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Aliens to trigger happy?

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wow! that's another good idea. Saving the livestock of the locals should also get you point. Not as much as the humans, but as a sort of PR thing for the funding nation.

Xenonauts: Fighting Cattle Mutilations since 1979. So you can take them to an abattoir and shoot them in the head.

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As a thing...Just did my third terror mission a while ago(November 20th) and guess what...civilians seem to be smarter...Like in one case(I was just messing with stuff) I let my entire team get transformed in Zombies just for the hell of it...And guess what...All of the civilians in the area(around 6-7 of them) gathered up in the corner of the map all in triangle shape...After I was done messing with stuff and was getting to serious alien killing stuff...I saw two civilians just stand behind me...I was splitting my squad into two different groups of 4 and ...I kid you not...2 civilians(for every group) followed my soldiers close up behind...Like they wanted protection or something(Funny At the start of the mission my sniper kinda killed *cough**cough* knocked out one of them )

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