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Sheild Mechanics

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Yeah, this change has confused a number of people so we probably need to find a way to explain it in the final game. Basically now shields provide armour rather than HP - so they reduce any incoming damage by the remaining "HP" of the shield. But most alien weapons are powerful enough to still inflict at least some damage through the shield, so it doesn't offer 100% protection like it did previously.

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I would personally prefer the old mechanic. You are already gimping your man by giving him a shield, more penalties on top of that seem a bit excessive. In Xeno 1, shield guy was a crucial unit assaulting UFOs, at least in my games. Would be a shame to miss that function in Xeno 2.

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Yeah, shields are too weak imo. I played the recent demo, and one of my shield users was left on single digit hp after being shot by a plasma rifle. I have a feeling that shields will become more and more obsolete as the aliens weapons increase in damage, armor destruction, and armor penetration. Come late-game, I’m worried that shields will not be able to increase the survival threshold at all and the aliens will kill a soldier in the same amount of hits regardless if a soldier is wearing a shield or not. 

Of course, this is mostly speculation. Hopefully someone with experience in the late-game will be able to shed light on the viability of shields in that period. 

Tangentially related to the topic of shields, but does anyone else feel the pistols also seem to be significantly weaker than they were in Xen 1? From my playthroughs of the Feb 2021 and Sept 2022 demos, pistols just feel really weak imo. 

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