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How much ass does this game kick?

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Just want to add +1 to how good this game is. Can't wait for the final version.

I'm always commenting on how new games these days are all flash and no substance.

Xenonauts just proves how good old games were, with the focus on the game mechanics.

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This game has a lot of potential but I will only be able to rate it after it is released. Some things are only accepted for the moment because it is still in development. There is a lot of work to be done and many really nasty bugs to track. The work in progress is sure to produce some more bugs as well. I truly hope the developers will manage to release a bug-free amazing game at, at least, X-COM scale of awesomeness and this would manage to achieve the unachievable and write history. Surpassing X-COM would be, really, amazing.

I am, anxiously, looking forward for the finalization of the game and the actual beta, when there will only be bug elimination.

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It's XCOM with a UI that isn't horrible. That's really all I wanted, even though I appreciate and enjoy the 3-D Enemy Unknown remake quite a lot.

There's still a lot of balancing and redesign going on, but it all seems positive so far and I have no reason to believe that the devs won't perfect it given time.

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