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  1. --- In other words, unlike in "(Open)Xcom", you don't get to "sell" the corpse or live-captured-aliens. Upside to this is that the "artefacts" sell for much higher prices in comparison (which you can of course also adjust by yourself via the XML-file, if you want to). In other words also, you won't able to sell corpses as burger-ingredients in this game. (( A semi-reference to "Terror From Deep Guide" by "Kuo-Sheng (Kasey) Chang", which I actually though to be the "official"-strategy-guide!, and can be found here: )) --- --- ---
  2. --- This is a very obvious "shameless-self-promotion", but I'd say I did a decent and quite "objective"-summarizations between "Xenonauts" and "(Open)Xcom": ( The link above contains a link within itself to further details. ) And for the sake of "collection", here is another link of my general opinion on "Xenonauts": A summary of mine being: "Xenonauts 1" was a nice and fun streamlined "(Open)Xcom" both in good and bad-ways. ...But the worst thing is the lack of charts / graphs / statistic / records / spreadsheets /*anything-that-is-collection-of-numbers*!!! Other than these links, I personally don't right now have anything extra to comment on this thread. --- --- ---
  3. To be fair, it's called "Shock Grenade" that just simply causes "Electromagnetic (Pulse)"-damage, more on mechinery. Also, "lightning" is considered as a form of "EMP". Considering we have "electroshock weapons" in real-life, I just the "Shock Grenades" are just something fancier, even if it isn't completely "hard-sci-fi". I suppose shock-grenades perhaps are a bit too "simplified" to look more "prettier" function-wise. But otherwise it is a "electric-pulse" that (shock-)stuns things. (( Yeah-yeah, I am kinda harping on the "etymological / pedantic"-arguments. But in the end, explosives or something like that causing "shock"-damage as a "blast / splash" on organic-matter aren't completely far fetched in reality. )) --- --- As for the translocators, I still firmly believe on the "Xenonauts working within local-forces"-plan and using the translocator to only transfer needed extra equipments (E.G. better weaponry to deal with specific threats). This would work better with the semi-established lore (once again referencing to "Hyperdrives"), since the local-forces would need to put the "link" on the spot the translocator transfers the payload to. Of course, gameplay-wise this could possibly be something considered for the "Xenonauts 3" if this becomes "too in-depth / large". But perhaps even in "Xenonauts 2" could still allow players having "massive-staff" regardless. It really all depends on how much agency you want to give to players, in the end. --- --- ---
  4. Well it could possibly go both ways: At least making the AI less "cheating" could also happen, since the same rules would apply to both players and the alien-intelligence ( primarily I am referencing to ESPer-grenadier, which were simply infuriating in "Community Edition"; supposedly this and the "camping-AI" was changed in "X-Division"-mod, which I've yet to test (since I am still waiting for the stun / gas-grenade-fix / "buff", which is waited for the "X-pansion-pack"-mod by "Policenaut") ). --- (( Yeah, this is semi-off-topics, and I was primarily replying to "grenade"-topic here. )) --- --- ---
  5. I have already said this in various places on these forums, but I see it's worth saying it again. I fully agree the "24-hours per a turn"-system would be extremely limiting, or at least "too fast" or something relatable to fact of not having too much control over things or otherwise things turn out to be far too "random number generation" (RNG)-reliant". Or something else: Point is that the turns seemingly are "too large with too little control over", possibly. But otherwise, "turn-based vs real-time" is quite a "non-functional"-argument topic here. Of course, everyone has their different views on "turn-based"-combat. And I have personally already said that this game could also function really well in another format than in "real-time with pause" (which is considered as a form of "turn-based"). Once again I bring the example games "Fronzen Synapse" and "Dark Wind - War on Wheels", and perhaps to some extend I could bring "localized damage"-system from "Jagged Alliance" and "Fallout" too. (( Note: I am mainly if only mentioning games that I have personally played. )) Rather than saying "turn-based is impossible", I have said that we could get into further details depending how the "turns" are actually played. True, this could possibly partially backfire in a form of "cheating-mindreading-ESPer-Alien-intelligent" (E.G. especially the case with "Detect" and "Protect"-moves in "Pokemon"-games). But I am certain we can find some "non-binary"-solution nowadays. Similar to how it was done in "Xenonauts 1", interception-mini-game itself could happen in "real-real"-time, we we have already tested the game being able to run in "situational-speeds". Heck, we could simply just keep the current "real-time" we already have, but instead make the game itself keep tally of the "turns". --- (( I am fully aware I pretty much repeat everything i have already said. But I just feel a little miffed for being ignored, maybe. Or at least that "we" keep harping on that "turn-based is impossible. I am also very aware that I brought pretty nothing new with this post. )) --- --- ---
  6. I prefer this term instead, if not only to make some distinctions between careers / job-positions.ööri But otherwise I do continue to agree the staff could be more multi-talented, even if I am very biased when comes to this ( if not only because I have graduated from two multi-talent vocational-educations ). (( But seriously though, the "academical-training-terminology"-thing is very overwhelming to begin with, especially once you stat adding polytechnic-degrees! )) --- --- ---
  7. --- You might want to add the "replay"-file too in order to make the bug reporting a bit easier, alongside posting on the current-version-patch-notes: --- --- ---
  8. If I recall correctly, the "Community Edition" of "Xenonauts 1" actually made it so that you could blind Sebillians with "incendiary Grenades", since they were unaffected by "smoke". So maybe instead of just having drawbacks or advantages, it could be a "plus-minus"-situations. E.G. Sebillians indeed slower and seeing far better during night due being cold-blooded and having natural heat-vision. And during daytime faster movement, but maybe worse sight depending on the heat-sources (incendiary and other sudden high-heat-sources could possibly temporarily stun Sebillians or cause other effects related to spotting and accuracy). --- --- ---
  9. This is semi-derailing from the original thread topic. But this is a word I personally at least try to be very careful with, generally speaking. So basically my opinion on that topic is pretty well summarized with the following video: --- In case of link-rot Video-title: "Innovation - Gaming's Snake Oil", Jimquisition / Jim Sterling --- --- (( I'll observe the discussions; at the moment I have nothing new to add to thread-topic at the moment. )) --- --- ---
  10. --- There has been various "robot-replacement"-ideas thrown here on this thread. I personally would like to instead some gadgets to replace "vehicles" and perhaps be otherwise more utile. To continue where I left of from another thread (linked below), we could implement some rudimentary motion-detection and related tools that already existed back in Cold War, or at least make them more plausible with the research-system. Or example instead of having "Alien-franchise-esque"-motion-detector-radar- / tracker-tool-thingamjiks, we could, for one, get something based on "passive infrared sensor"-technology. Maybe instead of the movement it could sense the different radiation-levels or something else relevant that could give more information of the area that players don't have direct-line-of-sight into. (( I am no expert when it comes to technology in general. So someone better at "hard-sci-fi" could probably figure out something far more plausible. )) Similar to "Motion Scanners" in (Open)Xcom, these gadgets would provide enough vital-information to be able to play more safely, but would be vague enough to not to be too overpowered (E.G. a heat-detector could be confused by flames). Point is, these tools could be something more cost-effective alongside more utile than what the combat-vehicles ever have been (in my opinion). --- The link to the post I talked of: --- --- ---
  11. Not even the (( Note: I have bought the game; I've yet play this edition though. )) --- --- ---
  12. Well that kinda was the case already with "Xenonauts 1" end-game-mission. But indeed , "Xenonauts 2" could possibly make it even grander, and hopefully not turning too big of a "spectacle creep". --- --- ---
  13. A work-around is to "remove the walls", as I wrote here: --- --- ---
  14. I'd say these two comments are relatable: It's as if this "officer"-units has a hard-coded "insta-kill" ability because no matter where you place your Sniper and Machinegunner (in this same order), this unit will try and kill these first, unless there is several riflemen or shotgunners, and even then "the officer" might completely ignore them. In other words, this specific unit is "biased magic bullet"-wielder (of "Der Freischütz / The Marksman / The Freeshooter"-fame). First an image showing where the officer is / was, alongside the obstacles in between (notice the dead sniper at the bottom of the screen). Image above same but without trajectory / bullet-travel-lines. Here is a replay-file in which I more or less reproduced this: recording_4.rec --- --- ---
  15. Just to be sure: This means you'd have to have the "Error Reporting" enabled in order to allow the game to make these "record"-files to begin with, right? (( I originally thought this was to allow submitting "crash-reports"-automatically. )) Also, this is a semi-recent addition, since I've had the setting allowed since the first time I tested the demo (around January 2017), so far I only have couple of recordings. If is the folder automatically purged after each "majour non hot-fix"-update? --- A test record-file: recording_2.rec --- On a side note, could this mean we might possibly get a replay-feature similar to seen in "Frozen Synapse" for example? --- ---