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[Tool] Xenonauts geographic tool


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Made a thing that helps in adding new cities to Xenonauts - here.


- can convert coordinates from latitude/longitude to xenonauts format used in 'cities.xml' and back

- generates xml code for easy insert into 'cities.xml' and 'strings.xml'

- uses Google Maps to locate the thing in given coordinates

- if you scroll the map, updates coordinates accordingly

Happened because of discussion about wrong location of Paris on geoscape (thread).

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Well, that's an useful tool indeed! Great idea and nice implementation!

Oh, my home town is somewhere around here:

<City>   <Name>Giovannis home town</Name>   <Country>Italy</Country>   <Population> 2.073</Population>   <Location>4361,1006</Location>   <PopupDistance>0.6</PopupDistance>   <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance></City>
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Update - Maps are working again (Google updated they developer console and broke my maps api key in the process).

As always, if anyone has noticed that Geo tool isn't working, have some bugreports or suggestions - post them here or just pm me, if i'm not around.

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Saying thanks for the too. Been adding cities for a several hours now, it's doable without the tool but was very very time consuming. With the tool with the maps not working it was a lot easier. Have to try it now that the maps are working, can only imagine how much time this will save me.

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I had to guess the formulae myself to help with the Geographic Addition Mod, although I can't be certain yet that they are 100% accurate. I need time to test, and I've chose to do something else. Being just on my way to leave now, I can only assure you that original (not modded) Geoscape coordinates and geographical coordinates are linearly related, and that doesn't prevent some odd locations to appear, however. I expect that some additional offset has to be added. More when I come back.

You can also click on the Geoscape at a wanted location to read its Geoscape coordinates, in the meantime.

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