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  2. @Pandi what gear/ loadout do you run?
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  4. I just wanted to drop in an ask if its ok to create a submod that enables the alien weapons in the soldier equipment screen? I have been working on this in my spare time for personal use and its starting to all come together nicely so I might as well release it when its finished if that is ok. Also would it be possible to give me some basic info on how each alien weapon class works so that I can go ahead and write up some basic xenopedia articles for them?
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  7. Antimatter sniper rifle mk-2 ammo drops to 1 at mission. It can be fixed at 3060 line in Weapons.xml Plasma pistol mk-3 shot sprites missed. Trap.sav You can do last shot. Btw your equipment loadout and some merks pretty bad
  8. Nope, the graphics aren't final. The fundamentals are in place but we've spent very little time polishing them up and we're still using the old X1 UI too. There'll be more changes that improve the visuals as development continues.
  9. I don't like bullet sponges as bosses, and even though it is simple I would prefer some other method of not getting the boss instantly capped. about as well as it would be spotted during daytime...not. hence the reason for only flying by night is from my point of view purely mechanical. I know what you mean, I also know that if you make them easily replaceable the veteran soldiers will have practically no value, and this is probably the main reason the described problem is not trivial. now why I'm not spending a wall of text on it (and was really just kidding around with it) is because it has all been done before, there is no reason to re-invent the wheel you got me there you joker, I was thinking about a dev making any hints towards the total game length and since Chris didn't make any comments regarding that in this thread..
  10. Apologies for not properly responding to this earlier. Basically most of the stuff you're talking about is currently at too early a stage for me to spend a long time considering it - but it seems like you can put a thoughtful argument together so I'll be happy to have a long discussion with you about this once we've got the strategy layer out. The problem with trying to do it now is that though the concept of how to balance the alien invasion has a huge effect on the overall gameplay of the game, it falls under the "fine balance" stage of the game because so many things affect it. You need everything working properly before you can start to tweak that, so it has to happen quite late. The difference between the ground combat enemies scaling with how well you're doing, and scaling to be even harder but then also giving more rewards (which I think is the point you made in the second post) is only a few lines of code, but has significant gameplay ramifications. Hence talking about it in the balancing stage rather than when we're still creating all the gameplay systems is the way to go. Re: the casualty list, I agree. Again however best to see the UI before we discuss where it could go.
  11. I fail to see what point you are trying to make. Enlighten me. Just to sate my personal curiosity: assuming that transport is for practical purposes invisible to radar, doesn't have a scramjet style fiery exhaust trail, and is flying at night, at an altitude of 26000 m ( ~ 85000 feet) or higher, what exactly would be the likely scenario and methods how this craft would be spotted with 1980s technology and standard behaviour? If you actually read what i wrote, i pointed out it compounds a balance issue. Essentially you get rewarded not for handling your units well, but just for having them in your employment for longer. Not a big deal, but you need to take it into account balance wise, because it will lead to exactly the scenario you mentioned: newly hired troops being just left at home training for a while, because they are of barely any use in the field and mostly just likely to die. The gap in efficiency between a newly hired unit and a veteran will continue to widen as the game progresses and the toughness of the opponents increases. Ultimately this tends to drive the game in a direction where the end game is either trivial or impossible. I've written a longer post in the Xenonauts-2 General Discussion subforum on one possible solution to the balancing issue, but suffice to say, the problem is actually not trivial, and adding mechanics that aggravate it doesn't really help. Can still be a good choice if the mechanic adds so much to the gameplay to be worth the drawback, but it is worth a lot more thought than you seem to be willing to give it. Well, read my previous post then.
  12. My favourite game decisively is Assasin , if someone didn't play , must to fell it . This game is amazing! Now this shop is a sale price 25%! Second favourite game is Diablo.
  13. Interesting take - I think it'll be more interesting than just "Xenonauts with better graphics and some QoL fixes". I'm personally a huge fan of JA2, so having things go in that direction sound good to me. Since we're going with 3d models this time and don't have the same issues pre-rendering animation frames, why not have a prone mode eh? You could have it that certain heavy weapons can only be effectively used crouching or prone, which would increase the balancing options. But minor issue. I think having a rating in different fields makes sense (combat, technical, science, etc) - to riff off of previous posters I think still keeping sub-stats under those is a good idea though. I'm not against streamlining / simplifying where it makes sense, but I don't think we need to go simpler than new XCOM - it's proven that their level of complexity can get mass market adoption. One issue would be balancing out each field rating vs specific stats under it - what if someone has a science rating of 3, but is maxed on medical but little research, should they be able to use a prototype laser weapon? To borrow from Fallout or JA2, what if each (rank) of a field lets you assign a "perk" that acts as a bonus. These would stack with modifiers from armor and weapons while still allowing for a personal "feeling" for each soldier. So say each soldier has an option for fixed or semi-randomized stats (you'll need some display of movement and TUs etc if for nothing else they show up in combat and when you have some armor that modifies them), but they get a slight boost in relevant stats when you level up a "field", plus get to choose a "perk" to go along with it. So we're going more like nu-xcom in that you get a boost in stats when you level up vs using a skill, but they're tied to profeciencies in a field vs an overall rank. Perks also feel a bit more personal than numbers IMO, seeing someone has a profeciency or skill rather than just a higher number. Having a lot of pre-made characters also allows for some interesting/quirky combinations of perks, and less power-gaming of "optimal" perks (though it'd be fun to have some all low level ranking characters that you can then define better as well). Someone with science perks for medicine, but a combat perk for melee due to them being a knife fanatic or whatever. One of the best things about JA2 was how characters had "personality" - without voice acting that'd be harder, but some actual sense of personality / backstory, hopefully some interaction between them goes a ways towards that. Overview / overall stats (could be more or less). Could be static and only effected by starting stats (semi-random or not, config option), or could have small bonuses when leveling up relative ratings. Health (armor, perk) Efficiency (time units - combat rating, perk, armor) Fitness (exhaustion mechanic - overall ratings, perk?) Accuracy (combat rating + perks, weapon mods?) Morale (combat rating + operative rating, perks) Research (science rating, perks) Medical (science rating, perks) Development (technical rating, perks) Explosives (technical rating, perks) Infiltration (operative rating, perks) Persuasion (operative rating, perks) Overall fields and perks (10 in each rank, each rank boosts relevant stats and every other grants use of a perk. 5 in each rank, only perk each time?). You can also have some perks that apply negative and positive effects, have certain ones unlocked at certain ranks. Sort of a skilltree but less forced imo. COMBAT RATING (each time someone levels up they get more accuracy, time units, etc) marksmanship (tactical bonus to hit with projectile weapons) sniper (tactical bonus to hit targets x+ tiles away) cqb (tactical bonus to hit targets x- tiles away) martial (tactical bonus to melee attacks) resilient (tactical health bonus, faster wound recovery) weightlifting (bonus to carrying capacity, melee, less time units) distance runner (bonus to time units, less carrying capacity) SCIENCE RATING (each time someone levels up they get more medical, research, etc) physics (strategic bonus to research, bonus to... thrown item accuracy? idk lol) chemistry (strategic bonus to research, bonus to chem weapon use) medical (strategic/tactical use) adaptive (gets to use new weapons with a -1 to science rating) self-medicating (bonus to exhaustion, more susceptible to toxins in field) drug-resistant (less likely to be harmed by gas/poison, self-buff items less effective) TECHNICAL RATING prototyping/manufacturing (strategic use) explosives (tactical use, manufacturing bonus?) mechanic/repair (strategic and tactical use) adaptive (tactical bonus to using enemies equipment in field) OPERATIVE RATING stealthy (tactical bonus to not be spotted) recruiter/mentor (strategic bonus for recruitment, funds, etc) charismatic (tactical morale to nearby soldiers) cryptography (bonuses to finding new targets, gathering resources from raids?) assassin (tactical bonus to hit with silenced weapons / throwing knives / etc, minus to persuasion) pacifist (bonus to persuasion, non-lethal weapons, etc minus to lethal weapon accuracy and morale loss after a kill)
  14. I probably missed it in other posts, sorry if it was answered somewhere else. When you write: Have a level editor that can create a level for the game Does this mean the editor will compose the level out of modules and create a quasi randomized map consisting of premade parts like in original xcom, or will it be just the spawn/ evac areas? Would be awesome, just saying
  15. I love these updates, and I'd love to read those "1000 words forum posts about a balancing detail", especially with some notoriously hard to balance aspects like the stealth function you wanted to implement. not only to go at them with a comment sledgehammer, but also because that kind of posts shows us what exactly you envision with such mechanics, or with certain tools/aspects of the game
  16. With the Christmas period only six weeks away, I thought I'd take a moment to tell everyone what exactly we're working on at the moment. The short version of it could be summed up as: we're connecting everything together, and things now work ... but are also clearly broken. What? Things work... but they're also broken? Let's start by talking about exactly what "connecting up" is - essentially it means we're now joining up all the information on the strategy layer and the ground combat layer. On the strategy layer you can hire your unique soldiers and put them to work in the base or send them out on missions, and if you send them out on a mission then we need to create a battlefield map with all the parameters sent from the strategy layer. That includes the type of mission (UFO crash site, VIP rescue, etc), the type of biome and sub-biome (arid wilderness, temperate farm, desert military base etc), the number of Xenonauts involved and their stats and equipment, the number and type of aliens, etc. The good news is that this all now works in the sense that data is correctly passed from the strategy layer to the ground combat, then results are passed back up to the strategy layer again once the mission is complete. However, making the gameplay correctly reflect all this information is an ongoing process that be going on for a long time. We're making a lot of progress fixing up the obvious issues, but whilst the code is indeed working the gameplay just isn't there yet. Anyone who played Xenonauts 1 more than six months before it was released will know very well what we mean when we say that! Can you give a bit more detail on where exactly you are and why this is so hard? The key issue here is the the missions in Xenonauts require a long list of design work, art assets and code in order to play like a game should play, and if any one is missing then the whole thing looks totally broken. I'll take the example of us implementing the VIP rescue mission which we put in the game a few weeks ago, because that both clearly works but is also obviously broken. These are the (simplified) steps required to get it working: Have a functioning Geoscape where missions can spawn Have the ability to hire and equip soldiers on the strategy layer Write the spawn logic on the strategy layer for when the opportunity for a VIP Rescue mission appears on the Geoscape Write the intended alien units that you should be fighting on the mission (these should change and get harder as the game goes on) Write code that defines the victory / loss conditions for this specific type of mission and implements anything new (e.g. you fail if the VIP is killed, you win if the VIP is evacuated even if everyone else dies) Have a level editor that can create a level for the game Implement VIP spawn regions and evac regions in the level editor and ground combat code Have a tileset with enough models that levels can look good Create a level for the mission with the appropriate layout, meta regions and visual attractiveness Create art assets for all the required aliens Create art assets for the VIP Set up combat stats / equipment for all these aliens Set up combat stats / equipment for the VIP Make sure this equipment also has the required stats and art assets Ensure you have the appropriate variety of maps to cater for all the different places this mission can occur Write the code that pulls this together and loads the appropriate map, mission type, aliens, equipment and Xenonauts when you fire up the mission Ensure the aliens have the correct AI behaviors to deal with the mission objectives (e.g. they will aggressively attack you and try and kill the VIP) Pass the results information back to the strategy layer and ensure the strategy layer acts on it (killing your dead soldiers, crediting you with a new unit if you rescued the VIP, etc) Something that sounds relatively simple - "adding VIP rescue missions" - therefore actually requires a huge amount of work across many different areas of the project if you want it to have an acceptable level of gameplay. And even when you've done all this, there's still plenty more to do ... for instance, the VIP currently doesn't get a little quick-selection minitab in the UI when you get control of him, and he doesn't start sharing his vision cone with your team until you select him for the first time. Those are pretty major bugs that clearly need to be fixed. And even when you've got the obvious bugs fixed, all you've done is created a mission that the player can play. Then the long and difficult process of balancing starts. Is the VIP too close to the spawn area, or too far away? Are the enemies too tough for this stage of the game? Is the map too open, making the VIP too hard to protect against alien snipers? Are shotguns too good? Does that alien have too much HP bloat? I'm sure you get the picture. The point of this update is to illustrate that the "fun" part of game development that everyone wants to help out with is the balancing and polishing stage, which happens right at the end of development. That's when you get to look at the game and say "hey, I've got this one great idea that'll make it much better!" and I find myself writing 1000-word forum posts about tiny details like why ballistic rifles need to have slightly higher armour penetration than they already do. I love that part of game development and we're getting steadily closer to it. We've nearly finished the box that sits around the game that we all want to play, and soon we'll be properly working on the game itself. The level editor and level creation process in general has sucked away a lot of this time, but we've now got pretty much all the functionality we had in the X1 level editor and therefore should be able to produce missions with the same complexity as the first game. Then we'll start pushing beyond it. We've got a few more things to fix up before we can put anything out, but what I'm currently planning for is to re-introduce the ground combat builds in the near future with the new ground mission types in them (currently we're working on UFO Crash Site, Alien Base Attack, Capture Supplies, VIP Rescue, VIP Elimination, Xenonaut Base Defence and they're all mostly working). Hopefully that gives a bit more insight into what we're doing right now, and why we've been quiet - although you'll get to see it for yourself soon enough!
  17. Anyone want to try their hand at this? Is this one of those missions where I should just go "abort"? Veteran, end of January, Shrike dropship, crashed large, caesans, desert Most people have tier 3 division or laser weapons, with 2 shock rifle users. Supported by a scimitar tank with pulse laser. Have fun disembarking. ITS A TRAP.sav
  18. Yes, light drones are extremely annoying in the jungle. I find them in the bushes with a flying buzzard dude and shoot by snipers.
  19. Hey, all, super late to the party but I'm very excited to hear that Xenonauts 2 is in the works! Re: making air combat more "tactical", have you considered a turn-based maneuver system a la Steambirds or X-wing? Each fighter could have a different set of maneuvers available to it, depending on how its loadout or role. I feel like this would be a nice compromise between the frantic action and high granularity of the X1 air combat interface, and just axing the interception game completely. Looking forward to X2!
  20. you bring up a lot of points, but lets just first say that realism is not a major point of the game (we are taking turns fighting infiltrating aliens). hence the only fly by night was a minor concern, as it is only there to make the work/action system work. this doesn't mean that supersonic flight at extreme altitude with stealth technology would be extremely unlikely to get spotted during daytime as well as night-time. about bosses, well there are many ways to do bosses or big baddies, not all encompass some dude with the supernatural ability to take enough bullets to the face to sink a battleship. also story wise a smart infiltrator would probably not be a tank it isn't all that beneficial for the infiltrating bit...having lots of goons though might be thematically more appropriate. well the problem with very limited personnel and forced sidetrack specialty/combat is that you basically get a stew where everyone does everything, you get the grunt that gets his science PhD because he doesn't have anything better to do then help the dudes in the lab (and totally not be a hindrance as he is banging rocks together in the corner). and Einstein becomes a navy seal because well..apparently his commander felt it was a good idea to give the lab professor some extra edge by having his hair seared off by plasma bolts. oh and naturally we have some random dude that just opened his first technical manual repair our stealth technology enhanced supersonic dropship...that will totally not go wrong. ...the main problem is its effect on game-play, you are forced to go either short handed or with a dude that has no real business there through game restrictions. that is unless those specialties are capable of doing something on the battlefield other then shoot, and combat troops in the base other also depends on the value of specialization, if being a specialist at anything isn't really valued, the above scenario is much more likely to occur. funny thing about turn based tactical games where you build a team, your team is usually better then the random dudes you recruit from the roster. well for good gameplay you would naturally have to replace every loss you encounter with a exact copy of what you just lost. (in case the sarcasm detectors are not going into overdrive right really shouldn't be that easy to replace) now there are cases where units would have to be quickly replaced with a similar and almost as skilled unit...this would be a RTS where the lethality of the opponents actions is really high and the value of your troops isn't..but when you build a team and every member is a considerable investment in effort and time, they should not be easily replaced by the ingame "soldier factory" and their veterancy should be worth something. training room concepts have been used somewhat in this regard, either as a method to let rookies catch up (as usually the initial amount required for low stats is very low) or to augment the skills of veteran personnel (Xcom 2 covert missions do give stat bonuses, but on the total these veterans already have it is usually not all that significant) I haven't really read anything that hinted towards the total game length, I do find a few weeks ingame time to be extremely unlikely though
  21. Thanks, i was wondering why my corsairs were all of a sudden struggling. Code should be inserted at line 456, result should look like this: <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">46,41;54,41</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="14"><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> Does anyone have advice to deal with light drones? Their suppression and insane range is extremely difficult for me to deal with, even if they don't hit. I'm currently on a jungle map (so no walls or stuff to hide behind), and the light drones can see everything, and supress everything while the heavy drone just needs to get one lucky shot in....
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  23. In Xenonauts 1 500 HP would make a unit survive at most two combat-rounds of dedicated attention from a squad ... probably less (exception being Androns who besides high HP also had huge damage reduction against projectile weapons). I am only guessing here, but i think the primary idea is for the boss aliens to not die in the same round that they are discovered by the player - for me in X1 that was the case pretty much every time i wanted it. The game-mechanic problem here is, that if your boss unit has special abilities but dies as soon as the player discovers it if the player chooses to invest his resources this way, then these abilities either end up being irrelevant or you need to allow the boss unit to use its abilities from off screen - generating the not really overly liked off screen mind control from Xenonauts 1. I will concur that making units bullet-spongy isn't necessarily the most beautiful approach to solve this issue, but it is a simple one. It does create an issue balance wise, though, since if the damage the player can deliver veers noticeably from what the game designer expected at that point, you either end up with the boss being one shot again, or with uninteresting long combat sequences where you need to slowly chip off the HP (or not overly interesting combat sequences where you get murderated by a boss you just don't have the damage to kill before he wipes out your team). I would beg to differ here. The Xenonauts transport craft is necessarily going to need to have some sort of anit-radar mechanic, or it's not going to survive flying around with the military generally not being informed of it's existence. If the Xenonauts transport is effectively invisible to radar, during daytime flights there is still a high risk of it being discovered by a random airfield employee who happens to look up to the sky, and wonder which craft is zooming by here. This is especially true for aircraft carrier personnel. There is of course heat detection as well, something that in my opinion is noticeably harder to solve than radar invisibility, and the fact that a craft that can reach any point on earth an return within 18 hours needs to fly at roughly mach 2 or greater, creating a sonic boom, but both of those are vastly mitigated by simply flying at very high altitude. The real issue is landing, and now this needs to be done at night, and you can slow down to subsonic speeds before reducing your altitude. If i understood correctly, one of the key reasons for the very limited personnel roster you get to choose from is trust. You get 40 people that the game assures you are not under alien influence or will hand your organisation over to their government at the earliest opportunity, and are also in one way or another capable individuals. I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that the cost for "hiring" this personnel might actually not be as much giving them the money so they work for you, but actually resources necessary to do a full background check to make sure the assumption they won't sell you out is still true (else why don't you have all 40 work for you from the start?). Interesting idea, but that would mean that any individual you hire will progressively become better the longer he stays employed. This compounds the balance issue that if you loose someone, the stats of your newly hired replacement will be significantly worse compared to the stats of those you have had in your service for a while (unless the difference training makes itself is not really significant). One way to mitigate that is for all units to level up their stats over time, regardless of whether they are employed by you or not ... but i must admit that just sounds weird to me. Reverse Tolkien-time-principle? Realistically, if you actually hire a Speznaz or SAS operative that has seen combat their stats will only get worse after their first few missions rather than better, because they are probably already at the peak of their capabilities anyways, and there will be injuries they survive but reduce their combat effectiveness over time, and battle traumata that will reduce their "bravery stat". I'd wager most people on this forum wouldn't want that level of realism, even though it might make for an interesting game where you get people at the peak of their capabilites and just gradually use them up over the course of the game. Not exactly X-Com like, though. What i find interesting is that from what Chris wrote i can deduce that the timespan Xenonauts 2 will cover will be significantly less than Xenonauts 1. A normal Xenonauts 1 campaign encompassed several months - half a year would be no surprise. If that was the case in Xenonauts 2, you really wouldn't care about loosing one day of work from a scientist as you sent him on a mission - with 4 months playtime that's about 1/120th or 0.833% of the total science generated by this one individual (and i am assuming that we can have more than one scientist researching at a time). This is even further mitigated by that i can have a grunt in the lab while my scientist is resting (someone who is healed up enough to be able to work, but still doesn't quite have enough hp that i like the idea of sending him into combat), reducing the total loss even more. This indicates to me that a complete campaign in Xenonauts 2 will only encompass weeks, rather than months. As an not entirely unrelated thought, there'd be the theoretical option of also narrowing down the geographical scope of Xenonauts 2 to only Europe (including the western part of Russia), North Africa and the western part of the Middle East. Every biome from Xenonauts 1 can be found there, and the only one i can think of not available is djungle. If the aliens wanted to create tension between the NATO and WP, it would make sense for them to operate there rather than anywhere else. It would make reaching and returning from a mission in a day very plausible, and the longer strategic side quests that take people away for days would then likely often take place on other continents. Not really something i think you should necessarily do, but maybe a concept worth considering. Regards Drakon
  24. Personally, I like fighting humans, it makes the world seem more grounded and realistic in a way. The other changes look interesting too. As someone who liked Xenonauts more than the Firaxis offerings, I still felt that didn't it didn't innovate enough, so I'm glad to see you guys are trying new things with the sequel.
  25. Corsair guns positions was broken, and one gun shot like stormtrooper. I fix this by adding gun position string in aircrafts.xml file.
  26. Guys is there a simple enough way to simply make ballistic weapons LIMITED, and purchasable? No need to manufacture bullets and guns.. I just want to "micromanage" my gun stocks, like this mod Economy overhaul: Base starts with just 10 assault rifles, 20 magazines, 10 frag grenades, 10 smoke grenades and 10 medipacks. No more "unlimited" weapons, equipment or ammo. (Vehicle equipment still is unlimited and unchanged, for now) All solider weapons, ammo and equipment must now be paid for and manufactured. Everything unlocks for manufacture the same way as usual. Default weapons are available TO PURCHASE/build from the start of the game. I've tried doing what I can by using that mods items.xml and adding the weaponry from "unlimited/capped" to "normal", I've added the strings to X-divisions strings, and used economy overhaul's base script in place of x-divs. No changes in game... I'm completely winging all this by the way so clearly no idea what I'm doing
  27. Is this graphics from the final version of X2 or there will be an overhaul? For now I think the tiles are too visible. It looks outdated. Like the game was made mostly for classic XCOM fans, not necessarily for everyone. Although the equipment looks good, very modern, and these bright interiors are really cool. In my opinion, the tiles don't need to be so clearly visible, the highlight is enough, no one would get confused. But maybe you're going to change it, so there's no need to talk about the graphics yet?
  28. Hey I’ve been playing x-division and absolutely love it. I really miss the old economy system though for starting ballistic weapons. Does it look at all compatible with this mod?


  29. I also think that the "only night"missions are not realistic, but you need to take into account that this is a game and you must allow some room for mechanics which make it easier to program or handle things,even if they're not realistic. I understand that the logic here is to have staff do something in the strategic later during the day (investigate, construct, repair, infiltrate) and go on a mission during the night. What I'm not sure I understand is the way fatigue will be handled. Will there be 3 8-hours periods and if you make someone work all 3 of them they get tired, or people get tired by performing actions and they must rest periodically or what? I hope it doesn't relay too heavily on micromanagement and we can just set people on their jobs and just adjust things when we're tight.
  30. This is clearly old thread but I’ve just started using your mod its awesome. One feature the game itself could use, or should I say go back to, is no auto-research. Even if alien autopsies is fluff, that’s fluff I want to choose when it’s to be researched. Having research done for you is the game holding your hand
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