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  1. @Chris 1. When your soldiers complete terror mission all armor they had(i had warden armor equipted) dissapered from inventory. 2. When car explodes causes your game to stop and kicked to desktop 3. When you have terror missions with cyberdisks it causes the game to froze on alien turn 4. When you hit with weapon trash box it changes the color to pink
  2. @Chrisi dont know if that was intended but when i do terror missions and soldiers or aliens start shooting at cars = cars explode = game dies, not the mention i dont know why when i always play vs cyberdiscs on terror missions game gets stuck on alien turn(hidden movment)
  3. @Chris i don't know if someone told you but if soldier reach 100 stress - the 50 day recovery status won't go down, it's simply stuck on 50-49 days also when i tried to dismiss soldier from armory with stuck 100 stress the game simply dies.
  4. Well can you do a math for a sec = 5 months * 20 = 100 + Alien ships flying around doing damage. And only way to reduce global Panic is by 1 agent per month(only single region -10) or building command center that only extend your gameplay for next 2 months and also global research that only do -10 that can also extend your gameplay for next 2 months. Then tell me how would you beat the game on this settings. And if you lose a region your income = rekt. Maybe im doing something wrong xD.
  5. @Chris nerf (-20) global bombardment = too OP can't into late game
  6. CaptainSPrice

    [V16.1] Stress regeneration bugged

    @ChrisWhat it already noticed in stress system is like - when you go into combat - you soldier each turn = +5 stress (20 turns = 100 stress) am i correct? Also did you remove extra armor button for guardian suit? i mean from 30 armor to 50 armor?
  7. @Chris Soldiers had full hp regenerated and stress stuck on 100/100 and still saying recovering. I mean how long it's gonna take for soldier that has 100/100 Stress to come back to 0?
  8. @Chris i think what you should do with stress system is change from 100 and adjust to same amount as bravery points. Btw also is soldier gonna reach 100 Stress - it was intended to be 100/100 or that stress someday gonna go below 100? Cuz i also think when soldier get 100/100 that stress become stuck on number 100
  9. @Chris When you guys added stress systems - soldiers wont get any Action Points(Time Units) buffs after finishing mission
  10. @Chris did you fixed Time Units bug?
  11. @Alienkiller imagine 200 new maps - the dream. @Chris it is possible for you to remove from start of the game combat armor and add as option to research -> then manufacture? I mean like similar to Xeno1 when you researched Tier 2 Armor from Alien Plasma pistol?
  12. To create a story = you need voices for soldiers
  13. @Alienkillerthat's not the point. What i mean it would be amazing if they add more difficulty options in the future.
  14. They can't release the game yet - i was running a few tests on 16.0. Nr.1 Stress system didn't work properly. Nr.2 Because of stress system added soldiers won't gain any TU in ground combat mean they can't also gain any HP boosts. Nr.3 They need to add more maps. Nr.4 fix crashes on 16.0. Nr.5 - if it is possible add game difficulties and if it's possible create more types of game difficulties. I mean stress system is a good idea cuz it's lowers an option of abusing same soldiers 24h/7, but in the same time not giving players an option to choose doing UFO crashsites or not it's kinda poor. People like if they have a lot of options where they can experiment. If i be honest i would be hyped if Devs create more difficulty options besides those that were existing in Xenonauts1. Like an option where i cant have training centers, because when i think about it, i simply buy 30 soldiers and they can sit 24h/7 in the base and they simply gain all stat boosts without doing anything. I think the best solution for training center = if soldier sits in the base i simply choose 1 of stats like Reflex or Bravery or HP or Time Units or Acc or Strenght. Devs need to add more difficulty options, because it's makes people keep playing again and again the game. Simply put = more options = more fun. Make game not too easy. They need to release a game with playable/not affectiong gameplay bugs Remember Cyberbug 2077 or Fallout 76 - don't do the same mistakes.
  15. CaptainSPrice

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Give me CD-Key and i gonna finish the game in less than 24h on highest difficulty
  16. As i said scailing from early game to mid game it's too fast. I don't know mby developers do that with intention to test all stuff quicker but still, it's not balanced atm
  17. What i think it's don't change stuff with buildings , cuz you gonna make the game too easy, second in my opinion armor balance it's broken, because in xenonauts 1 in order to unlock Jackal Armor you had to research alien pistol and now you getting straight away a new armor. In my opinion it's stupid and make game easier and 0 brain usage. 3rd instead allow to recruit more soldiers to base. 4rd old system when soldiers were can reach 100 Time units, 100 Reflex , 100 Bravery , 97 Health , 100 Strenght , 100 Accuracy , because this grind was fun and enjoyable. 5th - make aliens more aggresive and more high IQ. Like in xenonauts 1 aliens were like hiding and making suprise attack, not the mention opening alien ship doors. Now it's like when you open the door of the ship, it's like please shot me. Aliens in xenonauts 1 could move out of the ship and kill soldier standing outside if it was not in cover. 6th add cover markers(heavy cover, medium cover, low cover, no cover, and blocked shot). 7th add game mode from easy to superhuman cuz i want beat game on OP mode. 8th it is possible to make ship enterence kinda bigger because baby door it's kinda annoying + option to close and open the doors like in xenonauts 1? 9th It is possible that when you start new xenonauts campaing and you starting war with aliens, the ships that are appearing in first month could scale the same as it was in xenonauts 1, because it's now like babyships in begin dissapearing and you end up with OP ships in single month. In xenonauts 1 when campaing begins you starting in first mounth with small scout(tier 1) -> sometimes bigger scout(tier 2), second mounth bigger scout(tier 2) -> sometimes small scout(tier 1), third mounth Cov ship(tier 3) after that +++++. Because you get time to prepare your soldiers for late game. 10th and last it's add option to rename soldiers xD. 1 more thing, there is a bug, weapons sounds aren't working Xenonauts 1: gameplay time https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/644290406699237376/644551236384980992/unknown.png