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  1. am up in another fight now but will check it bit later! I promise :-) Cheers for all the help!
  2. yupp, something like mods are not active or in correct order and question if I want this to be corrected automaticly with "yes" and "no". I always go with yes
  3. "Play X-Division" the big button :-)
  4. Here is the pic with that Invisible Alien. If you look to my 2 soldiers facing north, kneeling by the car, you will see a little ball-like shadow next to the one on the left. It seems floating (from the sound of it) so naturally I checked all the levels up. Nothing shows. And I can shoot at it at ground level. It is kinda cool but I just hope I can kill it.
  5. yes i did. seems to work. also, i see weapons for my aircraft and tanks that i never seen before. i could reaserch them but never fit. they are there now. love this mod!
  6. Good thing is I didnt have to start from scratch but continue my last save :-)
  7. So I deleted the AWAC, but WTF???????
  8. "No" to which ones? Both red? Steam mod dont know where it comes from. Deactivate it? No to "pure, terror..."?
  9. Charon, I cleaned the mess up. Uninstalled, re-installed, added ONLY CE and X-Div mods. Here it is what launcher look like now. Am I ready to lock ´n´ load? :-)
  10. oh man...... well, to make it work well I might as well do it..... hold on a minute or so edit: am working on it....
  11. oh man....... I will try to finish current campaign, might take a while though...... *sic* did I really f@ck things up? it seems to work..... for now.... or do I really have to wipe all clean?
  12. I have updated (again as I was unsure if I did so before) with 034-2 and 034-2-hf