penalty. The Exoskelet Class armour has its niche as a highly armoured tank, with strenght settings abilties, acting as your main mule with heavy fire support/suppression capabilities. Ontop of that they are good rooky armours as they increase survivability and makes them able to carry a lot depending on tech armour without any prior training. They also increase hp, which is arguably the most important stats to run a successful Xenonauts Opertation. I think the point of the predator armour will go right above your head if you savescum. With the power of savescumming, who needs hp, survivabiltiy or rookies ? Like aint nobody got time for that. #Endgame Hasnt been done yet. [BUG]s I couldnt find the research since there dont seem to be anything wrong with it. Fixed the (VV.)SINGULARROCKET one Normal Xenoqueen host should be able to spawn a normal queen. Facehugger Hosts for queens and praetors can indeed be killed before they hatch a full grown queen, as this is the intended mechanic. Pathfinding is the same as in xce, but in X-Division they are a lot of more clouds around What sort button ? I appreciate your feedback and this is just my feedback to yours . If you played through the whole game you must have enjoyed it a bit, , and writing angry reviews is mostly because somebody really cares about something. Thank you for the bug report, we will try to implement everything we find. A lot of your feedback also concerns the Xpedia and advice. I think you are on point with your feedback, but if nobody is writing the Xpedia from A to Z, nobody will have one to read.