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Load rocket launcher with alenium rockets as default

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I was wondering how can I load the rocket launcher with the alenium rockets.

After I discovered alenium rockets, I'd like to use them as the default projectile for rocket launchers.

When I try to associate them to the rocket launcher in the equipment screen, the projectile is put in the hand slot, replacing the rocket launcher.

Am I missing something here or is it not yet possible?

Currently the first rocket fired in a ground combat mission is the default rocket, then I equip the alenium ones. It does not seem correct to me.

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Yeah, its a bug, though I've had it sometimes load alenium rockets but not sure what I did it to do that.

Sathra, do you know if it has already been traced?

I have not found a bug describing this problem.

Otherwise I will open a new thread in the bug section.

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maybe better to make launcher empty be default, as you`d like to load it with stun or piercing ammo first

The amount of rockets you can carry is already limited, i wouldn't want to -1 on that. Best is to get it working as intended~

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true, but you still SHOULD be able to load the first round manually on your base, then it is saved for that soldier, if want to change, just put launcher away and take it back in hand/backpack and let it be empty again

I'd like this a lot. Even if it's a little more hassle for some people, just make sure that it's obvious that it's unloaded when you first put it in the guy's hand or pack or wherever.

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