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  1. There was a rocket rifle in Jagged Alliance 2: There's also something similar being developed apparently:
  2. ...we gave shotguns to riflemen so they could switch to them for breaches and rifles to snipers so they have more flexibility and stun batons, pistols and grenades to shield guys to maximize their one-handed functionality and it was all tweaked depending on their strength scores and action points. Seriously, I don't know. Having a secondary weapon slot at least would be nice but the slot system looks like it would no longer use strength to determine carrying capacity in which case there would be no drawbacks which would eliminate choice. It would always be better to bring a second weapon. I'm not too fond of proposed firaxization but it's not a deal breaker. I mean there's nothing there so egregious that would make the system not work. Just remember that you can't compete with Firaxis in terms of production value and brand. If you stray too far in their territory gameplay-wise and lose the X-Com crowd the XCOM masses won't flock to Xenonauts to replace it. I don't mean it as a passive-aggressive remark, it's something to genuinely consider imho.
  3. I have to say I like the organic feel of the real time geoscape where some decisions take weeks to come to fruition while other tense moments are determined in seconds like interceptors running out of fuel or trying to catch a terror ship before it lands or dropships rushing to a hotspot or landed ufo. If anything I'd like to see that aspect of it enhanced. Trying to simulate it in a turn based system would not cut it imo, it'd be like eating a soy burger instead of the the juicy, rare steak you wanted. I know game development is hard and if you need turn based to get all the systems working together and what not go for it but given a choice my vote definitely goes toward real time.
  4. One potential problem I see with perks is that it could become very annoying to keep track of which tasks each individual soldier needs to accomplish to unlock another perk. Ideally I think the old system would work well with "skills" being relegated to equipment rather than level ups though I'm not against perks barring the issue mentioned above.
  5. While I agree with that philosophy I think risking self inflicted mind control in addition to aliens themselves mind controlling you will simply lead most people to skip psionics altogether. Unless you mean to not have alien inflicted MC anymore. You could have psionic backlash that damages/stuns the human psion or a bravery penalty due to psionic humans being mentally unstable. Something that introduces risk without totally screwing you over because of a bad dice roll.
  6. Nice to hear. You've kinda been having bad luck with "other party" announcements. First XCOM popped up soon after the Xenonauts kickstarter and now Phoenix Point. I do think this next KS will need more of a build up (which you seemed to have planned for) since people aren't as X-Com starved today as they were 3-4 years ago. Having something substantial to show will definitely help be required.
  7. XCE does have an exhausting change log but it can be daunting for a new player to find and make sense of it. Pointing out major changes is useful. Explosives not always doing over-damage and slower interceptor patrol speed (and lower fuel consumption) are among the significant yet probably overlooked changes imo.
  8. There've been changes to psi too, right? It's nice to have this clearly listed.
  9. I haven't tested the save myself but my concern is that there may in fact exist literally impossible situations (that's what the op claims). Difficulty, even in the extreme, is fine (especially on insane difficulty which this was) but absolute gamestoppers should be avoided imo. Or, I dunno, maybe he just should've brought more shields. Or maybe one should just accept non-winnable scenarios and retreat + airstrike? I just don't want an exploit fix to be a game breaking bug (not claiming it's necessarily the case here).
  10. Heya Solver, any thoughts on this thread: Sorry if it's not your domain so to speak.
  11. Thanks Solver.
  12. To a follower of Xeno-Buddha time is but a mote of stardust floating upon solar winds. A forum is never down when the mind is high up. Ommm.
  13. The Buddhist thread is going to reincarnate either way.
  14. Ok, thanks.
  15. When everything is extraordinary nothing is. I love the idea of mundane vs. fantastical which is, for example, why I prefer the Imperial Guard to Space Marines in 40k, the idea of "average Joes" facing unspeakable horrors. It creates a strong contrast and a grim, desperate atmosphere which is what an X-Com-like needs imo. The lost mission screen for Xenonauts illustrates it best I think. Makes victory that much sweeter.