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  1. I'm having this problem too, It crashes every time i finish the first mission it pops up with a reaserch that I didn't even have being finished and when i click from there it crashes
  2. EU is fun I don't like the way missions work honestly tho Can't play forever with the way they have it setup
  3. Some day this will be standard practice, one can only hope this day is soon, more often than not I find normal to be mind numbingly easy and the only way to change it in lots of games is to restart, Fuck that that's a lot of time wasted
  4. Well I really don't care much either way, as long as it is a smooth transition
  5. Well firaxis is trying to get more people,not just x-com fans to buy their game, so they have to show a lot of the game. I mean ya we would all buy it if they didn't show much but not many others would. There is still a lot left to be seen tho, the furthest they have shown is late-midgame stuff, lasers and upgraded armors. Still plenty of aliens yet to be seen and who knows how much tech, tho I suspect it won't be to far off from the old games.
  6. Alpha games aren't ready to Launch befor beta? MADNESS, I DEMAND A TRIPPLE REFUND
  7. Wait, so you're saying that, the indi game, being made by like 6 people on a small budget isn't 100%done AMD ready to ship except for the story elements while its stil in alpha? You are right my good sir. How dare this small group not be able to develope games as.fast and as good as 100+ man dev teams and millions of dollars at their disposal, the only path left for Chris is to refund everyone their.money and dig a hole and hide in for all time because he has proven that he can not only not make a quality release ready alpha version of a game. But he has the audacity to take a vacation instead of slaving over a hot keyboard to get.his alpha game 100% complete.and bug free befor it hits beta..... Oh wait, that is the most backward thinking ever, nevermind.
  8. It's not - so much as a "omg its over already but I want moooooooooore"
  9. moar like imperial bitch everyone knows the Astral Claws were the best because they are space pirates now.
  10. why didn't xeno raise that much then? clearly your logic is flawed
  11. is it just me or are are indy devs suddenly universally better than AAA devs also level 3 made me sad, find a better book for story lol
  12. valve is closer to AAAA while i don't like desura much myself, the program is clunky and whatnot, i see where it is needed, valve won't host games untill they are done/almost done/you are going to charge money for it. desura is for everything before that point. use it and move on to steam when you have the ability to get the much wider audience
  13. all i know is "We thought we were smarter than the Bugs." should be a lot more famous in these forums than it is
  14. It seems to mostly happen on maps when an alien spawns inside a wall or other object, but occasional will happen on one without spawning issues
  15. it first started at like the 15th or so battle, but i started a new game and its doing it at the first battle i can't even start getting any tech http://dl.dropbox.com/u/86165267/2012-09-14_07.32.04.sav i think this is the last save i have otherwise this is the last autosave http://dl.dropbox.com/u/86165267/Autosave3.sav