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Sell me this game

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I want to buy this but i just dont all know what im getting into. so can some one sell me this game. i love xcom EU and ufo extraterrestrials. i just need to know how much i can squeeze out of it. Steam forums is useless for help already tried. Hope you guys are better. :D

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This game perfectly captures the feeling of the original 'X-com'. That scary, spooky, jumpy feeling. It's quite unique in gaming, at least in my experience.

I've wanted a version of that kind of game playable on a modern PC for a LOOOONG time. UFO Extraterrestrials was just ok. The new Firaxis version is a good game for a console port, but it's not a 'modern version of X-Com'. Xenonauts is, after 20 years, an updated, playable 'new X-Com' game.

I played the steam version yesterday and was shocked at how much fun it is.

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If you've played the original XCOM (or if you're a Britisher like me and refer to it by it's proper name: UFO Enemy Unknown), then Xenonauts is an updated take on that game.

Personally, I think the team at Goldhawk have done a great job at keeping what made the original game good, and have tackled the problem issues that were in the original (ie, blaster launchers, manufacturing for profit etc...), while also adding a number of nice new features like suppression and the new aircombat.

If Chris manages to sort out the art issues for the flamethrower I'll be really, really chuffed.

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