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  1. Daringunicorn

    Abduction missions plan

    Maybe the reward can simply be that the alien escalation is slowed, as you stop them from gaining possible human test subjects.
  2. Daringunicorn

    Next steps in Game

    Im pretty sure I've done a strike cruiser ground mission. They are the U-shaped ones I think.
  3. Daringunicorn

    Should I buy pre-order?

    Its still early in development so somethings are rough and somethings aren't implemented yet but I've enjoyed my time with the game and believe it will be good. So if you don't mind rough edges or radical changes then yes I think its worth at any price.
  4. Daringunicorn

    On Promotion

    I've been with it since kickstarter and I have faith in the the dev team, but we will just have to see...
  5. Daringunicorn

    On Promotion

    I absolutely respect Chris for sticking to his guns though and I think the drastic changes are necessary for an evolution of a game and if they TRULY won't work, Chris will change it if it is allowed. Its all for the sake of the game and will eventually add up to a cleaner experience. This is also their first game so take it easy bud, this is by far the best Xcom reimagaging I've seen in a long while and I'm glad to see it grow and change. You just have to accept that they can't please everyone and it's for the good of the game as a whole.
  6. Daringunicorn

    On Promotion

    My apologies I could have sworn at some point they stated that steam would mark the beginnings of the beta, but at this point it doesn't even matter. Alpha, Beta they are all stages of development.
  7. Daringunicorn

    On Promotion

    Of course:D Beta is Beta and everything is subject to change and several iteration. Wasn't accusing you of anything btw:)!
  8. Well...Beta is Beta That's the name of the industry
  9. Daringunicorn

    On Promotion

    That's exactly how I describe you Thunder:p And the devs are working with a tight budget and I think they focus on improvements more than additions. The ranking system is fine but I like the idea of only one commander per base. That seems realistic and possibly more balanced?
  10. Daringunicorn

    How much ass does this game kick?

    On a scale of 1 to XCOM of kickassness, I say this game is XCOM+30ish... Can't wait for the release!
  11. I've had this issue as well, wasn't sure if it was the medkits or the shields in the experimental build. Also once you complete the mission it crashes as well.
  12. Daringunicorn

    Tried Beta 18: Still needs a lot of work

    Wow never had any of those problems in mine before! Probably a corrupted download or something, like Chris had said.
  13. I actually enjoy running around with a group killer combat shield pistoliers! No explosives is kinda challenging as well!
  14. Daringunicorn


    There's a DRM free version via desura, not sure about steam.