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  1. --- --- (( I'm trying out for change to let the screenshots be automatically sorted to the bottom of the thread-post; if the image-previews do take too much of space, I'll do the thumbnail-resizing again on my next possible post; there were just so many images to preview this time. Apologies for also the images getting messed up chronologically speaking; it's a mess-up due me not paying attention. But hopefully they'll still show the spot / bug in question.)) Seems like I've been able to dug up more or less old bug here. Or at least I believe so. Anyways, Carrier-UFOs seems to have this invisible edge(s) Harridans are more than happy to exploit for their advantage (they are available symmetrically on both sides of the UFO, as shown in the screenshots). You can see it on the screenshots (especially with "shadow-spot" and "splats" on them). (( EDIT: There is also more or less identical spot "front" of the Carrier-UFOs the Harridans can exploit, as shown in the newest screenshot; I unfortunately was not able to find the spot with my mouse-cursor. Just to clarify the screenshot: The Harridan stood on that spot and threw a grenade at the solider that were under its feet (you might spot a tiny grenade-thing under the shield-soldier). )) Screenshots are also included inside the ZIP-file alongside the save-files. Download: Xenonauts Harridan Inviisible Carrier Edge Mod-list has stayed unchanged since my latest bug-report:
  2. --- --- So I destroyed the most of the roof of this building with C4 / Plasma-charge (used the latter for this bug), and regardless the angles I cannot see inside the building. ((I haven't yet tried to see if the non-existing "roof" is possible to walk on.)) (((EDIT: You can actually walk on the "roof"; in other words only the roof-"texture" had been blown-off; the screenshot on the right shows my xenonaut walking on the "roof".))) I also accidentally overwrote the savefile before throwing the "C4", but i still have the files for the whole battle. How to reproduce: 1. Locate this specific building 2. Blow-up (/down?) the roof 3. The "roof" should be still there blocking the field-of-view from atop regardless the angles --- Unlike before, I actually have activated few extra mods. If the mod-tool still organizes or otherwise makes sure everything works as they should, then I doubt it's the extra mods causing this bug. In other words, so far this mod-combination has worked just fine for about ten (10) most recent ground-combat-battles. ((Not certain about "reaper-zombies" going invisible from time to time during this specific ground-combat though, when they get damaged and reappear once "spotted" again by moving one of the Xenonaut-tokens (the bug is shown in the screenshot number-"20170116132826_1" in the zip-folder as a floating shadow).)) --- --- --- ZIP-File-Download: --- Xenonauts Invisible Roof bug --- --- ---
  3. I'd say it all depends how close the next (expected / planned) Community-Edition-update-release date would be. If we are talking of several months (when exaggerating), then I'd say the temporary feature-disabling might be worth it. But otherwise I personally am totally okay to wait few extra weeks for this (community-)expansion-pack.
  4. --- ((This is going to contain a lot of things I didn't get to voice earlier, so expect "things everyone has already said everywhere". Also, loads of ramblings, obviously.)) --- --- Game Development-talk: The "more of the same with slight improvements" is a completely fine approach in the case of "Xenonauts 2", as it has been already said many-many times. And in fact I too also welcome the idea of "Xenonauts 1 but in new better and otherwise flexible game-engine"; if this for example allows more variations of how the alien-ship have (crash-)landed, then this already is a huge improvement in my eyes (I.E. instead of the UFO-entrances pointing "south-east", they could be direct north and such). Of course this would also require more heavy use on the camera-rotations (which i recall has already been enabled in the public-test-builds). Also I like the semi-cel-shade-style; it looks quite really good in my opinion. Perhaps the greatest challenge Xenonauts (might still have) is to keep their identity, considering the markets are getting little by little more saturated. That being said, this leads me to: ((Worth noting: I am using the terminologies and such very liberally.)) "Xenonauts 1" strengths: - Starting the (main / really-heavy) Alien Invasion during Cold War (late 1970's -early 1980's) just surprisingly clever move (especially for someone you simply semi-blindly pre-ordered the game when it was first released in the "Alpha-section" of Desura). The setting seemingly gave very good inspirations when it came making the Xenopedia-entries (player / fan-made content included, especially the ones included in "Community Edition" like "Lore+"). And this is where I highly praise Xenonauts over the Xcom (skin-wearing)-attempts by Firaxis: Lore-writing. Whereas Firaxis went the "in-your-face" cinematics alongside otherwise "gamifying" the games far too much (in the opinion of many including myself), Xenonauts kept the old-Xcom "Ufopedia"-style and made the "meaningless"-researches not only useful in practice (E.G. giving damage-buff against aliens), but also the writing is simply meaty and scientifically-logical (and easy enough to read a "blue-collar" like myself even understand new scientific concepts; yes "DR. Snidley", as cynical he is, he still thinks best for everyone; superb character writing in my opinion, and no joking, deserved the spot in my list of favorite characters ever!). On a funny note: Rather than just me being really patriotic, in this game it was simply the most logical solution to setup the first base in the Archipelago Sea (although you could also semi-blame the "Finlandization" too...); legitimately gotten maxed funding from both USA and USSR says I apparently indeed mastered "the art of bowing to the East without mooning the West". This lore-usage extends to the actual researched weapon-designs and functioning; I'll keep that thing this brief. - Riot-shields Even if for the most part they simply were just "damage / shot-sponges", they were simply one of the most "innovative" things added to this game. The drawbacks, making the player-character-tokens "heavy" thus disabling the vaulting and flight for them, was just-right. If we can get actual "deflecting"-chance feature in "Xs2" (primarily to deflect grenades), then in my view this would be one of the most innovative things in video-game history. ((The full-on 3D-engine should bring up some really nice possibilities to grenade-patch, especially if you add the code for "bounces" and such (E.G. throwing a grenade behind a corner by bouncing it via wall. A "billiard-AI" should be able to mimic this tactic.)) - Keeping up with OpenXcom development Or is it other way around? Well regardless, my point is that implementing and perhaps even improving further various features found in other relatable games indeed was a good choice (E.G. showing TUs left once moved). Generally just making this game "Xcom with different skin" made jumping into this game far less of a hassle. In fact, once again semi-referencing to lore, a lot of the simplifications / removal of annoying micro-managing (E.G. making sure to have enough ammo-clips bought) was really good move (OpenXcom introduces a lot automation-toggles, hence saying "keeping up with them"). Perhaps on a related terms I really hope there will even more things to tinker outside the mod-scene. Although it is true some of micro-movements have already been addressed in the public-builds (E.G. soldiers automatically ground behind cover, because "why wouldn't you obviously?". And the choice of using the reaction-shot-chance is very clever "risk-reward"-feature; I've lost so many "reactors" because of the far too trigger-happy scouts...). I suppose the the summary to this section is that "Streamlining is okay if you're still able to retain or even give more control / agency over to players", which seems to be the good direction "Xs2" is going for. - No (just only) "ultimate-stuff" Obviously the "worst"-stuff get's completely replaced eventually in this game (so in this regard E.G. "marauder-interceptor"; I'll kinda get to this later). But at least there isn't "Avengers / Leviathans" which simply are "master of all". Weapons-wise almost everything stays usable throughout the whole game (almost 200-battles fought and I am still using ballistic / non-research non-pistol-guns), because how the tactics allow this all (E.G. shooting androns enough times degrades their armour). I hope there will be more "piecing" happening in the next game; For I certainly would have wanted to use the gadgets that enhance the field-of-view in forms of visors or maybe even having a small camera recording the back-side (while still leaving the sides "blind"). - Down but not necessarily out This is somewhat conflicting: Lore / time-setting-wise it is understandable that players don't have portable defibrillators (I mean look at the batteries the "Mobira-NMT-phones" had; I know by first-hand how heavy those were!"), so it sometimes miffs me that I wasn't able to revive a person I had accidentally knocked-out with gas-grenades. On the other hand, this sort of makes capturing extraterrestrials slightly too easy, since there is no reviveing from unconsciousness in this game. But then again, this also makes the battles not drag too long either in case someone / something wakes up again. Perhaps some sort of "cuffing" feature could be introduced (which admittedly would introduce some extra micromanagement). The "zero-hp" not necessarily causing death is a nice "recovery-chance". And although this related feature makes playing with interception perhaps a little reckless, it's still very logical sounding (especially since the recovery-time seems to be affected by the distance where the plane fell down). - Suppression While many lament for the lack wielding the psionic powers, I personally am totally with it, especially since the in-game-lore more less explains this (E.G. the aliens you fight don't have the concept of "surrendering" and otherwise are expendable). Suppression a very nice mechanic to gain a "mental"-advantage over the aliens, and some regards-wise (but it's far more consistent things to pull of as a player). - Alternative objectives and win-conditions Sure, there is only like two of them (Holding the UFOs for 5-turns, and finding the command-center of the cases to reveal the stranded guards). But even these two are better than nothing; maybe in future one could get some extra rewards for exploration and securing the civilians on the map. ((True, I've yet to play a Terror-mission in Xenonauts since I've been really lucky. But seems lie there also has been some !quality-of-life" improvements implemented (like "air-reconnaissance".)) One of the better things I also liked was the announcement of the "need-this-now"-capture-target, and on that extend also making each of the rank of aliens distinguishable. This was a super-huge improvement for the O-Xcom in which one eventually just ended up gassing / freezing everyone for the sake of randomly being lucky to get the needed commander or something similar. - Multifunctional facilities / base-buildings Right on the related note to previous section, the already-included alien-prison in laboratories was a huge removal of annoying micromanagement. And generally making buildings auto-upgradeable and otherwise "smarter" was a good move. - Increase of alien-mission And the way how they are implemented plus discovered. I really like how the world in this game is quite alive especially when a random army shoots down and creates a UFO-crash-site for you to raid. Or your intelligence-agends spot that first alien-base hidden in "dark-zone". I really like the addition of "air-superiority" and "strafing"-missions too, since it enforces me time for the correct moment to send air-forces to correct-places. "Xenonauts 1" fumbles: - "It's too organized" This is a rather broad topic. But I'll keep it as simple as possible: I really hope the next game has more "chaos". While I really like the fact that the UFOs come in variable and in increasing waves (sometimes ranging from a singular to many in a single moment), I kinda of wish this could more random without modding. Point is, I hope in future game things could be even more unpredictable. Like I said this is not a simple topic. - "No charts / graphs!!! Absolutely the biggest gripe of mine in this game, especially when considering that (by default) the funding countries are keeping their wallet shut-tight once you reach the max-funding levels! But yeah, having the graphs in the next game would be grand for us "number-nerds". And perhaps one could extend the graphs into a similar post-game "histogram" you see in say "Civilization V". - "Signposting" Generally this goes to clarity on information what players are given. Sure, a lot of "meta-data" can be freely dug-up via the XML-files and such. But in overall I wish there was options for more less-obvious things (perhaps even making them to be togglable). Perhaps the starter thing is to make the instruction-booklet / manual to be par or even batter than the original Xcom-game had; do not be afraid of going "too in-depth"; going more in-depth is better than players noticing some nasty oversights the developers slip-through (E.G. new players with zero-experiences not knowing you can turn around Xenonaut-player-tokens and open doors with "right-click"). Some players keep "complaining" about the lack of tutorials. I however am in the boat is disliking "lazy-tutorials" (sharing the same sentimentals as many of the Reto-Moto-folks). Xenonauts could probably have a "shooting-range" or similar "sandbox" in which the players could practice the ground-combat mechanics and strategies (maybe also with help with hint-boxes and skip-able pop-ups). Perhaps "Xenonauts 2" could optionally also use a "last spotted there"-feature in order make tracking the alien-movements less of a hassle (unless it is already there; I've been killing the aliens so fast in the test-builds I can't remember noticing). One of things I hope could more properly implemented in next game are the "senses": We already have "hearing" for the "off-screen"-noises, to which the camera-focuses on during the "AI"-turns. But I hope there was some markers left afterwards (I think OpenXcom allows this optional to leave "tracer trails"). So maybe having some sort of sense-stat for soldier could allow some the off-screen-spotting (pretty much one of the very few things I'd "steal" from 2012 Firaxis Xcom). Of course if we also were to complement counter-tactics to sense-attribute, this could turn too into "Fallout"-territory (E.G. explosions and other loud noises could temporarily disable hearing and bright-flashes temporarily disable the seeing / sight). ((Granted, I have yet to play "X-com-clones" like "UFO - Alien Invasion" or "Xenowar" or "UFO - Extraterrestrials", alongside many, many other titles, so a lot of things I wish "Xenonauts 2" (and to some extend the 1st too) would have could possibly been tried&tested in these games before.)) --- Kickstarter backer-rewards-talk: ((I might sound somewhat "patronizing" here, especially I've yet to run any of these kinds of campaigns; apologizes if I sound like so. All I am doing is just voicing my opinions and observations as a customer.)) The 50K$ seems "humble enough" margin to cross, especially since it was successful last time too. Now that you have the reputation of making "good enough"-game which you have maintenanced and have endorsed the community-editions too (like the "X-division"-team also having the access to source-code more or less, if I've read correctly), I'd say the Kickstarter campaign is going do well. What have I noticed however is that the lower (or more "humble") the initial goal is, the more like these "kickstarter / pre-funding"-campaigns tends to get genuinely funded (as is not only just funded but also less of fake-pledges percentage-wise). Length of the campaign also affects a lot to this. Alternatively you could simply just start taking pre-orders to say how "Natural Selection 2", "Starbound" and "Wreckfest" was conducted (pre-orders sold via "Humble-Widget"). After all, you said that you already "got enough budget to ship the minimum game"; increase the amount of middle-men then? Price-wise the 25$ for pre-order seems to quite reasonable (I personally bought the "Xenonauts Premium Preorder" for 21,99€ in Desura on 21 November 2011 (the price is here to show the price-evolution). Most lucrative rewards indeed are the ones in which the players gets to be put into game in a way or another, which of course could lead to to the biggest pile to work off, as you mentioned. Names in the credit-section as early-backers would be the most simple thing to offer ((which reminds me: If you must add a "credits"-section, try to make them manually-scrollable; that would something far too few people do especially when the credit-sections are huge and generally cannot be interacted with)). Physical rewards really in my opinion aren't all that important, especially if you make the other extra content (art books, soundtracks, etc.) archivable to begin with. ((And generally endorse archiving.)) Of course, I am speaking as a person who lives currently only with the "basic income", so my money is tight pretty much always. But I'd be certainly more than happy to pay ~50$ for a look-a-like solider that will get his face blasted-off while grinning like a like little toddler in a bouncy-castle...or something like that, I think... --- --- ---
  5. Old-Xcom-game advantage indeed was that they were build into pixel-graphics, unlike the really beautiful 2D-(sprite?)-art we have here (well, point being the Xcom was made with "just squares" while Xenonauts is drawn in "paintings"; but this all goes into too many technicalities). It's gonna be very interesting to see how well the full-3D-models will eventually enable the environmental-destruction in the second Xenonauts-game (or at the minimum I want to be able to walk on the dropships and UFOs again).
  6. --- --- Alright, so here are the lines I found related to Reapers: <Rank type="Reaper"> <Behaviour> <Pathing Environment = "-10" Sight="6" Sound="-0.1" Cover="-3" EnemyInfluence="-5" AlliedInfluence="0" NearestEnemy="2" EnemyLOS="4.0" AlliedLOS="0" Goal="0" /> </Behaviour> <Props APs="70" Resilience="80" Strength="60" Accuracy="200" Reflexes="60" Bravery="100" Abilities="Zombify" CrouchDisabled="1" /> <Armour kinetic="0" energy="0" chemical="0" incendiary="0" /> <Items killed="Items.ReaperCorpse" stunned="Items.Reaper" /> <BloodHitSprite name="particles/hit_alienblood/hit_alienblood" /> <Equipments> <Equipment> <PrimaryWeapon name="weapon.reaperclaws" /> </Equipment> </Equipments> </Rank> <Rank type="ReaperAlpha"> <Behaviour> <Pathing Environment = "-10" Sight="6" Sound="-0.1" Cover="-3" EnemyInfluence="-5" AlliedInfluence="0" NearestEnemy="2" EnemyLOS="4.0" AlliedLOS="0" Goal="0" /> </Behaviour> <Props APs="80" Resilience="120" Strength="60" Accuracy="200" Reflexes="60" Bravery="100" Abilities="Zombify" CrouchDisabled="1" PsionicPower="60" PsionicAttacks="Paralyse" /> <Armour kinetic="0" energy="0" chemical="0" incendiary="0" /> <Items killed="Items.ReaperAlphaCorpse" stunned="Items.ReaperAlpha" /> <BloodHitSprite name="particles/hit_alienblood/hit_alienblood" /> <Equipments> <Equipment> <PrimaryWeapon name="weapon.reaperalphaclaws" /> </Equipment> </Equipments> </Rank> </AI> --- On the further searching, when I was looking for more deatils for "Resilience", I found this wikia-page: ((Typical luck of mine...)) --- Thanks for the help @drages. --- --- ---
  7. --- --- ((I am fairly certain this question has been answered many times already. But at least I haven't been lucky enough to find the info; feel free to link me to them if there indeed is some around.)) --- Xenonauts-wikia doesn't contain all the information I am looking on the data of alien-stats. For example, the page of Reaper has none (but I do know their melee-strike cost 35% of TUs, if I read the "weapons_gc".xml-correctly), while most of the other aliens have the stats included. So I am requesting for the XML-files or the relevant gamefiles I'd need to "datamine"-through for the stats of the aliens. ((Feel free to name all the related sources locations and such (even the already mentioned "weapons_gc" is needed to.)) --- --- ---
  8. How this sounds to me is that you're not aware that most of the doors can simply be opened by "pushing" it, ala like say how SWAT usually does when they don't want to use breach-charges or something similar. In case you aren't aware of this info, you can also open the doors also while standing on the side of them with the "right click" (same button you use to turn around your Xenonauts) while looking at the diagonally. The following example image shows the mouse-cursor turning into "door"-icon when your right-click interacts with the doors. ((Open the images in a new browser-tab in order to see them in full-view)) . ((This image is the same type of UFO @Charon showed in their video. My team is "only" made of 10-xenonauts on a "Shriek"-dropship; no one is wearing an advanced-armour.)) In other words just like the aliens can dabble with the doors without moving, Xenonauts can do that which mostly doesn't either being suspected to reaction-fire. The following image shows my team successfully formed behind the doors of the next door. The whole tactic of mine is extremely slow. But so far has worked pretty well. True, door-opening function is something even I wish the Instruction-Booklet / Manual of this game would tell us. But then again the oversight is kinda understandable since this game was primarily made by old-Xcom-fans for the older-Xcom-fans (I just hope the Xenonauts 2 has "graphs" though (especially to see the funding-changes and such). Playstyles and such aside, my primary problem with Xenonauts mostly only has been the lack of visible or otherwise available data, especially the data that has been written by other players (I'll sort of explain this, don't worry). Accepting results and such I have zero-problems with generally speaking (I otherwise wouldn't be playing say online-games with perme-death features like "Darkwind: War on Wheels"; "cheating" or otherwise "exploiting" is something I cannot agree with anything (case in point in this game the "camping ESPer grenade-tosser-AI", or the situations where they are exploiting bugs that even I have reported). Like I mentioned, I have a decent amount experience with original-Old-Xcom-games (having beaten the first one and dabbling with the TfTD since it first reaches the shores of Finland in 1995). (Open)Xcom in general of course has the advantage of the +20-years head-start when it comes to not only to development of the game but also the datamining and so on. In other words, the game has been pretty much explored to the "last bit" (although still ongoing). ((On a related note, you should be soon seeing a thread in which I'll be requesting some info I haven't able to find but would be very useful for "Online Xenopedia" (like the Wikia-site and such).)) My save-scumming-habit (as apologetic as it sounds) has been more of a "beta-tester"-style of AI-behaviour-observing, rather than not "backtracking" or otherwise not wanting to accept the results. I.E. I've been more of testing and trying to find out best strategies against the cheap-tactics the AI utilizes (and perhaps use the gathered data for future video-game development to create more "fair" and otherwise "organic" bot-intelligence). This is the age-old-problem ever since the first Xcom-game. But thankfully Xenonauts has the 5-turns-to-capture-this-UFO-rule in this game. (And it appears that some OpenXcom-modders and other coders are trying to code-in a similar "surrender"-feature). I personally just leave the singular wanderers alone, even if it's a loss of +10K$; but then again my primarily goal is to Strength-train my soldiers at this point (having fought +100 battles to this point). Sure, base defence and assaults still require you kill all the aliens in order to have full-success. But at least we haven't been in need of tracking-devices like we used to in O-Xcom. --- --- ---
  9. Yup, hence why having high-reflexed soldiers as scout is super important (even when playing on "Easy"-difficulty);ideally the super-high-relex-shield units are your best guys to open the doors at the moment. Elevator-scouting-wise, thankfully spinning around doesn't trigger the reaction-shot-checks; only moving and actual actions (shooting, throwing grenades, opening doors, etc.). Studying the line-of-sights is something very worth imprinting into your eyes too when attempting to raid some corners too. Suppression-wise you're (most likely) indeed going to have most difficult with the androns since, as I wrote quite many times, they cannot with suppressed. Pretty much the only counter against these again are the super-high-reflex shield-carriers, alongside being able to execute the mass-chain-EMP-grenade-strike once you have created a safe situation to pull that off E.G. spot one of the corner-campers with one scout from the other end of the room and process to chug grenades from the blind-side of the camper). Well, I was using the term "save-scumming" rather liberally. But my point was that primarily through this practice I've learned to counter various "cheats" the "Alien Intelligence" uses (especially the very annoying super-blind grenade-chugging over the high-walls the "ESPers"(-Sebillians) are practicing really often. Using the door-TU-consumption to deny cheap-grenade-deaths is also something I learned via this practice (as in, in Xenonauts it's "basic-procedure-behavioral-procedure", while in "Original Xcom"-games grenades were simply very chaotically random (at least in my experiences); I.E. in Xenonauts grenades are the primary choice of damage dealing if TUs allow the AI is allowed the "hit-and-run" with those, while in "O-Xcom" it was more of a "panic-button" to aliens (at least inside the UFOs while playing the OpenXcom-edition)). In the end though, I don't feel any less of being a worse-players due save-scumming; hence I was able to write this hopefully guiding-thing to begin with. This is especially to consider that while there is dice-rolling in this (and Old Xcom-games), there are still a lot of guarantees one can do (E.G. point-blank shots are going to hit pretty much 100%-chance, suppression can be guaranteed with enough EMP-grenades, etc. anything that isn't super-long-range-shots can be more or less guaranteed to happen, in my experiences at least.) Well it was more of making 100%-certain that you are reaction-shotting than accidentally spending too many TUs to not be able to reaction-shot-check to begin with; ideally you could reserve for "normal"-shots and either have a chance for two reaction-shots or otherwise just higher chance to do the reaction-shot. It is somewhat nasty Xenonauts is missing the reserving-toggle for the crouching too while Xcom/UFO & Terror from deep had this button. But thankfully it's just additional 3-TUs and the possible turning one needs to calculate manually. Thank you; I just simply had been searching with wrong key-words (like "TU", "Time Units", and so one instead of "Action Points" or "AP") <AP> <MoveAP>3</MoveAP> <MoveAPDiagonal>4</MoveAPDiagonal> <TurnAP>1</TurnAP> <KneelingAP>3</KneelingAP> <KneeledTurnAP>1</KneeledTurnAP> <StairAP>2</StairAP> <DoorOpenAP>6</DoorOpenAP> <DoorCloseAP>6</DoorCloseAP> <DoorLargeOpenAP>6</DoorLargeOpenAP> <DoorLargeCloseAP>6</DoorLargeCloseAP> <HandsFreeingAP>8</HandsFreeingAP> <HandDragAP>12</HandDragAP> <BackpackDragAP>4</BackpackDragAP> <BeltDragAP>4</BeltDragAP> <GroundDragAP>0</GroundDragAP> <JumpPackVertAP>5</JumpPackVertAP> <JumpPackHorzAP>3</JumpPackHorzAP> <JumpPackHorzAPDiag>3</JumpPackHorzAPDiag> <TeleportAP>30</TeleportAP> <ExtraVaultAP>4</ExtraVaultAP> <ExplosiveArmingAP>2</ExplosiveArmingAP> <ExplosiveUnarmingAP>1</ExplosiveUnarmingAP> <CrushableGrassAP>2</CrushableGrassAP> <DropshipMissionsAlienStartAPModifier>0.5</DropshipMissionsAlienStartAPModifier> I merely inserted the info here just for the sake of confirmation (at least for myself). Plus it has some other nice info for rest of players who are interested in (especially to those who end up using med-packs a lot during ground-combat). --- --- ---
  10. --- --- This is going to rather lengthy and "rambled"-multi-part-post. But should be well informative too. Bare in mind, that this is rather spoilery too. Semi-forewords: True, the Alien-AI is a little bit too "smart". In all fairness, it is almost playing like a human for the "last stand" and such. And you could argue them also being "ESPers" is lore-faithful (sebilian having thermal-vision, androns sensors, etc.). And if there there is something this game has taught me, "save-scumming" for the sake of finding the counter-tactics against cheap'ish alien-AI has been 100% okay. --- Your greatest enemy: Especially inside UFOs, your greatest enemy are going to be "super-TU-pin-point-calculating-explosion-geniuses" ("commanders" and other higher-rank extraterrestrials carrying a grenade to begin with, that is). For the most part even the always useful mighty shield-units are for the most part helpless against grenades because they simply phase-through the shields of their target (I.E. always land behind the shield). And all your characters with less than 60-health-points (with or without armour) are more than likely going to be killed (unless of course by sheer luck the Xenonaut resists either for none or minimal damage). Well, there's also the explosion-gun-toters. But at least those guys actually need (bit of wonky) line-of-sight to begin with, so you can at least reaction-shot those guys. --- The Beginning-phase / Breaching the UFO: So, aside for having your UFO-raiding consisting of valiant-shield units to take on the face-shots, how so you fight against (non-andron) door and corner-campers? Well, for starters we need to "give some of their own medicine" and exploit slightly, kind of; lore-wise this tactic actually would be 100% thing happening. But let's get this started right from the beginning (I'll try to make this as detailed as possible since I currently lack screenshots to demonstrate this): 1. Gather all you troops around the doorways, preferable ~8-squares away or otherwise using diagonal and various other covered placements (which vary from depending on the UFOs). 2. Most important: (stun-)Gas the doors, if there are non-androns dabbling with them that is. You can do this by first ready your stun-gas-grenade and adjust the aim into the door. You'll know the grenade is aimed "into" the door when the door itself is highlighted in green. If it doesnät, you're either not close enough to the door or you have the wrong throwing angle. Gassing the door not only possibly knocks-down the organic-non-helmet-wearing enemies, but also temporarily makes them hesitant entering the squares covered by gas. 2.1. Alternatively you can try simply try to destroy the doors with explosives with the risk of destroying the enemy and the artifacts / money behind it. ((I personally prefer having doors because it is extra time-units for aliens to use too when they need to open it (especially the case with "grenadiers") plus they give more cover to Xenonauts to form around the doors.)) Hopefully you pretty much have been using the time-unit-reserving-feature for the "Snap-shots" to enable the "Reaction-shots" (as you should have been right from get go). Though let's have some important info-injection(s) here in the middle, because semi-unfortunately the players needs to get into in-depth with this: Static time-unit-consumptions. If the GameManual-pdf (found within the gamefiles) and the "wikia" are still up-to-date, the (most notable) consumptions should be like this: - Movement and crouch-toggle: 3-TUs per square and toggle (same goes with flight) - Turning: 1-TU per 45-degrees - Doors: 6-TUs (and same thing with trans / teleporters - Grenades: 50% of TUs + 8-TUs with full hands (when using the quick-grenades-slots) - Guns and other equipments: Variable %-TU-usage Same consumption-rules apply to aliens; use this info to your advantage to (especially the highlighted / bolded-sections). ((If someone knows every TU-usage-info via a XML-files or something similar, feel free to correct or otherwise inform me; I just didn't have the luck find all of the info.)) Securing the elevators: So now you have hopefully breached into the UFO and possibly are now facing the "elevators": This is going to be the most difficult part in the UFO-capturing. 3. Provided you have made sure the bottom floor has been completely cleaned, start grouping your raiders to "overwatch" the teleporters. Try keep ~8-squares away from those until your next full-TU-replenished turn to avoid camping grenadiers jumping between the floors. After this turn, start surrounding the teleporters from at least four (4) directions. Toggle the crouch when initially reaching the spot to allow any Xenonaut behind safely reaction-shot any elevator-camper still alive (for this specific elevator, that is). 4. Once you have had at least one safe turns, start preparing your most TU-rich xenonaut to scout the room the teleporter leads to, first by making him / her stand (that "measly" 3-TUs could be the thing that either saves or kills you). 5. If there are enemies still camping around the teleporters (spotted by the scout), return your scout back to consider best strategy to be used to clean the room (assault with TU-rich and very high-reflexed shotgunner, one xenonaut to suppress the camper, whatever strategy suits the situation and your style best). 5.1 Provided the destination room has been cleared, start moving rest of your team into the new room. Clearing out rest of the UFO (Command-room and "above"): This is very the capturing-process gets the most tricky (especially if there are more than two floors), because now you're entering the / a ultimate-territory of the grenade-campers (unless of course you are fighting androns; they only have the super-kaboom-sticks to worry about). Your best weapon of choice here is suppression (unless of course they're androns). For the sake of refresher: Suppression not only disables the reaction-fire, but it also halves the time-units for the next turn. Or if suppressed twice in the same turn, no TUs at all. At this point of the game (when you start facing "elevator-UFOs), you should already have EMP-grenades (or something equivalent depending on which version of the game and with what mods you're playing with). These grenades not only are very good for capturing or otherwise taking down resilient units (helmets, androns, etc.). But they also have good suppression-capabilities; two of these (2x60-suppression-points) even close-enough to campers (~2-squares away form the damage-zone / Area-of-Effect / Splash-zone) should suppress the unit(s). By keeping close eyes on your Time-Unit-pool and suppressing the rooms thus denying aliens from ever throwing grenades or reflex-killing your soldiers, you should be able to tidy up rest of the UFO-interiors. --- A summary: So this guide of mine can summarized with these crucial-steps (aside also of course studying the static time-unit-costs): 1. Gas the doors! 2. Scout carefully!! 3. Suppress everything!!!..aside of course your own team; you really want to avoid accidental team-suppressions... --- --- --- Extra Pave's Ideal UFO-recovery-team: If it wasn't already obvious, I really-really like shield units in this game. Not only they can take up to 160-damage worth of shots into their face. But they can also carry a lot-lot of grenades (provided they have the minimum strength of 60, that is). At least half my teams are always shield units, unless I am recovering a "Scout"-UFO. (In Community-Edition, that is). Rest of my team consists Riflemen (close-range-burst-fire and semi-long-range-sharpshooting, plus good reaction-fire-chance), maybe couple of Assaults (if they both lack reflexes and have low strength too, but then have high TU-pool), and perhaps a single Sniper with high reflexes (if I am fighting in open-areas, especially against Harridans). And that's pretty much it without going too much into spoilers. --- --- ---
  11. Quoting from here: (I believe) This is primarily to answer you question regarding to doors. As for you @Johnny_B, I am in process of writing you a reply on how to assault the UFOs in the current up-to-date (mods included) as safely as possible in that another thread you wrote; it'll be hopefully done in few hours. And it's a lot of text as detailed and as easy to read as possible. --- --- ---
  12. --- --- ((I'll eventually figure out to make the download / zip-file appear inside a box or something similar so spotting the download-link should be easier in future.)) Well I don't know exactly how to call these buildings (half-barrel-cupolas?). But anyways Harridans seem to be able to fly right through them. And generally the surroundings are quite buggy since I was trying to shoot him and the game had a lot of troubles to calculate the hits. I have zipped the save-files needed for this, one to get the "seed" and two for before moving one of my xenonauts to inside ("Harridan Outside") and other after the harridan flew in ("Harridan Inside"). How to reproduce with the save-files: 1. Move "Raphael Gagnon" through the Doors to kill the sebilian camping next to the window. Kill the sebilian. 2. Preferable park Raphael to the same spot shown in the the screenshot. The Harridan next to the building should now fly through the roof (the darker spots on outside-roof), land next to and take a shot on Raphael. Post-Verification-Testing-Edit: Alternatively try to find a spot to which the pathfinder forces one of your flight / jump-capable Xenonauts travel through the roof of this very same specific building. Xenonauts Harridan flying in bug Mod list has still stayed the same: --- --- ---
  13. --- --- I'd be kind of interested to know which of the guides have advices something like you told us @Matti. Or at least I wasn't able to find resembling from the Steam-section, for example. (( Pasting the link down here too just in case, since the hyperlinking on these forums is a bit tricky: )) ((Oh, obviously some spoilers ahead.)) Semi-disclaimer: I've yet to beat this game yet. But I do have previous experiences from the original "UFO Enemy Unknown / Xcom UFO Defence" & "Terror From The Deep". Here's at least my take on the Base+Community-Edition (/X:CE) of "Xenonauts"-economy-tips which I consider quite the "safe"-ways to gets through the first (in-game) year: 1. Each base should have at least (optimally) four (4) hangars: 3 for interceptors (2-agile roll-capable machine-gunners + 1-torpedo-carrier) and one landing-ship. Only build more hangars if you dedicate the base for the future aircraft constructions. A single Dropship in each case should be enough to eventually cover the whole earth, since the crash-sites won't disappear (within the 24-hours) once you have a dropship on their way to the spot (yes, even if the dropship take +24-hours to reach there). 2. Whenever you have have enough money (~Mega / 1-million-dollars) build a new base to the most extraterrestrial active-areas; unfortunately since this game doesn't feature graphs like the "Original UFO / Xcom"-had, you 'll simply have to pay attention and maybe write down the reported alien-activity. The earlier you get the (re-)build the relations with the funding-countries the better chances you have to keep that country founding (well, Australasia can be tricky, but having a base there eventually helps a lot too; it's a very good place to set up a factory-base there at least). A rule of thumb of to build a base once per a month. But of course if you happen to have extra money, two is also okay too. Try to always have enough money to build at least 1-radar-dish and 2-hangars to the base in order to setup the interceptors to cover that area. 3. Try to aim for the goal of completing all the ground combat. A lot of times, especially once the bigger UFOs arrive, you can easily get double the amount of the cash-reward you'd get with by just airstiking the crash-sites, and later at least triple the amount (even if the game if bugged and won't auto-sell the Alien-Grenades which are fortunately only worth 200$/alien that carriers then in first place /that is, they only carry a singular grenade to begin with). Yes, this means you you are going to running hours amount of ground-combat. Yes, you are also going to have a lot of newbie-soldiers who you might have trouble keeping alive. But I do have a somewhat "cookie-cutter" solution for this: At least half of the team should be "Shield"-carriers. In fact all my solider with "Strength"-attribute being higher than 60 are automatically on the Shield-role. Rest the soldiers are Riflemen. If a base lacks shield-carriers, practice some "internship" between the bases via solider transfer (provided you have followed the min. eight (8) solider per base rule, that is). Sure, shield-men cannot vault or are not able to fly with jump-jets (at least in case of Buzzard-armour). But when you are both able withstand 80/160-damage into face but also be able to throw grenades with decent distance, I'd say that is an okay drawback (I mean, you can simply blow up the fences and such with the C4 you hopefully carry around as I advice soon below). Default outfittings also include but not limited to: - A First-aid / Med-kit-pack - Stun / Gas-grenades (primarily to gas campers behinds doors and generally other campers too (especially the Sebilians)) - Shock-grenades (or stun-batons before you get EMP-grenades) - A C4-explosive - One or more Flashbangs (primarily against both door-corner-campers and mind-controlled team-mates) Always make sure your soldiers have the fully loaded inventory to ensure the Strength-training; this is probably the most vital-attribute in this game, mainly because in this game there is no "cargo"-space; all the items in combat must be carried by the soldiers). You don't need to worry too much about armours or guns for the first year. Although laser-pistols for the shield units are a nice and rather inexpensive convenience. 4. Radar-coverage-wise start only with a singular radar-dish and increase the range only when you have extra-extra-extra-money. Aim of course to have all three (3) dishes installed at some point to maximize the effectiveness of "decoders" too. 5. "AA-guns" aren't all that important if you are dropping every UFO to begin with. 5.1 Don't worry too much about dropping some of the UFOs into sea / water: Sometimes it simply just ain't worth tailing them until they are on dry-land and should simply just drown for the sake of keeping the funding-country happy (especially when they are bombing cruiser and passenger-ships, or generally polluting the seas in a away or another...) And that is pretty much how I got through the first-year in Xenonauts. Of course depending on how much money I have and other opportunities allow (E.G. having already radar-covered the whole Earth), extra facilities are welcome and such (optimally the first-base should have 30-scientists and Engineers working 24/7 to provide good progress)), you can simply adjust the advices to your more liking. These tips of mine just simply suit me the best at the moment for "safe"-style. --- --- ---
  14. --- All character-tokens that are capable to jump / fly onto roofs (Harridans, Buzzard-armoured Xenonauts, etc.) cannot land on large amount of roofs (at least on the "Farm"-tileset). Save-file for quick-testing: Ground combat Roof standing bug 20170106.sav The example image shows a roof that can be landed on (the Harridan) and a roof that no one can land on (green-movement-path-indicator). MOd-list has stayed unchanged since the last report I've made: --- ---
  15. The "Fix Pack" seems need to updated (from 1.00 -> 1.37), as advised by @Policenaut on this thread: