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Thread: Soviet Weapon / Alternate Weapon Images released!

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    Nice pics. And soviets are actually accompanied with black variants. This removes the need to add thousands of sprites for soldiers
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    1911..... soo much want...

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    if this was in game, it would be something like:
    modified for a 50 round box magazine this super heavy weapon has enough ammo for 2 short bursts. reloading is a long involved process however as one will most likely have to repair a jam. there has been some debate as to whether the benefit of a (barely) man carried weapon system which rivals the quad .50 machine guns of a hunter.

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    Can someone post how we can mod this images into the game? Sorry, I absolutly suck at coding. (and spelling.)

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    Probably best looking at the modding section, I think there is a thread about it already.
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    If the weapons had different stats to them then that would be awesome. Otherwise there is no point in having them other than cosmetic.
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