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WOT about the game...

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Just to let you know, Combat Shields cause game crashes when you mess with them in your inventory.

I couldnt tell you how, as again I dont use them, but many people have reported the issue. However some people say they dont cause them any issues, so /shrug.

When I first started playing and was trying to work up my STR ( I didnt know how it worked ) I tried bringing along shields as something heavy, and then planned to drop them to see if that gave me a STR boost.

And I never finished that mission, as the game crashed constantly.

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Currently the combat shieuld has an 80% chance of blocking any fire directly from the front, and a 65% chance of blocking fire coming at an angle to the front. If the shield blocks the shot, it absorbs the damage (it has its own HP, that is why you see 120/120). It's not a bug if the shield lets a shot through. Just annoying.

EDIT: And any weapon with the hyperveolcity tag (alien plasma sniper rifles) will auto-penetrate combat shields.

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Tank you MAX.

I m not in the hypervelocity tag yet CTD-> fubar game _> start from zero don t allow.

Should the kneeled soldier with shield have 95% - 100% of safety. I understand when moving his legs are exposed but when kneeled...Only the hand of the handweapon appear.

Just a suggestion.

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Yeah; when using a shield, crouching should grant an additional 10% or 15% chance that the shield blocks the shot; making it 80 from the front and 65 from the sides standing, and 90/95 from the front and 75/80 from the sides. This seems to make sense to me; you'd rest the bottom of the shield on the ground, like a tower shield.

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