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Hold reapers back for ship defense

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mmmmh, I dont think you really want to do that. It could be Hadleys Hope all over again, and unless you have a xenonaut called Ripley you will be screwed.

You can try yourself. Open "ufo contents" folder, and edit the ships you want changing the reapers entry into "defense". They should hulk inside the ufo then.

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I would have as many of them out and about as possible, as their purpose is to infect and reproduce.

And while close range like that would seem better for them, they are supposed to have crazy TUs so closing the gap outside of a UFO shouldnt be a hard thing to do.

I remember in XCOM tho they were slightly buggy, they'd charge right at you while you kept repeating a profanity of choice, only to find them get close, and then change their minds and run away enough distance that had they not, would have killed one of your soldiers and started a zombie outbreak.

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On a terror mission they should be out and about doing the terror thing.

If you shot down a UFO with them on board then it might be nice for some of them to stay inside in the comforting darkness, in the day time at least.

They mostly come at night so venturing out when they are less likely to be spotted and more likely to be a threat.

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