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Thread: Linux Users Needed!

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    Linux Users Needed!

    OK, I'd like to test a few of the newly-ported Linux builds out, but I don't have Linux - so we need some volunteers! I'd like to get together 5 or 6 regular Linux users with a variety of different Linux distros so we can check the port works before we upload it on Desura.

    So, if you're interested in helping us, please post in the comments thread with what distro you can test it on. If nobody before you in the comments has posted up that particular distro, please drop me an email at and I'll hook you up with the correct build.

    If someone above you has said they'll test that distro, we'll be in touch with you if they're not able to test it for whatever reason!
    Chris England - Xenonauts Project Lead

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    If you do get a bunch of people on the same distro, you should just have them all test it. More testing never hurts.

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    I sent an email as well, but I'd be happy to help test. I'm running Linux Mint (Ubuntu/Debain effectively, which accounts for some ungodly percentage of actual Linux users) at the moment, but I can easily set up some alternate live OSs to test other flavors if need be.

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    Hello! Im using linux mint, ubuntu based distribuition! i can test also!

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    I am on Kubuntu 12.4 (Ubuntu with KDE desktop environment). 64 bit. Would be happy to test.

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    I've got vanilla Ubuntu 12.04; can try it with the new Unity desktop and the Gnome Classic desktop.

    Ubuntu is, I believe, the most popular distro around at the moment, so it's a good one to test on.

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    that and odds are if it runs on Ubuntu, it has a good chance of running just fine on Debian too.

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    Just did an initial quick battle to see what I could find. I have only tried the .deb version (Debain/Ubuntu)

    Game installed ok, though it took a while for the .deb file to load in fully. The wrapper pulled in settings from my local winecfg configuration (i've been using a virtual desktop to prevent having to hard reset my computer should it hard lock), but not sure if it's supposed to do that (assuming that it is in fact utilizing a wrapper)

    In game performed identical to my manual installation i run through wine anyway, but I did notice a few things. I didn't get any screenshots as this was just a blind run to see if I encountered any horrific crashes.

    1.) Upon loading into a quick battle, after starting the game and selecting europe, I received an error stating that "precursors could not be saved". I clicked the provided OK button, and the battle loaded apparently as normal.
    2.) Some previously documented clipping issues with characters and walls, as well as the half erased wall bug when a wild shotgun blast hit a house wall next to a window.
    3.) Late in the battle, I had a unit jump a hedge and run to another hedge beyond it, while carrying a medi-kit. The game did not remove the pathing tiles as the unit ran, instead keeping the whole path lit, and progressively turning red from the end of the path towards the start of the path. Also, the AP left counter kept counting down as the unit moved, eventually ending up at -44 AP when the unit arrived at the second hedge. At this point the path tiles were completely red briefly, then disappeared along with the counter when the move order was fully completed. The unit's AP was where it should have been after the move, as opposed to the -44 AP listed.

    I'll try to see if I can duplicate the first and third issue before filing a proper bug report. Ideally with either video or screenshots.

    ~Dudeman Jones

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    I'm on Fedora 16 and 17 and would be happy to check it out.

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    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04

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