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  1. There was once a game like this: Ufo - The Two Sides v0.99 (1.0 2018) https://youtu.be/Zxbd77a7nSE Key feature is online play (multiplayer). One player plays as the Earthlings. The second player plays as the aliens. Both players: build bases; are at war in the sky; fighting on the ground. Having watched two broadcasts of the same battle (video from the point of view of aliens and video from the point of view of earthlings), you can get an idea of how the battles will actually take place with adequate alien AI. The man playing for the aliens is trying to disable all the equipment of the ship (UFO), blow himself up and the artifacts with the last grenade so that the player playing for X-COM does not get them. (If he foresees his defeat at the X-COM team). So my proposal is not so absurd. P.S. So for general thoughts: The classic balance of turn-based combat (range, visibility, terrain, starting position, etc.) Has a number of disadvantages, the main of which are 1. What should the player do during the opponent's turn? 2. Only a few soldiers survive the mission. Good - 50% of UFO capture attempts are unsuccessful.
  2. I have submitted an early access request. But so far, there is no need for new testers.
  3. Xenonauts are like a fire brigade - they fly out to "extinguish" downed UFOs and save alien property (artifacts) from destruction. And the farther from the Base is the "UFO crash site", the greater the probability (percentage of probability) that the UFO will "burn to the ground" (remain without artifacts). Depending on the speed of the transport aircraft (xenonauts), the radius in which the "fire brigade" manages to "extinguish damaged UFOs" should be greater. The positive aspects of this: 1. The number of tactical missions in the game naturally decreases. 2. The player develops several bases and tactical groups. Tactical ground battles are monotonous in their tasks: to take possession of UFO property. One of the tasks (quests) of the battle can be: to stop the "self-destruction system" of valuable artifacts in the UFO (engines, navigation system, etc.). For example: a player can train (in a research center) a soldier (new skill for a soldier). This soldier will "collect scientific material" during 1-2 ground missions. (for example: just go to the artifact and activate the trigger (script) (for example, the engine script). Starting from the third mission (for a certain type of UFO) - soldiers can reliably stop the "self-destruction systems" of UFOs. This will help when capturing a new type of UFO - create 2-3 missions with new tactical tasks.
  4. After the next wave of UFO attacks, several almost identical "tactical tasks" "lie" on the ground. Three or four identical missions in a row is boring. I propose to introduce a rule according to which the same mission cannot be performed twice in a row. (Even - not more often than once every three fights). 1. UFO waves should consist of different types of spaceships. So that after their crash, different combat missions appear. 2. If it so happens that there are many "crash sites" of the same UFO on Earth, then it is necessary to generate a random event that will make these three missions different from each other. For example: In one case, the player receives an additional squad (squad) of local self-defense forces under his command. In the second case, the player receives a tank (from the local self-defense forces). In the third case, the UFO was trying to deliver weapons (other supplies, resources) to its agents on the ground. Meeting such a UFO on a ground mission is like winning the lottery. Hit the jackpot. This is an additional excitement and incentive for ground combat.
  5. Increase in the staffing table (twice). It is impossible to work with the past. Put the file in mods / X-Division / scripts. personnelview.lua
  6. Soldiers replenish ammunition for this type of weapon - in the dining room.
  7. Scientific research is progressing too fast. 40 scientists make dozens of discoveries in one day. Editing the "researches.xml" file.
  8. Special thanks for the jungle biome. Unforgettable experience.
  9. I have an x-division, takes screenshots of the desktop (which is under the game screen), but not the game screen itself.
  10. I liked the battles in the X-Division. Sebillian are weak and inactive opponents. Before - they always attacked. Now - they are very careful. Cezanne became dynamic and unpredictable. Fighting them is a pleasure. Of my 16 soldiers, 11 survived (after the battle with Cezanne). And I haven't edited the game yet and doubled the number of aliens.
  11. The first three fights (+3 in difficulty) lost. Although there are 16 soldiers in the team. This pleased me. The range of the weapon and the viewing range seem too small. The fighting is going on in tight groups. Like at night or in a thick fog. Where to increase the viewing range for aliens?
  12. Komandos

    Armour Resource Pack

    I like this idea. With the help of colored armor, it is easy to distinguish commands for different purposes. Like here, for example.
  13. Dynamic. Fresh. Difficult. But not balanced. Returned the old AP config.xml - the geometry of the movement is broken. A sniper rifle is less accurate than a pistol. And the pistol is no worse in speed than a machine gun (5-6 shots per revolution). Edited weapon parameters during the day. And yet - to hit the target with a sniper rifle is unrealistic even close.
  14. Komandos

    Xenonauts 2: Base Mechanics

    When, after a UFO strike from orbit, the cities go out and the radar visibility zone disappears with them - this is atmospheric for the game. And at the initial stage, city radars will help the player to see part of the sky and shoot down UFOs. When the territory in which the xenonaut base is located comes under the control of aliens, it is logical that the xenonaut base will cease to be supplied. Aliens attack the base several times a day until all defenders are killed. This is also good for the atmosphere of the game.