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  1. bergamon

    Feel like hair dresser in 20's ;)

    and the last but not the least - laser sniper rifle
  2. bergamon

    Feel like hair dresser in 20's ;)

    rough & simple laser rifle:
  3. bergamon

    Feel like hair dresser in 20's ;)

    and continuing the above course of design - rough & simple laser carbine in hair dryer's style could look like this:
  4. Most energy weapons projects look like... advertisement of childish water pistols offered in hypermarkets - they have neat, compact design and streamlined shapes. Based on the appearance, it's hard to guess that they are not the product of several technicians working in a hurry over something they have never done before... Energy weapons in the game usually looks like something that is produced and improved over the years, after thousands of hours of combat experience or... model for collectors What's more - in principle they do not include an active and efficient cooling system, although they produce 1000 times more energy per shot than firearms. But - in my opinion - early laser hand weapon should looks rather like rough & simple hair dryer in 20's of twentieth century. For example:
  5. bergamon

    Weapon phisics - kinetic vs. laser

    Re. Accuracy: in the case of traditional weapons, many factors are involved, such as the wind, the speed of the bullet, or its flight through the ballistic curve. Although computers are currently being converted to these variables, the case of the laser is much simpler - the beam of light goes just where it was aimed - it is tested and proved since XN-1 LaWS is working on board of USS Ponce - vide: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_Weapon_System Re. "spasm": giant XN-1 LaWS is powered and cooled by a "skid" through a diesel generator, separate from the ship's electrical systems, giving greater efficiency relative to power provided of 35 percent, so "spasm" effect seems to be great BUT hand weapon powered and cooled by alenium power cell could look like simple hair dryer with a flashlight at the end of the barrel It's not only a water - there are a lot of tungsten carbide particles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_jet_cutter#Abrasive_waterjet - the same material is used in "hard core" of a kinetic energy penetrator (KEP, KE weapon, long-rod penetrator or LRP) type of ammunition designed to penetrate vehicle armour
  6. bergamon

    Weapon phisics - kinetic vs. laser

    Of course: "mitigation" of laser impacting on mobile target is inversely proportional to the time interval of its impact - it means that in the blink of an eye it should be focused on eg. half square inch area enough energy to evaporate an armour and burn tissue in volume of cylinder 4-5 inches deep. It's obvious that the same amount of energy interacting on a half square meter of motionless body in eg. half an hour would not burn through - it could rather bake the flash The point is - I agree with you regarding theoretical "mitigation" of laser, which evaporate everything on its path trough the target, buildings, earth, and planets to the end of universe until the battery runs out BUT - in the real life - the most important difference between a water (kinetic) and a laser (thermal) cutter is that the water can cut in almost any material - its steel, stone, glass, plastic or wood, and even titanium. In addition, it can process reflective materials such as aluminium, copper or brass. Laser can only deal with matt objects unless additional gas is used. Let's talk about ridiculous recoil and inaccuracy of laser. PS. Kinetic energy of deadly bullets is well known - the lowest is 200 J ... But how much thermal energy is necessary to kill with a laser beam? Maybe the same as boiling 1/4 litre of water - 100 000 J?
  7. bergamon

    Weapon phisics - kinetic vs. laser

    Sorry, I did not understand the meaning of "mitigation" - I usually use "penetration" term in reference to the ability to pierce armour. I thought "mitigation", is the negation of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty. So, as you mentioned above "mitigation" depends on few factors, according to the following characteristics : 1. Directly proportional to the amount of energy concentrated 2. Inversely proportional to the time interval of its impact. 3. Inversely proportional to the surface area of its impact. This is theory... In the real life eg. industry cutting - steel sheets less than 2 mm is recommended to cut with a laser, less than 3 mm plasma or laser, less than 6 mm with water (KINETIC), plasma or laser, more than 30 mm with oxygen or water (KINETIC), and above 200 mm with oxygen. So, best "mitigation" could be obtained by kinetic or chemical method.of cutting.
  8. In vanilla version and most mods using kinetic weapons in the game seems less sophisticated than in old-good Jagged Alliance. Example: JA's firearms can knock down enemies in spectra vests - they stay alive but they are lying on the ground unconscious or knocked out of breath. This applies both to get a direct burst hits from assault rifle into the torso and a close grenade explosion, as well. Ridiculously using laser weapons reminds kinetic ones - they are not accurate (although they are not subject to the rules of ballistics) and even cause recoil (eg. scatter laser). In my opinion, the following assumptions should be made: a/ kinetic weapon should have relative more damage (big holes made by rotating bullets), high mitigation factor (preparation for the shot - mechanic of reloading, using complex optical sights etc. could cost more TUs) low range and accuracy (the result of the gravitational ballistics rules, and recoil recoil occurring in each firearm) but significant abilities of penetration and stun of hit targets. b/ laser weapons should have less damage (thin, highly concentrated beam), low mitigation (easy and instant use of straight aiming ray before shooting) high range and accuracy (no recoil, and no rules of the gravitational ballistics, in addition to the influence of air pollution on the laser beam) but low abilities of penetration (a dispersion of the beam on the armour) and no stun of hit targets.
  9. bergamon

    UniCamo v 1.0

    UniCamo v. 1.0 - unified camo for human aircrafts v. 1.0 Inspired by SoloA Author bergamon --- Overview --- Inspired by SoloA I decided to learn how to create my own aircraft models and give them a unified look - after all, they are meant for the one and only military organization. All early aircrafts are redesigned and have unified camo. First human aircrafts are weak and have less than 10000 range - in my opinion it makes the game more realistic, because F-17 parameters in vanilla ver. are too exaggerated for the 70's. Both F-4 and F-5 have big external fuel tanks at their images. --- Features --- - Player can buy F-5 "Tiger" at very beginnig of the game and manufactrure F-4 "Phantom" after "Alien Invasion" research. They are more vulnerable and have less ranges than fictional "Condor" in vanilla ver. - MiG-32 "Foxtrot" is invented together with F-12 "Blackbird". - After "Alenium Fighter" research player can produce two versions of "Corsair" and "Condor". - "Corsair" still looks like F-14 "Tomcat" with double auto-gun but has its version armed with two light missiles. - "Condor" is based on MiG-23 design and is cheaper alternative for "Corsair" - Prepared new Xenopedia images regarding F-4, F-5, F-12, Mig-32, "Corsair", "CorsairR" and MiG-23. The rest of later human aircrafts are not changed. --- Tips --- - F-5 "Tiger" is too weak to attack even smallest UFOs one-to-one, need some support. - F-4 "Phantom" has one heavy hardpoint, so it is possible to shoot down medium UFO (witin short distance from base) before heavy interceptor is ready to fight. - F-12 "Blackbird" has no ability to make evade maneuvers, but its significant acceleration enables rapid escape. - "Corsair" with two auto-guns is more agile but "CorsairR" armed with two light missiles has better detection chance and longer radar range. --- Known Issues --- Let me know if any UniCamo.zip
  10. I've already done two versions of F-14 "Tomcat", known also as an the "Corsair" in the game... first with 2 x light missiles + 1 x auto-cannon: and the second with 2 x auto-canonns only: all in the base view: and rescaled models of F-4, F-5 and F-12 to make them better fit in hangars. Previous versions barely fit in hangars :/
  11. bergamon

    Modder´s Wisdom

    That's pity It would be possible at the same time to liquidate one soldier and stun an officer standing nearby (within 2-3 fields/grids radius), using only one concussion grenade
  12. bergamon

    Modder´s Wisdom

    You didn't get ?! - It is simple and even used in... e.g. the tactical scripts of "UFO: Aftershock" released in 2005. One separate range factor for damage (e.g. numerical value=2) and the second separate range factor for stun (e.g. numerical value=3) - it results damage within the radius 2 fields/grids and stun within 3 fields/grids. Here you are an appropriate scheme regarding the "stun damage" of grenades forced by independent (separated from "health damage") range factor: Another thing is one range factor for damage and stun e.g. numerical value=2 - it results damage and stun within THE SAME area 2, PS. e.g. means "for example"
  13. bergamon

    Modder´s Wisdom

    Is the "stun damage" of grenades forced by independent (separated from "health damage") range factor? I found nothing points to it in "weapons_gc.xml" scripts, despite the well known fact that during offensive tactics, blast grenades are used. They spread very few shards, because their impact mainly consists of stunning the creatures near the place of its explosion, to avoid injury of friendly units by long ranged fragmentation.
  14. Quite new model of F12 "Blackbird" in a quite new camouflage in its hangar and in some base Another versions of camouflage of F-4 and F-5 are attached in promotion
  15. Inspired by SoloA I decided to learn how to create my own aircraft models and give them a unified look - after all, they are meant for the one and only military organization. I have done it successfully, I hope At the beginning, I would like to present: F-4 "Phantom" and F-5 "Tiger" models in the appropriate graphic files format and dimensions for the game F-4 and F-5 in the base: F-4 "Phantom" in its hangar: F-5 "Tiger" ready for fight with aliens: PS. Feel free to use attached graphics in another mods Files with "_h" on their name end are designed to "...GOG Games\Xenonauts\assets\aircraft\hangar" folder and after copying this "_h" ending in the name should be removed (file name must be the same like in the "...GOG Games\Xenonauts\assets\aircraft\" folder)