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  1. The reward for tactical missions is so small that after the extraction of the desired artifact, the strategic sense in conducting tactical missions disappears. P.S. I saw a video on YouTube.
  2. As soon as the Earth's air defense forces shoot down an alien shuttle, an alien evacuation group rushes to the crash site. An alien evacuation group takes the crew and all artifacts (except UFOs). Now the player must hurry to the UFO crash site, even if the mission takes place at night.
  3. Make the task sign on the strategic map change its color over time. Green color - the mission (task) is relevant. Yellow - the aliens have carried out part of their plans. Red color - you are late. (The aliens have done what they planned and are evacuating soon). Depending on the color of the tactical task icon, other bonuses and other trophies are awarded for completing a tactical task.
  4. Making X-COM a secret organization made sense only in the first X-COM where the invasion itself (preparation for the invasion) was secret. When an orbital laser destroys entire cities, it makes no sense to hide from the population that there are forces on planet Earth that are trying to stop this mess.
  5. Players need a good tactical and strategic simulator. Where many different tactics can be used on the battlefield. And on a geoscape, you can use many different strategies. There are no new tactical functions (crawling, the ability to interact with individual tactical groups on the battlefield, etc.) in the game. There are no alternative strategies for winning (except to develop as quickly as possible) in the game either. Do not forget that the first X-COM was more of a sandbox than a strategy.
  6. Figured it out. The accrual of panic points after the death of a civilian was really very high. Corrected by me in "moraleconfig_gc.xml (Much more than in the original game.)
  7. So what if the orbital laser causes panic??? On the battlefield (tactical mission), aliens also cause the player's soldiers to panic. But even if all the player's soldiers are panicking, the battle is not considered lost, because on the next turn, the panic may disappear.
  8. Even if aliens destroy a large city on planet Earth every day, it will take them 10 years. And if you destroy a big city every ten days, it will drag on for 100 years. Perhaps you are talking about those cities that exist on the map of the game? How many such cities will there be on the game map, and will it be possible to add new cities in the editor? Will the player's defeat be announced after the destruction of the last city? How will the destruction of cities affect the economy and politics of countries? Will revenues decrease proportionally with a decrease in the number of cities?
  9. If I don't participate in terrorist missions, will I lose anything?
  10. Terrorist missions (in the city) are impossible to pass in principle. And the problem is not the number of enemies. The problem is that soldiers with 80-90% bravery panic and run away after the first round. Even if I have all the necessary advantages and conditions on my side to win. How to increase the panic threshold in a terror mission? Or turn off the panic altogether???
  11. If you double the range of the weapon and at least 1.5 times increase the radius of vision, then this gives: 1. The opportunity for your soldiers to spread out across the landscape at a much greater distance from each other. (According to the increased viewing radius and the increased range of weapons to support each other with firepower.) Now soldiers do not need to walk in a dense crowd so that one soldier can shoot at an alien who jumped out of the fog at another soldier. The most time-consuming thing in Xenonauts 1 was moving a whole crowd of soldiers in a very, very thick military fog so that they could support each other with fire in case of enemy detection. Because of this, the battle became long and painstaking. I understand why many players think that managing 20-24 soldiers per battle is incredibly much. They play on the original settings of the game, where even moving 8-16 soldiers through a very thick fog is a really difficult and monotonous task. 2. Since the soldiers see further, they have to spend fewer tours to search for aliens. Tactical combat becomes more dynamic. 3. The radius of view becomes larger than the radius of movement, which gives better differentiation for weapons of different ranges. Now enemy soldiers, after their detection, can be at a distance of two moves (and not one move, as before).
  12. Xenonauts 1 have too many bugs to use the "iron man".
  13. I'm not kidding myself. I play the way I like. Cheating is convincing myself that I want to play the way the developers want. Who knows better what my tactical orientation is: me or the game developers???
  14. I've been playing Xenonauts game, "balanced by developers" for just a few hours. After that, I had to completely rewrite the balance of the game (and, in particular, double the range of all weapons and the radius of view). This is the real value of the effort that developers spend on balancing the game.
  15. The fact that a soldier in one round is able to run twice the distance (30 tiles) than a bullet fired from a medium-range weapon (15 tiles) can fly in one turn - do you call this "excellent range"??? So what if the aliens have thicker armor, if this armor and the numerical advantage of the aliens (several times) are not able to give them victory over a "weaker opponent". Turtles also have thick armor, but even a hundred turtles are not able to defeat one person in battle.
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