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  1. @Chris i found a lot of bugs - i gonna make a list tomorrow and describe everything
  2. Found already 1st issue - how to reproduce bug 1. Shot down UFO on the map with aircrafts 2. Select UFO Crashsite 3. Press Launch Mission 4. Screen with selected soldiers gonna show up 5. Press ESC button on keyboard in order to crash the game iron_man-54.json
  3. i saw already 3 Bug Reports on 23.3, hmm im Guessing , Waiting for 23.4 xD
  4. If you fix these Late game bugs - i gonna speedrun the game on highest difficulty. You should also check all other mine videos, because there were pink objects. I am a player with very big abusive gameplay style. You know, figuring out how AI works and literly exploit everything into my advantage. Anyway no point for me testing version V23.2 because of issues with Panic levels on the map. It's simply impossible to test late game. I am gonna wait till you gonna release V23.3.
  5. @Chris Check Xenonauts-2 bug forums , please don't kill me what about you gonna see there.
  6. @ChrisI speed run the game and found multiple bugs that need to be fixed 1. After Destroying Cleaner Base - it's still adds +10 Panic lvl each month. user_panic_levels_goes_crazy_message_spam_multiple-7.json 2. After Completing UFO combat ground missions - for some unknown reason the Panic lvl increases user_panic_level_before_starting_mission-5.jsonuser_panic_level_increase_after_finishing_mission-4.json 2 files to compare 3. Aliens Brute - also i believe other types of aliens, when they Panic - it's causes Alien Turn = never end Alien Turn issue. user_alien_brute_fleing_or_panic_bug_game_action_stop-6.json ---- Bug Recorded below: 4. Alien Grenades causing game Crash - forget to save the file - but i got video recording below 5. When Zombie dies to Reaction fire - it causes game to crash user_zombie_kill_crash_need_fix-2.json 6. Also i dont know if it was intended but when you shutdown multiple UFO's - for Example i shotdown 2 same Tier-1 UFO's - for the first one it's gonna show bonus for decreasing Panic level, but for second one it won't. Same goes for Tier-2 or Tier-3 UFO's, and I believe even beyond that. user_alien_brute_fleing_or_panic_bug_game_action_stop-6.json user_zombie_kill_crash_need_fix-2.json 7. Invisible UFO spawns and trigger Base Defense Missions with 0 option to defend/destroy flying UFO towards my base to skip base defense - Sad Face
  7. I don't know how adding extra 1 player to a CO-OP version of a single-player can destroy whole gameplay experience. There is lots of people out there who search beside Single-Player option also CO-OP option of campaings. Literly what Chris can do, when they finish Single Player Project - is add an i call it CO-OP option, because nr.1 It's something new that can make the Xenonauts-2 more popular and also bring more money for Goldhawk Interactive, why? Because, let's say People gonna play campaing 1-2 times and they gonna take break or won't play a game anymore. What i am trying to explain is @Chris need to create an environment where people gonna be able continue to come back to Xenonauts-2 (Twitch/Youtube Streamers) where they gonna have an option to play with Viewers or Subs(whatever), because they are the ones that keep advertizing the game for free, and makes more people buy the game. Game with something new + more options - always good for games.
  8. Chris i feel like what you should when you finish the game in terms of balancing/maps/gameplay is adding CO-OP for 2 players. Because this game has a potential to play on CO-OP, and could add huge playerbase to this game, because a lot of games for example XCOM 1/2 , Old XCOM and Phoenix Point lack CO-OP mode. This could increase game popularity in the future. All you need to do is add simple buttons for decision making between 2 players on geoscope (for example i want hire 15 enginners), other player press accept button to agree on player decision, and the same for other player, and in combat where i control 4 soldiers and other player another 4 soldiers. Think about it Chris.
  9. It would be good if you guys add in the future add extra difficulty settings = it makes players (hardcore) stick longer in the game - like Zealot or Hardcore. For example = no Training Facilities, No monthly money income(money only from completing missions), or Only Balistic Weapons, Ofcourse increase number of aliens. And ofcourse dont increase number of soldiers - takes too long to finish turns.
  10. Just give everyone Sniper riffles = problem solved
  11. @Chris thats one of most sad fixes: Interceptors no longer gain a permanent armour boost after every combat they take part in. Imagine 1000 Armor Interceptors
  12. @ChrisYou should if you have time check Human Tier 3 Aircrafts don't remember the name but they were Maruders i think or named something else - with relocation and engagments when doing Air battle. Also you planning on adding Tier 3 Laser Cannons and tier 5 Plasma cannons for aircrafts(upgrades)?
  13. In begin focus on doing as many missions as possible to grew money, i noticed if you do lots of ground missions, it gonna grew monthly economy. Also when you play Combat Missions learn how to use Smoke Grenades(Best grenades ever), and learn how to farm Reflex on soldiers. If you master Reflex farming = Campaing = ez run.
  14. Fix tier 5/6 Alien Ships so i can check later / meanwhile i gonna enjoy streaming Company of Heroes on youtube
  15. @Chris Brother Chris i finished Xenonauts-2 Run since im unable progress further because Battleship OP and I can't aquire technology in order to counter them, because Tier 5 and Tier 6 UFO - unable to finish them. Since i reached lvl where i can't kill Battleships - i decided to stop here. Save files below: user_3x_tier_2_dropship_memes-4.json user_aircraft_bug_stuck_next_to_base-6.json user_cant_build_plasma_riffle-9.json user_dead_alien_aircrafts_flying-8.json user_tier_5_ufo_cant_teleport_in_fix-3.json user_harvester_tier_6_need_fix-5.json My Findings: 1. I don't know if that was intended, but after soldier death - The Main armor that soldier was wearing dissapears from inventory(soldier body was laying on the ground) 2. When you try transfer items from Storage room between bases and game says pay 400$ - game doesnt take my money and transfer for free. 3. Trying to press button called Commence Project (Build Plasma Riffle) = Game won't build Plasma Riffle 4. All Base upgrades don't want my $ when i purchase them 5. On first run i killed Interceptors, but i wasnt able to kill Main Alien Aircraft, on second try Ghost Interceptors appear 6.Tier 6 UFO(Harvester) not accessable = can't aquire technology to progress further 7. Alien Fusion Grenade - don't know if this range was intended or not but it has 7x7 title range: 8. Enginners produce 3x Skyhawks / 3x DragonFly Dropships into single 2x2 Hangar - like what? + also game don't need $ to build them, they are for free. 9. Aircrafts getting stuck next to base after reloading save file 10. No description in Xenopedia about Stealth Armor
  16. @Komandos i think in begin game should be punishable, later when scaling - harder and rewardable simple
  17. I think it is OK - because you atleast you know you lost MARS-1/2 in action with Date description.
  18. Well this strategy is called = Farm reflex , throw smoke nade, let them come close,each soldiers do reaction fire, no matter if they hit or miss (praying for misses, because more people can do reaction fire) = don't care, you know when each of your soldiers do enough reaction fire to receive +1 or +2 on reflex stats, you do regular shots, no matter if they hit or not, still counts to +1 or +2 Accuracy stats, you left only with farming Strenght and Time units, where you can just simply farm by running on the map back and forth. - That's how you farm stats in Xenonauts-2.
  19. My personal opinion, everything that appears on the map should be caused by UFO's , Change every region on the geoscope from max 100 to 200, soo Devs can implement more options (number doesnt have to be always on 100 max, because it's a game but when that number 200 gonna be bother people, Devs can always change to %(100% ofcourse) instead of seeing 200. So devs can also implement mechanics where completing UFO crashsite reduce panic lvl, like in xenonauts 1, Also increase number of regions soo geoscope won't be look like a nerfed version of Xenonauts-1 Geoscope. I always say this if people have more options = it's better for the game and people who enjoy playing Xenonauts. Content = nr 1. Literly devs the can set regions on starting 100 points = averege, and players throught campaing can work hard on reducing panic lvl, that rewards them with more income from Monthly Meetings, not the mention with that @Chris can implement more game mechanics/options way easier, because i feel like Developers limited themselfes with that magic 100 number as max. It's a game, nothing is real. Another thing about what happend between past / future aircrafts war, because i have 2000 hours in Xenonauts-1, not the mention 75% of my gameplay i spend playing on highest difficulty if i be honest i feel like aircraft battles are kinda not balanced well. Nr.1. I like idea of new 2x2 hangars that can have max 3 aircrafts, because it gives an player an option to have more space on placing more structures. Nr.2. My personal opinion removing 1x2 Hangar was a bad idea, because it limits options for players, for example i want to have 2 skyhawks instead of 1, so i can simply build 2 1x2 hangars to fill them, instead i need to build another 2x2 hangar to have another skyhawk. Nr.3. All Hangars / Aircrafts should to have a system where i can simply assing them. For example i have 5 1x2 Hangar. I build 2x2 Hangar soo simply assing those 3 aircrafts from 1x2 to 2x2 and then demolish 1x2, co i can simply make more space for 2x2 Nr.4. When building aircraft from enginner menu - add an option on what hangar i can assing aircraft under construction Nr.5. Make 2x2 Hangars researchable and upgradable where from enginners -> Base Upgrade -> when research it shows as option to build 2x2 Hangars(make more expensive ofcourse) Nr.6. Bring old HP/Armor aircrafts, also if i recall correctly, because I don't remember well, it was called Aircraft Generators, and combine it with current aircraft slots/system, more options, more fun , more enjoyable, where players can edit stuf, instead of feeling with being limited with not many options. Nr.7. Nerf some of Big alien UFO's where i can simply flank them with aircrafts soo i can use my amazing microing skills to Flank + shutdown, instead alien aircrafts have 360 degree cannons like what? Another option what devs should change is add 2 extra options to soldiers Armor/even aliens armor = For example % chance to penetrate armor, and % to damage reduction. Because when I play Xenonauts-2 on highest difficulty and see Alien sniper Plasma hit soldiers for 250 Damage, i can't even imagine being hit by fusion riffle. I'm asking myself how my best maxed soldier with for example 100 stats on everything with best possible armor can survive a single shot from alien plasma sniper riffle. Even Giving that charcter extra shield wont stop him from instantly dying. I liked Xenonauts-1 armor system where it was reducing incoming damage, but in Xenonauts-2 we have armor system that it's gonna give soldier extra HP for soldier, 0 bonuses for damage reduction, like 1-2 shots = soldier dead + depends on game difficulty. My gameplay look like this - if my soldier gonna get hit, i simply leave him behind in the corner of the map, because it know if he gonna get hit again = dead, it becomes useless to me, and i don't wanna lose dude with best stats, and i am not gonna use save scum option, where i need to waste another 2-3 min to reload save to avoid that shot, also i noticed aliens AI like to target soldiers with low HP soo yeah.
  20. @Chris I'm atm doing campaing on V.22.3 but i found few interesting bugs: 1. Tier 5 UFO, When inside UFO, teleporters wont let me teleport to second Floor (can't finish the mission) (screenshot nr 1) 2. When you press inside mission on right top corner Abort mission button + when you return to geoscope from mission all Secondary armor dissapears from inventory, i had 10 platesuits, im guessing it happends to all secondary armor(screenshot nr 4) 3. When equiping torpedos to tier 1 aircrafts after research , their armor increase with every battle vs UFO (screenshot 3), please dont nerf it, it's too glorious xD. 4. When soldier has items added to belt or backpack, imagine items from left to right, slot nr 1-4 Taken, slot nr 5 empty, when i try sometimes move item from backpack to belt it's kinda hard to put items to slot nr 5. I had to manually remove item from slot 4 to put but without any issue to slot 5. It's kinda hard put to words, but definetly there is still some issue with items when moving between belt or backpack. You guys need to test it when drag and drop with other items to detect issue, it's kinda hard to describe what causing this issue. 5. When aircrafts activate Afterburner(Speed Boost on retreat). They should move outside battle zone, instead they return to middle point of the battle and simply dance with other enemy aircrafts(Screenshot number 2) 6. Laser Shotgun sound too loud - my ears nearly died to those laser shotgun shot sounds 7. When i click on engineering this wonderfull button called Base Upgrades = it uses Alien Alloys/Components or Alienium, but it doesn't consume money, for example i had 1.000.000 dolars in bank, upgrade cost 500.000, clicked on upgrade, it used resourses, but did not use cash. I'm still gonna continue campaing on V.22.3 because i dont wanna just be like new patch, another campaing... ,because my brain gonna melt.
  21. You mean mechanics where i throw smoke nades at aliens and i dont need any other Stun tools xD
  22. May I ask you something all of you? Why we actually talking about Button - Game is designed to 2 way of combat --- Nr 1 - Run into enemy + Get shot or shot enemy(where 50% chance end up in miss) = Die or Lucky survive. Nr 2 --- Farming Reflex on your soldiers where you create ambush and your soldiers Suppress/kill alien with 0 casualty on your side.
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