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Happy v20 Candidate 1 day! Gifts inside


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So it's more or less holiday season, and v20 is about to become official on Steam :)

To celebrate the fact, the first 3 people here who post a fresh screenshot of their main base can also message me for a celebratory present. Choose a game on Steam and I will send it to you, make sure to include your email or Steam name. To preserve a modicum of sanity, please choose among Steam games that cost no more than 35 currency units on the EUR/USD stores.

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Sir...you have just opened the floodgates...

In any case, I may have encountered a bug of some sort...



EDIT: Bug report made.

Exact steps (and reasons for doing so) to what I did included.

Edited by Commissar Pancakes
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Didn't I just pick the perfect time to look back in on Xenonauts :D The 60 hours on my account were all from like 2 months ago before I gave it a little break because of university...

Anyways, I already wrote it in the PM, but once again: Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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