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Thread: Infested Inc.

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    Ah the sortpoint on mine were all the same as well, must have been something else I altered and didn't remember.

    It looks like the changes you make to the spectre will be stored in that submap if mine are any indication.
    I don't know if that will be the same when you pass it around though or if it is just on your system.
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    Exactly why I didn't want to have to change any of the specters. I have no idea how the game handles them.

    There's a few doors and several props I've been avoiding because their pivot and offset are extremely incorrect.

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    Could you make a list of what items you are avoiding? If Chris isn't interested in it other mapmakers might be.

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    I'll try my best.

    Perhaps someone running the latest build could compare them and quickly fix any inaccuracies for both builds? I'd imagine that would work in everyone's favor.

    EDIT: I've noticed that almost universally all the damaged tile variations appear to be offset incorrectly in the editor. Is this a problem with the editor or are they really out of alignment?

    EDIT 2: I've gone through a good majority of the tiles that are out-of-alignment and every single damaged/destroyed version of a tile is out of alignment. However, there are four tiles that are undamaged which are misaligned as well. These are:


    In addition, all of the DoorOpen (of all doors, not just the above) tiles are misaligned as well.

    I have only really used tiles from the industrial set, however, excluding the hedges. There may be more than I do not yet know about.
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    I've found several other misaligned tiles:


    In addition, BoxPalletA_1x1_NESW and BoxPalletA_1x1_NWSE are exact copies of each other, with no apparent difference.

    Still have a lot of props yet to check.

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    Whenever you make changes to spectres to affects all of the items in the game that use that spectre. There are currently a lot of typos in the spectres which results in weird situations in the game (especially with the Scout). I would not be shy about correcting them. There was an instance when I went through an entire set of spectres for some of the old buildings and fixed them. I uploaded them and Chris implemented them which fixed many of the spectre problems at that time (since then the tiles have changed and I haven't fiddled with them again). At this point they are simply adding tiles and will be going back and fixing them later.

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    It does look exciting. Going to try it out for sure.
    I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't.

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    So my power supply died, and it took them roughly a week and a half to ship me a new one. That will probably delay me finishing the map because of a small backlog of other stuff, but I can now work on it when I feel like it again, at least.

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    Your title (Infested) cunjures up the image of when Ripley enters the queens lair in Aliens with all the eggs, and she has to destroy them all. It might be a good idea for a map where you have that situation and you have a frag-fest - killing as many as you can!

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    I'm going to say there are 8 Xenonauts on the map, considering the health bars of them all on the ui.

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