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Just bought the game, thanks for all the fun.

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I second that. I'm an old TFTD guy, finally beat it just last year. Then I bought Xcom EU, and while I really loved it also, it was a different beast than what I was used to and I wanted something more like the old ones. I luckily read a random comment on gamespot recommending xenonauts to someone else who didn't like EU. I watched about 30 mins. of gameplay videos and immediately sent you guys $20.

THIS is the true sequel I've been looking for, and the game plays awesome (I'm playing experimental build with almost no crashes in 27 hrs). Most of the minor changes you guys made are most welcome.

Thanks guys, can't wait for the final version.

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I want to throw in my two cents as well:

This game is amazing. Just amazing. If you're goal was to completely replace classic X-Com with a superior product, you've succeeded wildly. Air combat is engaging and enjoyable (I didn't think it was possible), planning and designing loadouts and team composition is fun, battles are tense and (if you've got a mind like mine anyway) quite cinematic, with lots of interesting things happening - having civilians able to fight back is beautiful and really makes the map feel alive.

Overall, it's an absolutely amazing job. Thank you so much for making this.

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