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Magnum Force

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Magnum Force

Click here to download.

What is Magnum Force?

Magnum Force is a ballistic weapons mod for v21 stable. All the vanilla infantry weapons have been replaced (stats and images) with ballistic weapons of the period, and they have been incorporated into the tech-tree (the updated Xenopedia contains the lore behind these changes). I like hard games, and this mod is no exception. The early game guns are actually more powerful (max 50 damage, to vanilla's 35), but the later weapons lack the raw power of the MAGS (90 compared to 120). There are some new weapon types (revolvers, hence the mod name, sub-machine guns, automatic grenade launchers) and adjustments to existing weapons. An example of this is the assault rifles - they can burst twice per turn. I feel that in vanilla they aren't effective enough, and this change reflects their dominance over other weapons without overpowering them.

Ground combat retains the same balance in the respect of TU% for actions, movement, etc. - I like that balance in vanilla, it works. The geoscape features only a couple of changes - starting money is down a bit, and the later dropships have lower capacity...the vanilla mid to end game gets a bit tedious for me, too many soldiers knocking around reduces the difficulty.

Here's a picture of the omnipresent Ryan Quinn modelling our new stock weapon range (Josh Eales was not available at the time):


He's packing the Browning Auto-5, an AK-47, the pig, a S&W Model 629 , and a shiny block of c4.


Download link is at the top of the page (the file is 3.53mb). Make a clean copy of v21, and move the assets folder from the download into the clean copy, replacing the vanilla files. There's also two excel files in the download (vanilla weps and mod), which makes it easy to see the changes which have been made to the weapons.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


folder/gui - replaced vanilla weapon and ammo images with new ones

folder/ufocontents - increased number of caesans and sebillians in light scouts and scouts to compensate for more powerful early weaponry

folder/units - added spectres to make new eapons correspond with correct ground combat animations

folder/weapons - replaced vanilla weapon and ammo images with new ones

folder/xenopediaimages - replaced xeno images with images of the new weapons

aircrafts.xml - reduced capacity of shrike to 10, valkyrie to 12

ammos - added new ammos

gameconfig - lowered starting money to 1 million to compensate for more bounty in early ufos

items - changes relating to new weapons

manufactures - changes relating to new weapons

psionicpowers_gc - due to issues in v21, psionics are effectively disabled

researches - incorporated new weapons. what was laser weponry now requires stun weapons first, and plasma needs laser before researching (same with what was MAG and plasma)

strings - changes relating to new weapons

weapons - as above

weapons_gc as above

xenopedia - as above

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Updated the first post with the download link, and more info.

Weapons spoiler...

S&W Model 629

Browning Auto-5




Carl Gustav 84mm

Nova XR-5000


M79 GL


Saco MK19 AGL


Armsel Striker

SIG SG 542



Desert Eagle MKVII, 50 cal



Barrett M82


Browning M2

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The Browning Auto-5 is giving me flashbacks of BF1942: SWoWW2.

Turns out that it likes to pop up in a variety of places, according to the imfdb. Along with 1942, it's apparently been handled by the likes of Chuck Norris and R Lee Ermey.

The BA5 also makes it into the next edition of Magnum Force, featuring a whopping 34 new weapons. Be ready soon-ish.

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And speaking of the next download, here's a brief taster...

The big change is how the weapons are available, and how they progress. There are 34 new weapons, split into five categories: breaching, rifles, heavy, sidearms (all of these have eight weapons), and melee (just two of them). The four main categories replace the vanilla tabs in the equip screen (ballistics, lasers, plasmas, and mags), and are all unlocked from the start, with two weapons in each, as each new section contains two types of weapon. Breaching has shotguns and smg's, rifles has AR's and marksman, heavy has MG's and explosives, and sidearms has pistols and machine pistols. You follow? Well, here's Clint to help you out:





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