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General Stores? How Much Storage Do They Actually Provide?

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I see that the general stores facility is in Xenonauts but I'm having difficulty determining what it is exactly that it does. I would assume that one is needed before items can be purchased or manufactured but would two be better than one? Is there a limit to how much stuff can be stored in a single facility? XCom had charts showing the amount of available storage space a base had and how much of it was in use. I'm not seeing anything of the sort in Xenonauts.

So do we ever need to build more than one in a single base? If so, how do we know when to build additional facilities?

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This was discussed recently, along with some UFO:AI things. As Max-Caine said, it stores everything you will need. Where are the infinite items kept? Well, it's just part of the ordering system. You simply don't have to worry about it, as they are shipped in form all of the funding nations as required. I think that was the jist of it.

There are quite a few things handled in a similar fashion in Xenonauts. Automatic upgrades, infinite grenades after researching certain topics etc.

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Okay. I'm just wondering why it's even in at all if that is the case. Unlike most other facilities, there's no real choices to make here. Defense systems, hangers, living quarters, labs and manufacturing facilities all have significant impact upon gameplay. It sounds like with general stores one is always needed and two is always overkill.

The only situation I can imagine where a player might refrain from building one would be in the case of a radar base that is built solely for the radar systems. It would probably be better to pull general stores out of the game and simply factor the cost into building the initial base. Otherwise, it'll likely be a future source of confusion for players.

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I'm guessing, space.

That storeroom takes up a square of space. That might not seem significant, but when you're cramming in everything you can into a small space, that's one less square of space to play with. And you never know, Chris might decide that storerooms have a maximum items limit. After all, up to now, it's been better for development if they didn't have to worry about storeroom space. But now it's into candidates for beta? It might be the case that suddenly, storerooms can only hold X items and that's it!

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I would think removing it would cause more confusion as people start looking at their base and wondering where things are stored, especially on base defence missions.

As I posted in another thread there really isn't a lot of stuff to store in the game as it stands.

You need somewhere to keep your Alenium and alloys, as well as any gear your troops are not currently using.

It really doesn't feel worthwhile to add any kind of space limitation to the stores building.

The only time it would involve any real gameplay would be when it was full and you had to sell or transfer some items to make more space.

With the funding designed to be tight and financial decisions difficult I imagine it would be a balance issue if you ever had enough cash generating materials lying around to fill two storerooms (unless they were very small of course).

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from what I remember from the linked thread you could just as easily abstract away practically anything in the base with a bit of hand wavery.

Training? Oh, that's done offsite now. Yeah, we out source to Reticulan Resources. Hope none of the guys say anything about where the base is?

Intercept Launches? Sure, we don't want to give away where our bases are. That's why we launch them from the roof of our bases. What did you expect? A moon Base?

Base Defence? The command Centre has been taken?! We'd better tell the commander. He set up shop in general stores last month, as he used to be the Quartermaster there. Just as well really...

UFO deconstruction? Hey! We've got a monster delivery truck outside. Says he wants to know where the saucer goes.

Laboratory? Hi! I'm Brains Mcthothkins. I'm the new biochemistry guy. Could you just point me in the direction of the clean room, I'll get started. Oh, you have 1 lab, that covers all research known to mankind. I wonder if the aliens are hiring...

Common sense? Cdr Fallable: Personally, I'm a huge believer in putting all eggs in one lovely basket. That's why we fight on all fronts from this easily locatable base. Perfect.

Getting in? Cdr? Engineer thothkins here. Did you hire ancient Egyptians to build the base again? Yeah, they've sealed all of the facilities in there with big stones. No, there's no access lift that I can see. We'll just have to wait until the aliens show up to attack so we can get in, I guess.

Stores? Aaaaaaaaah, this be the magical Bag of Quartermastery. Do not look into it's infinite depths, my child, lest you go insane from the myriad of grenade options at your disposal in infinite amounts!

Other xeno-people? Look comrades! I know aliens are attacking the planet. But until we make a stand for all of the non combat personnel in the base, we're never going to have living quarters of our own. I'm sick of living in the Chinook cockpit.

Meat & Drink? Delivery for Xenobase! Yeah, this is Pete from Dominos. Still got here in under an hour, even when your base was secret, so no freebies. Let's see, 2400 Ham & Pineapple... hey, have you guys ever thought about a canteen?

Rsearch?We've cracked quantum entanglement! Look! we research Alenium a single Alenium torpedo here. Now, not only do we have infinite amounts here but every base gets them, whether they've ever seen Alenium or not! Quantum Storeroom Logistics!

Updates? Well the missile turrets were there last night. Yes, I know the lasers are pretty. But who crept in here with tonnes of equipment and build the bloomin' thing, that's what I want to know.

hand wavery

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I think I covered that quite nicely with far less words :P

You can go either way and someone would be unhappy.

I have no real objection to more in depth storage management, but then I wouldn't miss it if it was removed completely either.

As I said earlier, there is not much in the game as currently implemented that needs storing.

You could change things to require storage if you wanted to.

Only thing you need is to ask Chris nicely if he will add a limit to the number of items a storeroom can hold, even if he doesn't want to use it himself.

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I think I covered that quite nicely with far less words

meant to do <hand wavery> </handwavery> for that bit to be ignored, but got sidetracked. Thanks for reading :)

There's a lot of scope in the "needs storing" phrase. It can mean just the things that the game lets you currently store, "as it stands" as someone put it :)

But "needs" can mean different things beyond that to different folks - see multi page epic link above.

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