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How much differs 14.1.1 from Beta


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please welcome new member among us - myself ! :)

Just pre-ordered and have a question. If I'll start playing current build (14.1.1) how will be my experience affected by it's current alpha stage? I mean for someone who just got possibility to play it now, isn't it better to wait till Beta? Or even Release? Or now unexperienced Xenonaut (but experienced X-commer :) will not notice unfinished stuff?


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Well, its rather buggy :P Not that game wasn't buggy before(and it will be even more after beta includes all content) but it had less maps to have glitches with xD

Anyhoo, you'll notice it from bugs like aliens spawning inside ufo walls or inside file cabinets preventing them from moving and that androns apparently lack their own death animation. Also, research tree isn't fully done, there aren't pictures for all research and Iceland backstory in xenopedia is blank among with other researchs like alien interrogation ones. Also there are only three alien species(plus drone) in game right now and game ends if when invasion ticks to material that isn't in game yet.(aka next new ufo type and such)

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Eh, its almost time beta release but not almost done. Basically, when it reaches beta they are gonna put full research tree, all equipment available and all aliens/UFO/full invasion and make game fully playable from beginning to end, but doing that will cause lots of bugs to be found. Before however they do that, they are gonna finish rest of mechanics hence why its currently in alpha.

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