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  1. Well, there has been an idea of "Open'fy" Xenonauts with the Unity-engine-edition, once the game is ready for that point and such: --- As for hiding threads, I can see and understand the justification of them being counterproductive; @Chris pretty much said what I would be only repeating. (( And as far as I have been aware, I've tried to stay rather open-minded, especially with lines such as "We'll just have to see the initial implementation" and so on. )) However I genuinely do hope that in the future these threads could be revealed back to public in future, if not only for the archival reasons. Not certain when though, maybe once they are topical again? (You could bring them back as locked threads in their own sub-forums-section like "idea-brewing-foundry" or something similar themed title.) It is no secret though that this "stunt" feels a little "cheap" to me, especially since these threads contained a lot of posts by me to which I put effort and time into. (( I semi-apologize for the "emotional imploring", but I would be lying to / betraying myself if I didn't say the above line. )) --- --- ---
  2. If we are following the "pattern" (as in being spiritual-successor to UFO / XCOM-games): Yes we can fight in "well-known locations" like the capital-cities of the countries (especially if they become under "Terror-attack"). But it's highly unlikely we would be playing on "static-set-pieces", as in we might not be seeing "Statue of Liberty" or "Eiffel Tower" and other recognizable objects, since the map-randomization is to be planned ramped up to at least similar scales as in "(open)Xcom" (I.E. maps wouldn't require to be always constantly made by hands, but instead could be fully allowed to "raffled"). Hiding objects as easter-eggs could happen though. But map-layout-wise we necessarily wouldn't be playing in "New York" or "Moscow" but only as "a name" (this is to also consider the missions would be mostly if only be happening in specific sectors of the cities to begin with). But of course, these are just player-assumptions of mine. --- --- ---
  3. (( For those wondering what I saw / read, there should be a screenshot of the whole "translated"-log at the bottom of this post. )) Hmm, there is certainly a lot of info told here, yes. But if I have read through this correctly, the "Hidden Action" of "Alien Intelligence" or generally the movement of the aliens aren't logged into this file (I do recall this log-file was only meant to record the player-interactions to find pathfinding-issues and such, yes?). There is a lot of useful information told though, especially when it comes to player-interactions (E.G. seeing the spots where the aliens "overwatch" player-tokens). Primarily I was looking for the possible info on the camping-habits of the AI. But pretty much the only spot I understood / hopefully read-correctly is "[AI] PlayerPassTurn", which pretty much translates to me as "AI didn't interact with the player-tokens". Hopefully we can get more detailed / in-depth log-file-system future: I genuiely still hope for the replay-feature I did mention couple of months ago; this game would be one of the few that certainly would would increase both the replay and community-interaction-value (since you could freely share the replay-files; of course this could open up things for some exploits but on the otherhand it could open nice possibilities for talented scripters who would like to make more "cinematic"-replay-files from scratch): --- --- ---
  4. --- (( As usually / always. the recording-file can be once again found at the bottom of the post. )) This was...confusingly written. Here's my experiences in as simple-English as possible: Basically what this toggle-option allows is to either keep the whole discovered / explored-parts of the map lit up and make the interactable-objects and enemies pop-up from thin air (ala. like in "Jagged Alliance 1" sans having the map-layout being pre-discovered / "drawn"), or you can have the already discovered areas but not under friendly field-of-view under grey-shroud. Here is an example image showing how things look out-side "field of view" with this option on (also extra showing how the "capture-timer" shows up inside UFOs): In my opinion, the "classic"-way of having the frey-shroud by default should be considered, if not only to make sure that players are able to notice and learn the "field-of-vision" of their own soldiers. At least in Windowed-mode, it isn't pretty; in fact it almost looked liked game screens almost escaped from the window(-frames). Frankly speaking, it looks too much like that nausea-inducing "lazy-shaky-cams"; far too much disorienting, especially when trying to follow the bullets in real time and such. This could probably work on some 1st+over-the-shoulder-3rd-person-views, but it is simply far too much "out-of-place". If / once there is toggle-option, I am more than likely going to disable this effect (as I for one generally dislike "immersion"-effects of any sorts majority of times). --- --- ((The following is more of following to my previous report found here: check it out for my info: )) Now, the following two screenshots pretty much summarize my biggest peeve in this game at the moment: Aliens exploiting "If I can see you, I can hit you"-rule, which makes them disregard all the cover in this game at the moment. Unfortunately we players can't exploit this, especially when considering that many times even snipers hit rocks or anything else they are taking cover behind of (I've yet to experience any "shoulder-the-shoulder-friendly-fire" though). Here is the same "magic-spot" the Alien-Officer last exploited from another angle, since the "south-side" was impossible to breach now that the "overwatch" is back in game (( which itself is also very wonky on human-side; ~every-second time I am given a chance to "react", my reaction-fire prompt is ignored (as in, no shots shot when I click "FIRE"-button))). Not able to hit at all But how come I am allowed to hit right next to their toes though? During this whole time, he didn't even turn around to scout his behinds, or otherwise move, as if they supposedly aren't able to move from that spot al all. I eventually got this camper downed by having my sniper and machine-gunner shooting near at the entrance of the UFO. (( I am certain that the record-file tells a better story though; I somewhat wish I could use them too see what happened "behind the scenes". )) The Alien-Intelligence perhaps exploits the camping tactics too much. Or at least they camp so much I really wish we could have gotten semi-dysfunctional grenades to try to flush them out of these camping spots. --- Something positive also though: I noticed that the move-markers are now drawn atop the foliage; makes seeing the walk-path a lot more easier --- --- --- recording_10.rec
  5. "At the base"-majour-changes are mentioned on this post: For the game-balance-changes, here are some more details: And if you want even further "expansions" (with some extra bug-fixes that yet aren't implemented into the "base-Community-Edition", there the "X-pansion-pack"-mod: --- --- ---
  6. --- Well I don't have much things to add @Sheepy already mentioned, aside for various confirmations. (( Replay-file can be find at the bottom again. )) Not certain if "Creators Update / Edition" changes something ( I am still waiting in the "queue" for this update), but otherwise the replay-files should be still here: C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Xenonauts 2\Logs ...And then we have the good'old rock-wall causing line-of-sight oddities aliens exploit (( I am certain you might noticed these things in your internal testings. But here's my observations for re-confirmations. )) ((( I am a little tipsy at the moment, the image-text might a little messed-up from time to time; I'll browse through them later to see if there is some corrections to be made.))) First we are back to this good'old corner causing some nasty'ish line of sight issues. Well, it's just actually repeating what I've said in some of my other reports. But here is another scenario anyways: I think this image was to show that the move-markers are now shown under the foliage? Foliage regardless was really obstructive. Also I think this was also the evolution for classic game called "Find the Muton / Drone". Perhaps the "spot-marks" could cause a slight 2-second highlight-outlines for the targets? Some more spotting-angle oddities. This shotgun-man apparently just got the drone into his "blind-area" of his eye. This is something I wanted to report last time, but I was missing a screenshot. Incidentally this is the exact same spot where this line-of-sight-error happens. A summary here is that this Psyon-Officer exploits this spot, as seen in the images following until his death. I think I was supposed to capture a image here showing completely missing bullets still hitting this drone; You have already confirmed this glitch though. Path-finding oddities?... Showing here the ledges taking priority over character selection. This could also be an issue that I was semi-accidentally activated the game into "Borderless-Fullscreen"-mode with "Borderless Gaming"-application. ( Hopefully you'll implement a build-in-option for borderless-window-mode. ) Anyways, since I accidentally moved this rifle man instead of activating the Sniper, the rifleman ended-up being shot into his back. Sebillian T-pose-ragdolling into "fence-rail-thing". Something to add-on to what @thixotrop talked about camera-angles on this test-ufo; they indeed are troublesome. Now it's been made clear that this "box-UFO" is only for the initial tests. But for the sake of future designings: This corridor is simply too narrow. An extra glitch-mention(s): - When shooting with pistols in point-blank, the solider might suddenly point the gun completely upwards into skies and thus obvious missing the target. More hilariously though it will also miss the roof (if they are indoors that is). - According to this game, even the ground bleeds blood (as in popping-up up the "bleeding-message"-box once hit). - Doors take the priority while trying to turn around near the doors (I.E. "right-clicking" near the doors -> you're most likely going to close the doors instead of turning a soldier-token). --- --- --- recording_9.rec
  7. --- Sound something similar I had reported here as a "sidenote": Anyways, you might want to follow these newer guidelines for the bug report: In other words, we'd (generally speaking we all; I personally am just another player) need some more screenshots and the game-save-files alongside the list of possibly installed mods to have a higher chance to track down this bug. --- --- ---
  8. It does, but at least in the first "Jagged Alliance" the hit-chance is hidden or otherwise not told to players; you only get to know how much action-points you are using for more "precise"-shot; makes me wonder why even have different kind of "precision" in the end though. "Jagged Alliance 1" regardless in a un-favourable spot when compared to UFO / XCOM, mainly because a large portion of players first had played Xcom before Jagged Alliance (I've yet to find exact info which of the games was released first; Xcom was on March 1994 and seemingly the reviews of the time when making comparisons make it sound like Xcom was first published, especially with such comments as "clunkier and vague Xcom" and so on). In end though, "Jagged Alliance 1" gameplay-mechanically speaking has not aged well at all when compared to "(Open)Xcom"; it is simply infuriatingly far too "trial & error" and "cheat-sheet / reference-card (mainly for different kinds of move-command)"-reliant game, in my opinion. --- --- ---
  9. --- In relation to accuracy-numbers and such. we do this in real already as it has been already pointed out. But not necessarily as "binarily" but we still do it. Big difference being of course the availability of the data which especially is influenced by the perspective of the one doing the mental-calculations. "Artillery" as whole is a great example in which the results vary depending on the calculations and skills of everyone, with the slight amount of luck involved of course. (( I think the "mobile command post"-things are called as "artillery reconnaissance vehicles" (ARVs), or the older pulled-ones are "trailers"; I only know the Finnish-word equivalent "tulenjohtovaunu". Some modern'ish examples include "BMP-1TJJ" and "BMP-1TJ "Tuija"". )) Basically you could consider that all the available "calculable"-data is already given to the players ("commanders"), alongside having soldiers that won't question the commander (imagine you select a guy in Xenonauts and they are going to be like "Screw you" and they won't go; special credits to "Rym DeCoster" for making me to semi-quote this line. Well granted, probably the closest to something like this is the "Forgetful"-stat in "Jagged Alliance", although I do recall in some games the units starting to "solo" when the commander didn't have the trust or otherwise control over their units). "Xenonauts" is one those games in general in which "more data is better", if not only to appeal "geeks" or generally people who like to have stats and numbers to begin with (in fact, there is still not enough game with enough stat-pages and such). --- --- ---
  10. --- Related to "EGX Rezzed"-event told by @Chris, for us who'd want to see the session (again?) faster than the panelists are able to highlight it (on Youtube), here is the link to the whole thing (our beloved leader enters the stage at 2hour 31minute-mark): --- --- The Youtube-version is also up now: ---
  11. --- Okay, I finally got around fiddling with the (first version of the) Kickstarter portrait-generator. And I say it is a very good start. And seems to be quite easily customizable / mod-able (as in possibly just adding new .png-layers and such maybe; not yet certain how'd the additions transfer to 3D-models though). Right of the bat, when it comes to additions, I semi-seriously hope there will be more variants of unibrows; unibrows are extremely ignored generally speaking... Here is a screenshot-result of my fiddling to make as look-alike-myself as possible: On a side-note, this tool kind of gave me the "Institute for Mercenary Profiling"-vibes; already I am thinking of various potential this tool could bring up. --- --- ---
  12. --- I'd personally would prefer the stepless / continuously camera zooming and spinning (with adjustable speeds); maybe later in the development. --- --- ---
  13. --- Late-night-shift aren't we having? ((This is to reference that the GOG-Galaxy-client pushed the update only couple of hours / an hour ago even though this patch-note has been written several hours ago.)) So I managed to capture the UFO this time around, although still struggling with the "Psyon-Officers" shooting from the "other side of the map" and "Psyon-Drones" reaction-fire through walls and generally having enhanced accuracy (even if on the run shown in the record-file they accidentally kill one of their brethren). To elaborate on the "Psyon-Officers", at least the fix that was supposed to be applied on "0.5.1"-version last time ("Aliens now have the same sight range as humans (18) up from 16 previously") still is not in effect with the "Psyon-Officers". This "bug" can happen whether you (player) have spotted them or not. Biggest struggle was with the selection of squares next to the doors (which don't automatically close at the moment) and the other soldiers; far too many times the cursor simply ignored highling the squares unless I used "downward-movement" camera-angles. Here is an assortment of random screenshots alongside the Record-file which can be found once again at the bottom. - The machinegunner has been reaction-fire-damaged by Psion-Drone (highlighted as silhouet) - Favorite spot of the "Psyon-Drones" seeming making them ignore the line-of-sights and enhancing their reaction-fire-snap-shot-accuracy - Image showing that indeed the Psyon-Drone shot through the rock-wall. -Demonstrating wonky bullet-flight-path - More wonkiness of the flight-paths. ((Eventually this very same officer shoots the sniper far-left of the screen without having had moved, alongside having the possible "spotter"-Sebilian already been killed.)) - Wonky'ish line-of-sights - Image showing "Psyon-Officer" (bottom) showing have shot the MAchine-gunner who has ran even further away from them. - For people less than luckier than me, here is how the current version of the UFO looks inside. --- --- --- recording_8.rec
  14. Just some random comments of mine on this topic: While like the "splash-image" of the hidden-movement (they work really well as wallpaper), they kind of "take me off from the field" too much. Hence I preferred the "no hidden-movement-wallpaper"-option "Community Edition" of "Xenonauts" and "OpenXcom" offers. While I and some others have also toyed of the idea about soldiers making "perception"-checks, it kind of takes some of the control over the players / commanders alongside might make things too easy or otherwise "game-not-trusting-the-attention-span-of-the-players", or something like that. I mean, the players are already notified of the "ricochets" and other shots plus explosions. Perhaps what I'd wish for was some "phantoms" and "tracers" to help not-as-perceptive-players such as myself; these are kinda started to become more popular, but not enough popular yet in my opinion. Certainly would make observing the battlefield and alien-intelligence-movements for "fair" or at least easier. Of course, you could allow players to disable this feature in order to be more "hardcore" too. --- --- ---
  15. --- Well...first time getting my team completely destroyed, thanks to the "Box-bug" already mentioned here, and of course the "officer" still shooting from "other side of the map". I would be lying if I'd say this fight was fair□ honestly feeling very cheated. I otherwise don't have anything else new to report. Replay file can be found a the bottom again. --- --- (( I usually don't make post "filled with emotions", but I wasn't able to think of anything else witty for this post which primarily is meant to submit the replay-file. )) --- --- --- recording_7.rec