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  2. Phase 4 Mothership battlefield with endgame gear everyone.
  3. I'd say that differentiating a weapon tier, such as lasers, by the variable that their range is unlimited would give them a nice unique feel. Although if one tier were to be differentiated by this variable, would MAG weapons be just as good a contender? I mean, they would suffer bullet-drop but only as they pass the horizon as far as I understand (and I'm not confident I understand a lot!). So if your advocating realism then both tiers might have to have that same property which would reduce their unique feel - at this point you may reduce the quality of gameplay which (IMO) is more important than realism. Another issues issue is how you make the extended range of lasers/MAG balance nicely. As has been said above, accuracy of the shooter is still going to drop off at those extended ranges so the weapon damage would still be fundamentally limited by the hand-to-squinted-eye coordination of your soldiers. In that way, a long range laser could retain utility as your sniper gets a better and better accuracy stat, however, at the latest stage in the game laser weaponry is two tiers obsolete so lacks the necessary stopping power to put down an elite alien. Balance. You'd only be able to cheese it on really open plan maps.
  4. Beware, sometimes, what can be baffling is speaking about damage dealt by a laser without taking into consideration the exposure duration, nor the adverse atmospheric properties. If a 500 mW laser deal "serious damage" at 500 feet (150 m), then why do all the special forces in the world wait for equipping themselves with combat lasers? A ballistic bullet delivers between 100 and 1000 J in a very short time. How would this translate in term of power? (granted some of this energy is wasted and absorbed by surrounding tissues). Nowadays cutting and welding industrial lasers have powers in the 1-2 kW range, by the way. Don't forget that focused lasers could be accurate at any range but always less efficient before and after the aimed target. This would be interesting but I don't know if the GC mechanic could implement this. Moreover, as other said, added realism would require that the GC mechanics takes care of the environmental factor and that the alien develop anti-laser counter measure such as broadband smoke emitters. Also, to focus a beam, you have to start with a rather broad beam. Perhaps with need of gravitons here. As for the particle beam / plasma weapons, I don't know how should truly behave graviton-guided plasma projectiles... so far for the range. But I agree that range would be a nice discriminator between tiers. In short, what could be interesting is having different accuracy and damage range-related rules for different technologies.
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  6. That is a simple Xenonaut bug, it hasnt got anything to do with X-Division. There must be something like a 1000 of those bugs running around, especially regarding ammo. If @Solver wants, he can frame it, and put it to the other 999 bugs ^^. Still good to know though.
  7. And one more bug. It is a global bug, and to make it simple, let's say you have a soldier with a rifle with an ammo capacity of 10. If you shoot 5 bullets out of your 10 bullets, your magazine will be half empty. When you open your inventory, and you press right click on your rifle, your soldier will unload the rifle, and put the magazine into the backpack. The little numbers will appear on the magazine that it is on 50% . Let's say that this is the only magazine in the backpack, witch is half empty. ( 50% ) But when you close your inventoy, and press the magazine icon under the granades icon, your soldier will reload the rifle, but your magazine will be full. Infinite ammo bug. You can do this forever. x division is still awesome
  8. " Description where ? " Where you equip the weapons to your soldiers, and when you move your mouse over the division cannon MK2 image, and the image has an on mouse event, and writes that it can shoot 40 ACC X 1 SHOT 55 ACC X 1 SHOT But out in the battle field, the division cannon MK2 can burst fire bullets
  9. Description where ?
  10. Fixed. If you want, i can fix it for you or you can continue with the research when you are in Phase 3.
  11. Hi! Anybody else noticed yet, that the division cannon MK2 can fire multiple shoots but the description writes that it can fire only a single shot? And I think I found a bug. When I enter phase 2 and I did not capture any xenomorph warrior for research in phase 1 , I can not research the axe, even if I capture xenomorph marble warrior in phase 2. X division is awesome
  12. It looks like those two kind of missions would be the same, except that the aliens would use a different behaviour script: more aggressive in the"true" terror kind, and more defensive in the "secure-a-facility" kind. Initial placement would be different as well, and perhaps type of units deployed as well. Exploring the impact of changing scripts could lead to more diversity in gameplay while cheaply reusing the same assets. By the way, can an AI switch from a script to another, according to some dynamic conditions (number of turns elapsed, number of foes alive, percent of the map controlled, ...)? If yes, this could add even more diversity and unpredictability.
  13. Sorry if any of these ideas have been mentioned before. Instead of having the second part be just another ship assault. Perhaps you could make it a clearing out of a specific place. Let me elaborate. You land at a terror site, clear out the aliens from the city. Then you proceed to clear out a large structure, a hotel, an embassy, a military base or perhaps even an airport or something similar. Water treatment facility perhaps? Something like that would make the problem of alien ship assaults repeating less severe.
  14. I agree the ADVENT humans made sense from a story perspective, but they were rather boring to face. Even the more powerful ones such as the Avatar, Spectres and Codexes were essentially humans with a twist. Codex could teleport, Spectre was a human made from nanobots apparently and the Avatar actually was straight up a human. The most interesting enemies in XCOM and XCOM 2 in my mind were the Faceless (despite being human technically, they were quite cool and really surprising the first time), Berserkers, Vipers and actually the Floaters. Chyssalid would be on the list, but they were basically exactly copied from XCOM: UFO Defense. Technically the others were similar too except for the Berserkers and Faceless. For an urban combatant, to me, it'd make sense to make kind of an octopus-like creature with 360 degree field of view and a weapon in every direction. Perhaps due to the lack of depth perception their accuracy could be low in order to balance things. As a "terror" creature that would make much sense. Just like the original Chryssalid. I could think about more creatures, but this was what came off the top of my head.
  15. Sounds interesting, this was one thing I also felt way counter intuitive and I definitely think your solution is a good idea. I'm sure Chris is already aware however
  16. I did, I just wrote it wrong in the earlyer post, which I have editted now. Thanks for pointing out, I hate giving false advise.
  17. @Solver Uuuuuuh. Shots fired. Why didnt you change the variable in the X-Div gameconfig ? Your method shouldnt even work since X-Div has higher priority.
  18. Re. the cover visualization - I don't feel that I've explained myself properly, so let me try again. I haven't been able to get a good picture to illustrate my example, so I've had to make do with the below Let's assume in the above picture that each piece of blocking terrain through the line of fire is an independent free-standing piece of blocking terrain. It is not part of a multi-tile terrain piece, so each piece can be evaluated separately when calculating a shot. Looking at this, I'm informed that I have 3 pieces of terrain, each of which has have a 40% chance of blocking the shot. If the game follows X1's rules, then I don't need to be informed of the block chance for each piece of terrain, because only one piece chosen at random will ever possibly block the shot, so I'm being given too much information.It would be better if the possible blocking piece were highlighted, but I was informed that overall, there is a 40% chance that the shot will be blocked if my soldier rolls to-hit. If, on the other hand, each piece of blocking terrain is evaluated independently, then it would be helpful to have the cumulative probability that the shot will blocked so I know whether or not to bother even if I pass to the to-hit roll.
  19. Maybe the weapons could be tiered just in the same way you encounter new aliens so different weapon tech types work better(or worse) depending on the aliens you encounter and their resistance/armor(Ceasans could be resistant to kinetic, but not laser. Androns hate plasma, but can resist laser ect) This can be categorized in some way so the player knows and it can be a simple damage modifier. There could be times where they are almost completely resistant which would make you have to correctly go back, do some digging and research and re-arm your troops with the right mix(although this would be hard to implement in this extreme case). Each weapon tech could then have their own merit and get more coverage through the game depending on what aliens spawn. Early game aliens could appear in the late game and still have an advantage if you don't pay attention. Once reaching the MAG tech it could be the elite of them all and burns through pretty much everything it touches which would make it almost a god like weapon to have in all circumstances.
  20. Funny (and true), that made me smile . I feel the exakt same way, recovery of airplanes is bassicly cheating, so I askt Charon the same question some weeks ago, and you do this : Set Airplane recovery to zero in the X-Division gameconfigfile and that is it. There is a tiny issue whit this, it only happens if you set a marker on the geoscape for your planes and they get intercepted and you lose, the game will crash (at least for me, but I think I maybe the only one playing like this), but there is a simple solution to this problem, if you know you are going to get intercepted just take them head on, or return to base, just do not lose if there is still a marker on the geoscape that you put yourself. It is very small problem and easly avoided. I do not expect it to be fixt any time soon if ever, but to me it dos not matter. I am just amazed that XCE works, since it was made be a Svenska . Et vaskeægte mirakel.
  21. All I'm getting out of this thread as that a lot of people really don't understand how real lasers work. Considering this thread is titled with 'realism' in it, I find that extremely baffling. Correct, we do not currently have legitimate weaponized lasers (though some people have made some really powerful ones on Youtube) and so there is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required to use them in a game. But the technology is real and theoretically possible to make real weapons with them based on that tech. Did you know that a common laser pointer has an effective blinding range of almost 50 feet, and can be SEEN up to 2.2 miles? That's just a rinky-dink little keychain laser pointer. A 500mw (half a watt) laser can do serious damage at over 500 feet, and can be seen up to 22 miles away. That's HALF a watt. Imagine one powerful enough to be used as a weapon. Something say around 5 watts. That would probably be strong enough at 50 feet to punch a hole in solid steel with little effort. Games seriously downplay the power of a laser weapon, mostly for balance purposes, but sometimes because they didn't bother doing any research on the subject. My point is, a laser weapon strong enough to deal actual damage to something just be being hit with it is not going to lose any effectiveness on a map the size of the ones ingame. If you want something that loses effective damage over range, look no further than plasma weapons. Deadly up close, useless at range.
  22. Agreed. Again, I think Terror missions should not be tied to UFOs. They should just spawn on a map. Since this game seems to be going for a sort of infiltration thing, we could consider that the city in question is be raided by aliens already on the ground. That way you have no chance to shoot down the UFO before it starts the mission, the mission just pops up when the aliens start opening fire on the civvies. And/Or, if we shoot down a ship of a specific size or higher, but we leave it there for a while, the surviving aliens venture away from the ship and start a terror mission in a nearby city/town. As far as missions go, I had a thought. What about 'baiting' missions? They send a high value UFO out for you to attack, but once you get in range, more UFOs spawn to intercept your interceptors. So you can take out the flying loot crate and risk losing your planes, or attack the interceptors and risk losing the high profile ship. Or if you're good enough, do both :-P This high profile ship can be anything, not something specific. That way we never know when we'll get ambushed. It could just have a chance of happening every time a UFO is spawned.
  23. This was the biggest drawback of XCOM 2. Most of the enemies are just basically humans in armor. I mean, I totally get WHY as far as the story goes, but it feels less like an XCOM game and more like Jagged Alliance or something. Even the original XCOM had predominantly alien looking aliens.
  24. Here's an idea as far as looting vs selling goes: Either in the research tree, or maybe in the stores, have a check mark set so that if it's checked it gets sold, if it's unchecked it gets stored (or vise versa, that works too). That way we have control over what gets kept and what just gets vendored at the end of the mission. The first round of the objects that come in get saved for research, after they populate in your stores you get the option to keep or sell.
  25. I’ve been replaying Xenonauts over the last few’s been getting me thinking. You could also have missions against humans factions, the third XCom had a lot of those. Extract an friendly intelligence agent or defector, eliminate an alien sympathizer, find evidence of an alien sympathizer influencing/manipulating their nation. The existing mechanics for post mission scoring could even be used. Xenonauts wouldn’t want to use lethal force against humans, so the missions would rely on avoiding enemies and using stun weapons. These missions could give you relation bonuses. Botching them could make things worse. ”USA promises full support to the war effort against the alien invaders after prominent senator was exposed working with the invaders to overthrow the government” “Rogue paramilitary organization makes botched kidnapping attempt on Soviet officials. Kremlin promises they will be held accountable!”
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  27. I definitely want less humanoid aliens! Silacoid comes to mind for example, the Tentaculat was a good example as well! Alien vehicles would be quite cool as well, for the larger cruisers, transport ships or other. Sectopods were neat, but my favourite despite being very unoriginal was always the Cyberdisc.
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