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Xenonauts-2 February 2023 Update!

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Hello everyone! February is now over so it's time for our monthly progress update. 

The biggest thing that happened this month was Steam Next Fest. We put out a demo for this that allowed players to play the full game for just over a month and included our new tutorial. This was the first time we've allowed people to play more than a curated single mission, so it was quite a nerve-wracking experience, but overall I think things went well - we got a lot of new wishlists and a lot of useful feedback.

Steam Demo:
Broadly speaking the feedback on the demo was good. I want to thank everyone that posted up their thoughts and suggestions either on Steam or on our forums or Discord, because it's been really useful to read those. Even the negative feedback has been very useful, because in most cases it revealed either bugs we were not aware of or parts of the game that need better communication or balancing. It's never nice to realise parts of your game don't work quite as well as you thought they did, but it's certainly much better to find that out before the Early Access launch than after!

A lot of our time this month has therefore been spent working on the issues and problems people experienced in the demo. 

V26 Stable Released!
This morning I released the final version of V26 onto our standard Steam and GOG branches, which is the first build to make it beyond our Experimental branches since November and should be a substantial improvement on the previous V24.7b. Thanks to all of the testers who made suggestions and reported bugs with V25 and V26! I'm currently working on V27 which will hopefully be arriving on the Experimental branches later this month.

Based on the sales data provided by our marketing partners Hooded Horse, we've decided that it would be sensible to support translation for our Early Access launch. We're working on the technical implementation of this now and will hopefully have that finished this month (although the actual translation work will take a bit longer to deliver).

Hooded Horse will be using professional translators to deliver high-quality translations into most major languages, but we also hope to make these tools available to the community in the future so people can translate the game into other languages if they wish.

New Gameplay Changes:
The two large gameplay changes we've been working on this month are the reskinning of the Soldier Equip screen into the new UI style and adding another unique tactical mission type.

The new tactical mission is an "Eliminate VIP" mission, which in this case takes the form of an attack on a Cleaner outpost where the objective is to kill the Cleaner leader and escape before enemy reinforcements overwhelm you. This mission requires a bit of extra work because we're also adding some optional secondary objectives in the form of more computers that contain Cleaner Data that can be recovered, but hopefully it'll be another interesting new mission type to keep the campaign nice and varied to play.

This all ties into a bigger revamp of the Cleaners which we'll be testing this month. I don't want to reveal too much about it until we've had a chance to properly playtest it, but the idea is to make the Cleaner mission sequence a bit more dynamic rather than their story just being a straightforward research chain. If all goes well people will be able to try this for themselves in V27.

That's everything from me. As always, thanks for reading and we'll see you next month!

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Hi Chris & Dev-Team.

Thanks for the nice Update. I think I will test the Stable V.26-Version with the new Bugfixes until V.27 comes out.


What the Translation belongs, there you have right. The Translators from Hooded Horse are great. I play too the in Translation and in Early Access playable Terra Invicta from Panovis Interactive. But I think we will get for Xenonauts 2 an Translation-Beginning at the End of the Year about the Translation-Work from Terra-Invicta, which has so much Text like a Book-Row.

I only want to mention that, not that the Translation-Hype will be to high when Early Access from Xenonauts 2 will start.


What the new Gameplay-Changes for V.27 belongs, there I hope I speak for all Main-Beta-Testers and Newby-Beta-Testers: We will wait for them and test them as best we can, after they come out.

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17 hours ago, Drew said:

Is the 2023 Q2 release estimate on the Steam store page still accurate for Early Access given the feedback received during Next Fest, or does that need to be pushed back?

Q2 is probably still on the cards, yeah. Assuming the translation work goes reasonably smoothly.

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