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Realistic Aircrafts mod v1.0


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This mod inspired me, so I've introduced three new aircrafts:

1. F5 "Tiger" replaced F17 "Condor" as a buyable at the very beginning medium range [9000] but slow [1760] dodge fighter armed with 1x cannon and 2x2 light missiles,

2. F4 "Phantom" as a buyable at the very beginning short range [7000] but faster [2400] interceptor armed with 1x heavy missile and 2x2 light missiles,

3. F12 "Blackbird" replaced "Foxtrot" as a heavy interceptor having longer range [12000] and higher velocity [3500] armed with 4 x heavy missiles

I've left other aircrafts replacing only graphics of "Corsair" with F14 "Tomcat" from SoloA mod.

It is enough for me but... I regret I can not change any colors by myself because I have neither abilities nor suitable application :(I would like all the aircrafts to have a similar camouflage and few graphics regarding successive manufacture stages.

At the end of course I would like to thank SoloA. Great job!


"####" in descriptions are due to the lack of corresponding entries in strings.xml file. It is very easy to correct :)


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