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  1. This is minor but it keeps bugging me every time I load the game. The 3 military men looking at you when you load the game should have more appropriate rank, such as high officers, at least Major I would say, with one or two being generals/admirals/what have you. I loved the opening to X-Com with the screaming alien in the beginning. Maybe ultimately we can see some sort of homage to that.
  2. The tricky part is that shooting down walls is a valid tactic. I'm not talking about a UFO hull or anything, but say shooting down a wood barn wall to get to the alien behind it was a great X-Com tactic once you got the better weapons. Aliens should have the AI to be able to do this sort of thing. Also not shooting THROUGH walls of course.
  3. So are you saying at this time there is no way to capture mechanical aliens?
  4. One of my games I am high into research, high into plasma weapons and such anyway, and I've researched every tree available to me. I've only been able to research through Jackal armor. I think this is a bug as I have two other games much less progressed where this isn't a problem. I have a save game I can provide if necessary.
  5. Hey it's been discussed a bit before but I think this is such a huge bug I'm surprised it's not getting more attention. Probably all of us (?) have been affected by this bug. Not just on base invasion. I've had it happen on several maps. Targeting (I could almost live with that - infrared vision maybe) and shooting through walls without even damaging the wall. I don't see any notes about this on the V19 release notes. I would think this would be a priority. I mean with all due respect the revamp of the screens looks pretty, etc. etc. but I lost a great soldier to this bug.
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  7. Just want to add +1 to how good this game is. Can't wait for the final version. I'm always commenting on how new games these days are all flash and no substance. Xenonauts just proves how good old games were, with the focus on the game mechanics.
  8. I don't remember the name of the scout tank. The first vehicle you research and produce is what I'm talking about. The one that appears to have armor made out of tin foil. If you equip it with the pulse laser, then each time you go to fire it, it defaults to the accuracy setting used by the most recent soldier. It does not allow you to cycle between snap-standard-aimed with the right mouse button the way the soldiers can. The clunky work-around for this is you go to a soldier first, then select the accuracy setting you want to use for the tank, then go back to the tank and it will default to what you picked for the solider. Hope that makes sense.
  9. I've searched and searched the forums and don't see anyone asking this. I'm early in the game. I have the initial planes which I think are called Condors. I can't replace the cannon with the laser one I built. There's nothing obvious the way it is for the soliders or the small scout tank - those are easy to figure out. If I click on the cannon itself it just makes a clicking noise but nothing happens. Please advise. I'm far enough in the game already to the point where I need this upgrade. Thanks.
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