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    This is the second hotfix for Beta Build V11 we released last week. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. Changelog: Fixed a crash that would occur during the alien turn in ground missions. This was happening because a specific type of Wraith had an invalid clip loaded into its weapon, and it would crash the game if it tried to attack. Fixed the issue where modular armour was reset after every mission. MARS should no longer gain rank or skill-ups in combat. Armour modules for humans like the Rebreather should no longer appear for the MARS. Soldier paperdoll image is no longer blocking interaction with a slice of the Primary / Secondary / Armour UI panels. If a soldier gets promoted in battle, the promotion text is now highlighted in orange. If a UFO with escorts appears on the Geoscape, the main UFO now appears as the central of the three icons rather than off to the side. Gameplay Updates: UFO weapon damage has been slightly increased, except for the weapons that can be dodged using Evasive Roll which have had their damage greatly reduced. This hopefully makes equipping some of your Falcons with heavy armour a more sensible choice. MARS is now cheaper and tougher - it costs $100k instead of $200k, and has 100HP instead of 80HP. UFO walls are no longer crushable by the MARS, but some additional freestanding walls in various maps now can be crushed. Tactical Armour is now named the Tactical Suit. Please continue to report any bugs you encounter in V11 on our dedicated bug report forums, and please give any thoughts on the game balance in this thread. We'll most likely release another hotfix later in the week too, as we've either seen or heard reports of other issues in the game that will need fixing!
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    This is an original X-Com clone.. a clone should be same at core and got improvements here and there with nice additions. There are people out there who wants to play an original xcom game. So this is it. There are many franchises which failed so bad because they changed their core at next installments. To be honest, if the engine was good, we won't even need this. Because X-1 got everything and beyond for people who wants xcom experience. Yeah, it was weak as core game but mods and XCE project handled that so good even against that broken engine. If the engine was good, Goldhawk would make many improvements and expansions already. So for that reason, we needed a remake of X-1 with all the experience and solid ground. A "working" game got always a chance to improve. Working means here to have bug free core elements, like proper shooting, proper AI, proper cover.. Chris made the right choice here. I am happy with that. I hope he can make a very solid, bug free core game. With the mod support, there is no chance to fail. To be honest, i got huge hopes about Phoenix Point but that game got a long way content, game play and bug wise.. i am so happy that, they started with Epic, so in my mind, the game is still in development and they got time about 1 year before they come to steam.. probably much more polished and with needed expansion/DLC's.. So for short, it's a remake of X-1 which is needed and waited for a loooong time. I will wait more if needed. Chris is our only chance to have a proper modern X-Com.. If a solid ground combat needs time, he can have my years..
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    For those who weren't here when Xen1 was being developed, Chris and his team pretty much delivered everything they said they would. So don't worry. This man's very honest and wants to produce the best game he can. Don't worry - him and his team will get there in the end. Perfection takes time! Play something else whilst you are waiting - there's plenty of good stuff out there. Remember - it takes a lot of time to make a great game these days as they are so complex. Other company's have 100s of staff - Goldhawk is much smaller.
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    The composer experimented with an automated system for a while, which might have been what caused that in the past - when he searches manually these days he doesn't put in claims against videos that contain gameplay, he just gets annoyed when people post up the songs themselves as videos (i.e. sharing his work for free).
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    Just wanted to mention that despite the work left to do, this build has been more stable and better visually in a number of ways, including some "little" things that have an outsided impact--at least for me. And I'm finally enjoying air combat, although I don't know how much of that is due to changes, and how much to my familiarity with the mechanics. Keep it up!
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    Thanks, I appreciate the post. I feel like the game is slowly but surely moving towards being something that's actually interesting to play and I hope the next few builds are going to continue to make big improvements!
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    You can find the key changes thread here: