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  2. I'm using this on top of the latest version of XCE (0.34.3), and made the modifications to the gameconfig.xml file as you suggested for compatibility (though it's just about reactor damage). what I am seeing is that everything appears to be working right, but I get a LOT of animation stuttering on maps using this. whenever anything moves, it stutters. even civilians stutter while they are crouching in fear. any idea why? no doubt it is this mod, as I never saw this behavior before I installed it. edit: false alarm. turns out it WAS just the specific map causing problems, I just happened to get it twice in a row. other maps are not showing this stuttering behavior, with or without your mod.
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  4. Alright guys ! The .40 now has an installer which does everything for you except having an clean install and installing XCE. Check the OP if you like the new style. I would appreciate some feedback if the installer is ok and if there can be any improvements. All the best to you guys and girls ! Charon
  5. Server MAINTENANCE Scheduled for sunday 24.09.2017 14:00 -15:00 PLEASE HOLD THE LINE !
  6. I don't see any workaround at this link, and like many others, I am stuck with the "black roof" effect on a mission with a cruiser wreck. perhaps it was supposed to be a different link?
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  8. UPDATE: As of XCE 0.34.3 all buggy sound behaviours seems to have been eliminated so there doesnt seem to exist a code optimising issue from this to the original anymore. Thanks again to @Solver for fixing this.
  9. I was actually thinking about shortening the campaign by 100 ATP for Phase 2 and 3. Makeing the campaign roughly 80 days faster than currently ? So what do you guys think about that ? Is the campaign lenght ok ? Is it too long or too short ? Let me know !
  10. Can't even download the first part from Mega, it reaches the "limit" and requires registration
  11. I don't even see what that has to do with Xenonauts.
  12. Ever wondered what the developers were doing to advance X-Division ? Let me present the hard work of 6 hours ! BEHOLD THE GLORY AND THE BEAUTY ! func uint chereqcmdproc( uint wnd ) { str num1 num2 num3 macrox_getstr( "chereq1", num1 ) macrox_getstr( "chereq2", num2 ) macrox_getstr( "chereq3", num3 ) if num1[0] = num2[0] = num3[0] != '0' { return 1 } msg_warning( "Check the Requirements", "#lcaption#" ) return 0 } @Solver Can you explain what i did there ? I still have no clue ... but it works.
  13. This mod is absolutely great! Vanilla Xenonauts lacks depth in a lot of its features and X-division just makes the game feel more complete. I particularly like the increased emphasis on capturing aliens for research and greater diversity in the GC arsenal. You guys have clearly put a lot of time and effort into X-division and the result so far is impressive. I look forward to future updates, good luck in fully realizing your vision for the game!
  14. If you have these kind of bugs its always mandatory that you post your rigs, OS and platform and whatever more you can think of. Otherwise i can also only look into my crystal to see what the problem is. For instance: Windows 7 AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad Core GTX 970 Steam Your save produced the same crash on my rigs. Best Regards Charon
  15. Is the KS campaign going to start this year? I'm certainly not going to miss it this time (already singed up fo the mailing list). BTW the quality of avatars gets surprisingly low after upload.
  16. ### Compliments I'm 2 days into the mod, and really impressed. Thank you for breathing new life into Xenonauts. ### Bug Report I tried to pull up the game this morning, and on hitting 'load game' from the main menu, or 'save game' from the geoscape of a new game (didn't try load game there, but I'm confident it was borked also) the game froze, and windows gave me a 'this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way', and the application exited. Assuming the problem was based on FS access, I moved all my savegames out of the `...\Xenonauts` directory, restarted the game, and was able to open the load menu (no games displayed). I put back the most recent save, which caused the problematic behavior again (see attached, battlescape save), then removed it and tried again with the second-most recent save, which does _not_ cause the issue. My assumption is that the save metadata is corrupted in some way that makes the app vomit when reading it, but I don't have the xenonauts technical knowledege to investigate further. Side note: Is there a bug tracker anywhere? I've tried googling, and it seems like this forum (76 pages, today) is the only place where bugs are reported. I hate to possibly post a dupe, but as this is a game-crasher, I figured I'd post it anyway, in case it helps someone else. g2b3-1.sav
  17. Yes, but only for big events. We've only used it once to date which was for when we announced the free builds slightly less than a year ago. We'll use it for Kickstarter announcement, Early Access launch, final release etc ... but it's not one we plan to frequently spam updates to.
  18. These are the fixed files for the XCE 0.34.3 version. Other than switching out the files proceed as in the original thread:
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Fixed X:CE Mod Pack 0.34.3 The Download button is the one to the right.
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  21. This is just a reminder for myself that this bug exists. It is possible for a bullet to hit the tile right in front of the soldier/hit crouched soldiers right in front if a obstacle which is 2 tiles away gets destroyed during a multishot fire. This cant happen for single shots. If a soldier shoots with a multishot aim option and destroys the obstacle during the shots, than all remaining bullets will target tiles between the destroyed obstacle, and the shooter, and in this case the only option is the 1 tile remaining right in front of him. I have confirmed this bug multiple times with the Xenophobia mod which runs on XNT 5.3 Firebat. Most noteable you can destroy UFO walls and this made the scenario more common than it is in Xenonauts. This obviously can only happen with multiple bullets because after a single shot destroys the cover there are no more bullets to redirect. Example:
  22. I rarely make "snide"-posts, but how on Earth you missed this thread on the "Development Updates"-sub-section of these forums? But I try to be a fair-guy: Since there seems to be no rush with this game, it is possible we might have the "1.0"-version earliest of 2020, maybe; it all depends on the all the additional features added. Right now the current plan basically is to have "First Xenonauts running in Unity-Engine". So I wouldn't expect for any pre-order-campaigns to start within a month at minimum ( I am simply saying this as a cautiously-patient-person, not as a pessimist ). --- --- ---
  23. Hello there, As @Charon said, it is difficult to tell without some more details - mod loader, screenshots,etc. But, my wild guess is that this is due to Ambient Sounds mod - try to disable all sound mods and try again.
  24. Pretty much says it all in the title. I have tried troubleshooting by reinstalling, changing betas (Legacy and X:CE), with and without mods and changing the install folder. Still nothing. CTD = Crash To Desktop SOLUTION: I changed the save location to my desktop (originally in my documents).
  25. Whenever I try to save the game it does nothing. I type a name for the save game, click save and it does not appear on my saved games when I click on load/save game. I've tried reinstalling, changing betas (Legacy and X:CE), with and without mods and changing the install folder. Still nothing. It would be much appreciated if someone has a fix since I cannot even play the game due to this bug (and I would like to play very much). I also have another bug but luckily it's not game breaking. Whenever I try to change any audio settings it instantly crashes to desktop. I have also tried all of the above to fix it and nothing. SOLUTION: I changed the save location to my desktop (originally in my documents). My saves just don't work if there in the documents folder for some reason
  26. They make great use of that in X-Division .
  27. @ramzesLOL Check step 3 for installing the patch. After you have read it run the installer again to get a working game. Depending if you are on GOG your savegame might have been corrupted beyond repair. Yes, i know that is a bit misleading, i will work on an installer for .40 soon. Yes All captured aliens are useful. The only exception are ceasan psions, and captured ones might get used in a future version, this is why you can catch them already.
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